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Yeagley's Sugar Mama Betty Ann Gross: "I Hate Nyggers...I Would Join the KKK and Hunt Them Down, Yes I Would"

Those who have read this website before may recall one of Yeagley's big financial supporters is a deranged racist named Betty Ann Gross, who uses money from an insurance settlement to back Yeagley.

This forum's last article on Yeagley's call for the murder of President Obama drew this comment from a Dakota strongly opposed to Betty Ann Gross's support, both financial and with words of racism, for white supremacist David Yeagley.


I am an enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Sioux tribe the same as Betty Ann Gross on Lake Traverse reservation in S. Dakota. I do not live on the rez but live in Illinois. I go back often to visit my family as I will be going next weekend for a visit. I have challenged Betty recently on with regards to her hate for black people. Her racist slurs. She is not a spokesperson for the Dakota people on Lake Traverse. We have enrolled members that are Native American Indian and black. I have a niece that is half black and half Dakota.

I have started writing to different agencies and departments including the the Human Relations Committee in Sioux Falls, S. Dakota where she states on that she is opening a Dakota Civil Rights Office in April. I have emailed them her racists remarks and have asked them to get back with me with regards to my request that she not be involved with any Civil Rights group to help Native American Indians with regards to discrimination when she herself a vehementally hates another minority group. Civil Rights is for everyone not just nds. I told them that she [Betty Ann Gross] does not represent me or Native American with her hatred but when readers read her remarks whether they be white, black or ndn they will think that all ndns have this hatred too.

I am requesting any help from people on this site to get this woman to quiet her mouth. I have several more people to email. I have saved all her hateful remarks on my computer and if she is going to work for the Civil Rights Office then she is a public person and anything she writes on the internet can be used against her.

I've talked to ndn people on my reservation and they say that she is a crazy woman and many ndns on the also agree she is a very hateful woman and she has been barred from that site.

Just wanted to tell people on this blog what I am doing. And Bevery Isaac (Comanchemoon); I respect you very much.

So far, Yeagley has not barred me from posting on his site. Today I posted my intent to Betty on his site. Have not gone back to visit it because I am doing what I need to do away from that site. I posted this today what Betty has said on

Betty Ann Gross
Advanced Member

Posted - 01/06/2006 : 9:02:48 PM

"I cannot tell you who to hate or love. That is an individual choice and for me I hate nyggers with such a strong force that if I were non-native I would join a group like the KKK or Aryans and hunt them down, yes I would."

-Betty Ann [Gross]

Whether she said this then, yesterday or today... she still posts her hate for blacks on - if she is going to hold a public postion - as with the Civil Rights Group - this cannot be tolerated.

Barbara Ann Duggan


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know you spoke up because of how you feel about the racial issues. One by One posters on yeagleys' site just simply got tired of the same ole jargon, most were not interested in being inducted into being white supremists.

People joined the site because of their interest in the Native American, not to be inducted into the supremists ideals. Yeagleys' Indian Logo on his Web page lures the interested on Indians Issues, yet he has rejected all Indians who tried to be involved. One sioux, Betty Owens, showed all his viewers the dark side of the Indian Nations, and she is but a Breed,(and I am not saying Breed is bad) and not really a good representation of the Reservation Indians and other Nations. I believe he used her, he knew exactly what she is about, what she could do and say to embarrass the Indians, and he allowed her full reign to do this. He used her unstableness, and hatred for the Black. He allowed her to demean and drag the Indian Nations down, but I don't think anyone fell for it but his own white supremists friends, they most likely enjoyed the ride.

There have been a few brave Indian women(Kiowa Scout, Numunu, Amerind, Respects Nothing to name a few) who confronted bag, but they just gave up, I am so glad you, Barbra Duggan followed thru with your work. I know it was not a vengeful effort, but a love for the unknowing Indians who do not have access to the computor and the love for your People. I know, thats the only reason why I tried...and the other women tried, for the love of their sacred Traditions and ways, and she was allowed to make fun of even that!

I just compare (yeagley/BAG) to two badly raised children left alone learning no respect for anyone, maybe hating the fact that they are part Native American and are embarrassed yet have the education to use THAT FACT to their advantage, not ours! Not to promote their heritage in a good way......I find that a dirty shame, because of the advantage they both had to do us some good!

Thank you,


11:37 PM  

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