Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Comanche Nation Member: Yeagley "Definitely a White Supremacist"

The sole Comanche to ever be a part of Yeagley's forum, Beverly Isaac, left this signed post, confirming Yeagley is a white supremacist and is not regarded as Comanche by any actual Comanche people.


In reading his site and his affiliations, I feel he is definately a White Supremacist. He has no interest at all in the Native American Culture, yet he posts endlessly about them. He thinks they are so inferior as to [not] matter, yet more and more are challenging him and his views. I happen to know the Comanche Nation does not endorse anything he does.

His views are the image of the "Turner Diaries." [A white supremacist novel that inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.] If he could change one Native American into his views, then he has done his job. But I know of not one that takes him seriously on being Comanche. I had to read only a little of him and I instinctively knew he was not culturally inclined and after seeing how many anti-Indian statements and his using his Religion and illness to gain sympathy and momentum.

Any person (usually white) with an ounce of prejudice will fall prey to this teaching and be influenced by people and his ilk. He has always been a White Racist. It started with his Breed Mother and White Father, who told him at an early age that when he fails at anything, it is because he is Indian. I believe that is what made him who he is, not being an enrolled Comanche member with absolutely no Cultural ties.



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