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"The White Race Imperiled": White Supremacist David Yeagley Cheers Murder of "Race Mixer"

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August 8, 2008
David A. Yeagley proven again as White Supremacist
from the Bad Eagle blog

It’s no difficult feat to stumble across Yeagley’s blog and discern it’s racial stereotyping, and negative denunciation of minorities and women. It’s no longer necessary for Bad Eagle dot Org, or the ever vigilant David Yeagley dot Org, to even speculate on that theme any more — it’s been proven true an abundance of times. So articles like this one are now simply adding to the already competent file of Yeagley white supremacist ranting.

“It’s about lower class... using sex as a savior for dark men... they bring over boat loads of Africans, Middle Easterners, and sometimes Asians... The dark men... start making babies right a way... What’s the solution? Mass sterilization? ...Are they hopelessly craven for the dark man? Are they completely morally abandoned? The white race in imperiled, for sure... That means the whole country” (July 2008).

His latest piece of hatred though is particularly vile, attacking a victim in Pennsylvania for no other reason than being a Mexican by birth and salivating at the brutality of the attack. Obviously no, “compassion” is not a word you would ever find emanating from Yeagley’s gums, except for his confused romanticism of war, or his white corporate sense of patriotism with a smack of giddy smugness.

What is equally recognizable about Yeagley’s latest rant is the clear example of internalized racism. Yeagley is himself mostly German and Mexican in lineage, which has already been established in verifiable fact. Yet, Yeagley froths at the mouth over Mexicans in the most foul ways. It is a product of some denial and the bloggers criticizing Yeagley at his blog are now discussing NPD. I truly think they are onto something here....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eternalizing racism is exactly what he does in his blog "OF ONE BLOOD".

He tried to show forgiveness to his enemies in his hospital stay.

This did not last long. He can't stand the loud unruly Mexican Family with little children across the hall from him. He forgave his so called enemies then in his next precious breath belittle them with this statment: "I WOULD THINK MINE ENEMIES, IF INTELLECTUALLY CAPABLE, WOULD FIND TRIUMPH IN THIS "REVELATION".

Yes his "revelation", sounded sweet to his enemies ears, but it was little comfort because it was hollow.

His testimony was to no avail to them.

When you are absolute in what you say, you don't go back and say anything to alter your statement, change the meaning, when it was at first a good premise, a very good revelation, but alas' he ruined his good testimony with his "one up attitude".

He can forgive all the foreign Doctors (he says he opposes, which I doubt, he loves those beautiful Iranians, and Muslums and Japanese), but hates his own Mexican people and his enemies, that are real, these he can't forgive.

Now I ask you, is that Christian?

What good is standing on that Mountain top, if you stand alone? Did you go there to pray for World Peace or just yourself?

Now I ask you again, is that Christian.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Mountain top.

While watching the Democratic convention last evening, I saw those Mountain tops of Yeagleys' in the back ground and thought of him. I wondered...did he go there to Pray because the Convention was being held there...he is so against Obama and Blacks.....was that his main goal? after all...was it worth it to almost Die?

I watched the Convention for the first time since my husband passed away 14 years ago,(wow,time passes), the music played, Yeagley hates anything but classic, I viewed all the Black and white and people of other colors dancing and smiling and enjoying themselves, swaying to MY kind of music.

I really never got into any of this just decided at the last moment to watched, I'm glad I did and I will follow the rest of the Convention.

The Kennedys' made my heart soar. I was moved to tears by Ted Kennedy. My late husband and his family had always displayed a picture of John F. Kennedy in their living room....the Choctaws of Mississippi loved him.

Caroline Kennedy, who introduced her Uncle, in my opinion is the ultimate beautiful white woman, full of Grace. An example for any young person to look up to,(ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE OF THE NASTY WHITE ANNY GET YOUR GUN COLTER, WHOM YEAGLEY LUSTS AFTER) never heard anything negative about Caroline.

I hope they gave Yeagley plenty of blood pressure meds...in case he looks in on CNN, oh he most like won't even look at the other view, like he supposidly says offers does on his Badeagle site.

Lies, lies and more lies, he does not offer, in fact will bann you if you dare to oppose.

Hey, but of late he is easying up on US Indians, sumpins up......gotta watch our backs, never let your guard down, after all, he is on meds at the moment!

He could easily have come down to the Medicine Bluff here in Oklahoma and did his prayers. This is one of our Comanche Spiritual places. He knows of our recent battle to keep it from being overrun by the Army here at Ft. Sill, but noooooooooooo, he won't get involved with the battle to preserve it..... His agenda is to keep the white people appeased, by speaking against the Native American so they can send him to speaking engagements for profit, of coarse! or is that course?

I believe in speaking from the heart about our fundamental rights, no white person can pay me, if they offered..I would hit them in the nose with my fist...well.....I would think of it anyway...Comanche Warrior Woman coming out in me.


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sitting accross the arena from yealgey Saturday afternoon, I wondered what is going thru his mind....the speaker was proudly speaking of the Comanche Code talkers and their brave heroic accomplishments in the midst of danger, under fire, in fox holes amongst the enemy and using their Native Lanquage to beat the enemy during World Wars I and II. Their service on the front lines was the first ever of its kind, the enemies could not break the Code and language of the Comanche, Choctaw, Navaho and other Tribes, the truly helped win the Wars.

The Comanche Nation was anxiously awaiting word last week, then the House passed the legislation unanimously.

Yeagley says "using ones one's language is not an act of particular heroism, which is what the Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded for". He was against this act.

I wondered during the speech from a Comance Warrior who was still fighting for this recognition and award for these brave veterans(now all deceased), what was going thru this Educated many degreed, non-vet yeagley's brilliant mind?

He learns so much just being around the People, but he will never apologize for his goofy statements against his own People. He is safe from them, they don't read his statements. He does this for his white posters. Yes, he was dancing with the true Warriors, and pretending to Honor them......I was amazed, he seemed proud of himself.............


2:00 PM  

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