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The Fall of John Martin

Fallout from Yeagley's follower John Martin issuing death threats against myself and Brent Michael Davids continues. Martin could not be doing more damage to Yeagley if he were being paid to.

Next post: Did Yeagley Order the Death Threats Against His Critics?

I received this brief response from Steve Slawinski:

"Ski\" - IC Plus Inc." wrote:
To Whom This may Concern:
We have our own in house disciplinary procedures. We are looking into this matter.
Steve Slawinski"

To which I answered:

"Mr. Slawinski,
The police investigators may also be contacting you AND your employees.
I expect your answer by Friday."

I want to make it plain to him that vague claims they are handling it "in house" are NOT enough. If Martin is not fired, I insist on one of the explicit penalties I outlined previously that will make him think twice about issuing more death threats.

Anything less guarantees a civil lawsuit, since the death threats happened on ICPlus company time, computers, and phones.

Over at, there were some nice words of support and some interesting facts uncovered.

"sounds like another person who got booted offa here: Lyin Larry. U sure they aint sockpuppets of each other? bloat ya say? 300 lbs ya say? pretendian ya say? heya Doc...if ya play your cards right may be U can sue Ya need any help riggin some explosives around the perimeter of your parents house?"

(Lyin Larry is Lawrence Sampson, an imposter with a long criminal history who poses as Tennessee AIM.)

Apparently John Martin also went by the name John Michael Swifthawk, posting on many dating sites using old photos, avoiding the ones showing him extremely bloated and overweight now: "I AM AN ENROLLED MEMBER OF THE OGLALA, LAKOTA OUT OF PINE RIDGE, SOUTH DAKOTA. I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN RAPID CITY, S.D. TILL I WAS ABOUT 5. MY FAMILY THEN RELOCATED TO LOS ANGELES, CA, WHERE I CURRENTLY RESIDE."

"Swifthawk" then follows with a New Age story about his "Sioux" grandmother, clumsily making the mistake of using the colonial name for his alleged people.

That brought this further response from EYY:
"dandy...but how do ya get from John Martin to John Michael Swifthawk?he also dont look NDN. he just looks like your garden variety Caliphoniya surferin cutoffs. His biggest prob & the one that causes the Doc trouble w/ him =that hes a Pisces. bummer...they always got there head in the clouds & thereass in a sling"

And from, the same site where Martin screamed childish insults at Michelle Shining Elk through the comments section and left in embarassment after everyone rallied around her, came these comments:

"Fall Of TallSoldier77
March 3rd, 2007
If you missed the brawl between Rudy Youngblood supporter, Michelle Shining Elk, and David Yeagley’s fellow Klansman, Tallsoldier77, make sure to catch up. It was a thing of beauty, by God. Mr. Tallsoldier77 got whipped like George Bush on Scrabble night.
Update: Tallsoldier77 has now taken to leaving death threats on Brent Michael Davids’ answering machine.
Update II: Same with Dr. Al Carroll. Leaving an evidence trail of death threats that even the Boulder DA could track. The guy’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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8 Responses to “Fall Of TallSoldier77”
Francis Ponachura Says: March 3rd, 2007 at 5:06 am
Man, fuck that little pussy John. He’s like dealing with a petualant little 13 year-old.

Anonymous Says: March 3rd, 2007 at 2:19 pm
And now TallLooseCannon77 is issuing death threats to Brent Michael David. Predictable, dumb simpleton.

Charley Arthur Says: March 3rd, 2007 at 6:19 pm
What’s he plannin’ t’do, bore the guy to death?
Or does he prefer to inflict death by laughter?

Anonymous Says: March 5th, 2007 at 12:25 pm
Look what dumb Yeagley said today:
“I’ve wanted Indians to take more of an active role in supporting gun ownership. I mean, look what happened to us when we handed over our weapons!”
What a phony with his patriotic baloney. No Indians I know talk or think like that. He thinks the public is so naive. He wants to paint a picture of himself as such a gun toting Indian hero. His veneer is soooo paper thin. Tell us oh wise one: How do Indians or any other people who own guns make society a better place? Be careful with that gun Doc, don’t shoot yourself in the foot!

Anonymous Says: March 5th, 2007 at 3:06 pm
His support of Tallsh*t is unbelieveable. I mean, Tallsh*t puts up a picture of Michelle and her beautiful mother and uses expletives and the Christian Mother loving Yeagly ignores making a comment on this Nasty Tallsh*t, only that he is welcome to tell truths! Damn Him!

Yeagly makes all kinds of claims that others are driving his posters off, its him and him alone that does this. His hatred of the woman, Indian women especially, he knows nothing about being Indian and accuses real Indians of either being too Indian and doing nothing about Indian Issues because they are full bloods and don’t care, or not Indian enough or don’t live on the REZ. With Yeagley you just simply aren’t worth anything or know enough to speak or write unless you are Jew, or Persian or Iranian and lets not leave out the Supreme White!

He has two people on his site that worships the keys he uses (Thundersky & Tallsh*t), no matter how bad he abuses the Native American, they always find something good in what he says. The other one (buzzed up) just simply drools over anything he says(no lie) she once made a statement “he belongs to me, only me”, lusting after something she will never, never, have says her friends. Just as an observer, I think she has a chance, shes young, a virgin, a christian, most likely part Jew, since she says she is a light completed Indian and they get what they want! I wonder what grandma Betty thinks of this. Poor Betty too old for him, but then she can baby sat the baby niece for the Buzz, while she takes Yeagly on a tour of the Sioux Rez. and you know Tallsh*t will be there. It will be interesting to follow the results of this

Anonymous Says: March 5th, 2007 at 3:24 pm
Somenthing is definately wrong with Tallcrap, he comes on after his tyrade and sounds like nothing was ever said or the pictures of Michelle and her mother and the soccer team were never on, yet he is ready to fight for his precious kids, because of another picture. He can do it but you can’t. Sound like he is learning from the best of them Yeagley!

Now Yeagley says his enemies will start harrassing his posters! Yeagly likes the excitement, but its too bad he has to use the bad example of Tallcrap, without this latest crap dropping, Yeagly wouldn’t rate. Makes me wonder what strangers dropping in the house think of the Native American Indian, when a person such as tallcrap claims to be one? Thats Yeagleys’ gamble, and he claims he is against gambling, he does it everyday!"


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