Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yeagley Insults Memory of Comanche Code Talkers

Beverly Isaac (Comanchemoon) left this signed comment to the previous post, accusing Yeagley of hypocrisy.

Yeagley has long had open contempt for veterans, especially Native veterans. But to accuse them of not deserving medals or recognition, to insult the memory of honored and deceased heros may be a new low for him. It echoes the insults his fellow white racist did towards the memory of Lori Piestewa.


Sitting accross the arena from Yeagley Saturday afternoon, I wondered what is going thru his mind....the speaker was proudly speaking of the Comanche Code talkers and their brave heroic accomplishments in the midst of danger, under fire, in foxholes amongst the enemy and using their Native Lanquage to beat the enemy during World Wars I and II. Their service on the front lines was the first ever of its kind, the enemies could not break the Code and language of the Comanche, Choctaw, Navaho and other Tribes. They truly helped win the Wars.

The Comanche Nation was anxiously awaiting word last week, then the House passed the legislation unanimously.

Yeagley says "using ones one's language is not an act of particular heroism, which is what the Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded for". He was against this act.

I wondered during the speech from a Comance Warrior who was still fighting for this recognition and award for these brave veterans (now all deceased), what was going thru this educated many degreed, non-vet Yeagley's brilliant mind?

He learns so much just being around the People, but he will never apologize for his goofy statements against his own People. He is safe from them, they don't read his statements. He does this for his white posters. Yes, he was dancing with the true Warriors, and pretending to Honor them......I was amazed, he seemed proud of himself.............



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask him, what was that over his heart? From where I sat it looked like snake skin! His vest must be a gift from betty ann, it must be a sioux thang! ssssnake skin medicine...I don't think the Comanche use ssssnake for dancing regalia, must be sioux!


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