Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Official: Only White Supremacists and "Specially Approved" Indians Allowed on Badeagle.com

Once upon a time, Yeagley allowed American Indians who disagreed with him (in other words, 99.9999% of all Natives) on his forum, but only if they agreed to be kept segregated and submit to being abused by the white racists who dominate Badeagle.com.

Now, even that has changed. One resourceful Native critic after another outargued the Wannabe Fuerher Yeagley and His Stormtroopers. So to avoid their continuing humilation, Yeagley has a new and openly racist policy.

American Indians are now presumed guilty and racially profiled.

From Beverly Isaacs (Comanche Moon)


It has happened, Yeagley bans another Indian.

Indy was very level headed and stood up to Yeagley, and tried to tame a white supremacist named White Anglo Saxon, or something like that....but I am beginning to think these made up names are actually Yeagley himself.

Yep, white anglo denegrates the Indian just as Yeagley does and Yeagley says nothing. When Indy calls him on this... Yeagley still says nothing. White anglo continues to taunt childish rants against Indy and cheers the decision and Yeagley says nothing, making a decision saying any Indian...(he says Indian like its a dirty word) now has to e-mail him personally and identify himself.

Its a damn shame how he keeps treating the Real Indian with contempt yet uses aliases to fuss with them. Thing is, I think there are just one or two real Indians who even look in on this site, all his play acting is for his white audience. Dumbing down the Indians for his chosen people, and to satisfy his own hatred for us real Indians, who care to keep on top!

I am beginning to see this whole forum/blog as a funny book, its getting tedious even to read it... though, we have to keep on top of him because he is the enemy to ALL NATIONS...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in a particularly vulnerable state this week, having losing three Comanche People at at once, near my age. I will be attending a service tonight for one may she rest in peace "Elaine Noyebad"

I posted a comment to yeagley, who never allows my post, but for some reason today he did. Telling him to take care of himself, since he was sick and almosts died recently.

What did he do? He attacked me! Yes, he attacked me because I am a Comanche Woman and an Indian. He had to do this for his white readers...to let them know he will not stand for crimes committed against him. He cares not one iota for what the Indians feel and how he portrays us as savages, naive, malcontend liars, vicious durnken, weak, and wormy yet he claims he is working for the benefit of the Indian people, in the long hall, not his own fare, not self serving!
That a bunch of crock, he is the one committing crimes against all Indians.

I never claimed to be his friend, just responded to what another poster said, he said I abuse MY Blood, I say he is the one abusing his itty, bitty drop by using "badeagle" as his name.

I reponded in the past to all the negative things he said about Indians. I thought it was betty ann who did his dirty work, now I see how testy and nasty and mean he gets when riled, and this was for no reason at all, he got riled up today! I think he just loves the attention he brings against the Indian, and especially the Indian woman, he never posted me in over a year, but some reason today he wanted to attack, I think he is losing all his posters, he needs attention.

Mainly I think he just had an opportunity to attack an Indian Woman, and I gave him reason by just being concerned for his health and he took offense saying I was pretending, then he said he would block any more comments from me. He's done this for over a year, why post me today and then attack?

Crazy man.... what can you do but leave the crazy man alone from now on, or he wishes.


5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention, he is reading....he was very angry that I could write against him, and that I gleefully did so(well this is Christmas time, "gleefully" fits very well). I could tell he was angry because he always misspells when he is angry, he can't see straight. He used "to" instead of "two" when referring two Indian posters he was "trying" to demean!

How dare anyone contradict him. He can berate and insult Indians and Indians are supposed to sit down, shut up, or he just banns at his will, its his site after all! He blurts out angrily, then you have no recourse to respond. I think more Indians need to take a stand against yeagley openly. Comanches do it quietly and respectfully(like our Chairman), but yeagley does his dirty work openly and abusively, is it worth fighting for? I think it is! After all he wants to get into White Oklahoma Politics, the State is already redneck and racist enough. We've had enough Indian Scouts that turned on their own in the past. In my opinion, he is gathering info to use against us, I fear!

I shared with Chairman Coffey my thoughts, its my right, just as yeagley uses his rights against the Indian!


11:41 PM  

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