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Letter to Steve Lawinski of ICPlus, Regarding His Employee, John Martin, Sending Death Threats on Company Time in Defense of a White Supremacist

John Martin's Death Threats & Racist Hatepreaching Against Mexicans While on the Job for ICPlus

To Mr. Steve Lawinski of ICPlus,

Included below are the death threats, racist hate preaching, and abusive behavior that your employee, John Martin, committed over a period of several months, using the computers and phones at your business, ICPlus.

Most of this was going on during business hours. Martin admitted online to doing this while at work, as you’ll see below. And you, Mr. Lawinski, admitted to me that you overheard him screaming abuse at my parents on the phone.

I’m sending a copy to Ms. Gefre since she was the one I initially spoke with, and one to Mr. Moreno. He seems to be not only a skeptic, but openly hostile. Rather bizarrely, he has even taken to himself threatening one of the targets of Mr. Martin’s death threats, Brent Michael Davids. I can only draw one of two conclusions:

Either Mr. Moreno is having trouble dealing with the fact that Mr. Martin has posed as his friend for the entire time they’ve known each other while secretly harboring his intense and violent hatred for all Mexicans;
Or Mr. Martin has been abusive, racist, or threatening to Mr. Moreno before and Mr. Moreno is very afraid of Mr. Martin.

The second one would not surprise me, and part of my intent has been to warn you just how dangerous and unstable a lunatic you have working for you. Judging by his conduct towards anyone who dares question his white supremacist beliefs, he is potentially the kind of person who could snap one day and walk into work with an AK-47.

I’m also sending you a cassette tape of the death threats and racist abuse Mr. Martin screamed at my elderly parents. You can hear for yourself him making all those threats. Brent Michael Davids has also posted the phone threats made to him online at in Real Audio. Both of those should remove any doubt that Mr. Martin lied to your face when he denied making the threats.

I have contacted both the police and district attorney’s office in both the jurisdictions of my parents’ home and your company. They are investigating, and I am seeking his prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for his death threats against my parents.

Since Mr. Martin’s motivation for these threats was racist hatred and defense of a white supremacist he greatly admires, David Yeagley, his criminal offenses fall under Hate Crime statutes.

Since Martin made many of these threats, both online and by phone, while at your place of business and employed by you, I hold you responsible for failing to police his conduct while on the job.

I am right now considering whether to seek a civil suit against you and your company.

There are two ways you could remedy this matter.

Fire John Martin.

Or insure that this will never happen at your place of business again. This would mean insuring he has no access to computers or phones along with disciplinary or punitive action taken against him. A one month suspension from work without pay, a cut in his pay by one fourth, and demanding he make restitution by giving a month’s pay to a charity of my choice would be acceptable.

I also insist that John Martin write a formal apology to myself, my parents, Brent Michael Davids, and all others he has threatened and abused online and over the phone, and sign it.

If John Martin is not fired or disciplined, I will go forward with a civil suit against you, your company, and of course John Martin himself.

My intent for any civil suit would not be financial gain, but to punish you for failing to do any corrective action. Any settlement obtained by a civil suit would go to charity. Given John Martin’s intense racist hatred of Mexicans, I think it’d be a nice bit of ironic justice if any money went to Latino civil rights groups.

I’ll give you until this Friday to take action and inform me of what you will do, since you may want to speak with legal counsel.

Naturally I will be posting online this letter and your response to it (or lack of). Already this incident shows up online in searches for your company.

It would be far better if I could tell readers online that you took prompt and decisive action against an employee who was making numerous death threats and preaching racist hatred while on company time.
Dr. Al Carroll
Adjunct Professor
Social & Behavioral Sciences Dept.
St. Phillip’s College

First are the death threats John Martin made online.
He admitted he usually spends his time at work making these kinds of threats and hatepreaching:
“You pissed because I outed your "boy" carrol? LOL. That was too easy and come to think of it rather boring, But hey, I killed an hour at work exposing that fucking little beaner.”

He became pretty notorious for the death threats he constantly made at that got him kicked off there:
“That's pretty good there TS...3 death threats in a month an half...”

(TS is his onscreen name Tallsoldier.)

The same thread had him chanting more death threats:
”Taco-head you are dead!Taco-head you are dead!Taco-head you are dead!Taco-head you are dead!Taco-head you are dead!”

Five death threats that he made online at are listed next, followed by his racist hatepreaching against Mexicans.

Death Threats 1 & 2:;act=ST;f=53;t=6651;st=20
"carrol, I'm going to let my pit-bull "Bam-Bam" tear you apart"

"we will drop a bomb on that little mexican creep, we will frag his ass, and then laugh…it is my mission to seek and destroy that little beaner, the Lakota way. If anyone is offended by my post, well, TOO FUCKING BAD, for you see, it is my destiny to seek and destroy."

Death Threats 3, 4, & 5:;act=ST;f=53;t=6651;st=30
"I will continue to lay down a suppressive fire on this dirty little mexican (carrol)."

"I wish that little taco/headed ,AL CARROL, the supreme beaner were here so I could let "Bam-Bam", my ferocious Pit-Bull rip his greasy butt to shreds. "Bam-Bam" hates bean-heads like the COWARD AL THE "FRAUD HUNTER" CARROL, you big loser, you shit talking little mexican.I put the word out to all my relations in Dakota Country, al carrol is a fucking wetback, who is going to get his balls rammed down his mouth! Come to Dakota Country you sorry piece of taco-grease, your ass is going to get scalped.LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlBe gone you insignificant, pest, you little mexican cockroach!"

Racist Hatepreaching;act=ST;f=53;t=6651;&#top
"Carrol) is a beaner/Irishman"

"This fucking beaner …I despise the cowardice deeply embedded in his Mexican heart."

"I "outed" the "Fraud-Hunter" for who that beaner really was.";act=ST;f=53;t=6651;st=10
"Thanks to that dirty little mexcian "Fraud-Hunter" those poor Euorpeans must think we Indians are all "Nuage" taco-heads";act=ST;f=53;t=6651;st=20
"That coward "maricone" carrol a.k.a. the "Fraud-Hunter" says I demanded a debate between him ( the taco-head beaner) and Dr. Yeagley…My mexican sucks, maybe the "supreme bean" (carrol) can correct me."
"The little mexican jumping bean never responded…it's sweet that "el beaner" is thinking about me.";act=ST;f=53;t=6651;st=20
"TACO-HEAD: I don't have to rely on govt. hand outs to maintain my explicit agenda of LIES MADE BY, a beaner (you)…Keep trying though you little beaner…What's the matter you littel beaner…You god damned beaners really love to enter my country and make-up your own green-cards."
"Stay just where you are you little beaner, the INS is coming for you…You are nothing more than a "juanny" come lately.
God this is fun."
"If I were you I would make a re-run back to the border ASAP!!!!!!!Too easy Dr. Yeagley, give me some real competion, these little wets, are way too easy to exploit. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!""carrol can pass for an illegal alien, someone better check his green card….Ajibik you stupid monkey…take of that stupid bandana you look like a beaner"


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