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Betty Ann Gross In Her Own Words: "Indians Would Not Know How to Handle Freedom"

Barbara Duggan has collected a series of quotes from Betty Ann Gross. Here are her words in all their ugliness, with some pretty basic themes.

In Gross's (and Yeagley's) world:

To disagree with them makes you "anti American."

"Negroes," are dangerous.

And AIM and any traditionals who stand up to the likes of Gross and Yeagley are "oppressing whites."


This was posted on

"I wish Barbara Izada and her Atheist Persian Muslim well in Indian Country. With the help of other anti-American groups and people who despises America and white America and embrace the Negroe we will probably close the Office....

Indians primarily the Sioux and I am sure there are more out there, would not know how to handle freedom.

....Thanks Barbara Duggan-Izada, Darlene Pipeboy, Barbara Ryan and Rose Seaboy. You continue you on with your hate of white America and the oppressing and militant ways of AIM. You are free now to open your Atheist Muslim and Negroe Civil Rights Office in the Dakotas.

betty ann

What Betty sent to Naiche and Naiche printed it on
Posted - 02/28/2009 : 4:24:34 PM

Betty continues to say:
You and your family support an atheist and hater of America. We are America. This is our land....I will not allow blacks to take over our doings.


From me:
Today I emailed all the Senators in S. Dakota regarding Betty Gross that were at the 84th Legislative Session on Feb.10, 2009 where Betty Gross with the help of Senator Jim Bradford presented SB156 regarding hate crimes. Can you believe this? Betty was there talking about hate crimes and racial slurs about ndns and blacks? WHAT A HYPOCRITE!! I have also emailed the people that opposed the bill at that meeting.


Whatever, Betty can email and talk to any people on IF anyone wants to believe this racist, lying woman then they can believe that Betty Gross loves the black and black/ndn people and is not a racist.

She has called me crazy, etc. etc. etc. She's called many people crazy and sick and that shows me that she is delusional. She and Yeagley are the only sane ones and everybody else are insane; Live on Betty but the men with the nets are closing in on you. Step back real far!

My Aunt Darlene told me today that you are walking on a path of destruction and I am going to make sure you stay on that path.

Barbara Duggan


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...


My goodness for all the people at for calling me BAG, B.A.G and evil you sure are nosey folks. Yes I am going to be coming back to And yes I am there under four different names, many of you are talking to me over there and you have Kiowa Kat, MBT, Barbara Izada married to an Atheist Persian Muslim to thank. See you folks in a few days.

First one to confront is Wolf Lodge and the lady named Earthwoman 7 and MBT from right here in Sioux Falls. Of all people he should understand the way people are treated here, but okay. For one being so hated you folks sure are nosey and busy reading posts here and there. Shame on you folks.

betty ann

You see I have this vision of the future. Two old women, one from Illinois married to a Persian Atheist and the other an old woman who lives in Sioux Falls were trying to do this and that to one another. One left as a child the other stayed around the dakotas. One day the one from afar got a wild hair up her ars and decided to do something for her people on the reservation. The other seen it all. Lived it. Witnessed all there was to against the helpless Indians. The difference was not age (both old grandmas) nor tribal status (but hatred for one another as Indians). Anyway, when progress was being made for the people the one from afar starting to justify her hatred for the other one and thus sent letters here and there to prominent people in the dakotas. People were stunned. Indian fighting Indian? Should not the Indians stand up for their own kind and assist those in need? They were puzzled and called the one called Thundersky. For Thundersky has many friends in the Dakotas. They understand her writings and her indifference toward the black race. That started way back in the fifties when Blacks stole Indian girls off the reservation. People understood what the message was to be, but yet the one from afar twisted things around and took this and that from white mans world and created chaos. But no matter what happens, Thundersky will have in place in the Dakotas four civil rights office and four beautiful and powerful civil rights flags shall embrace the four corners of the Dakotas. The people shall know that the flag and offices was theres all along. Every movement and step toward this year was not in vain, Thundersky understands that. So now I must gather mud and prepare my wide feet to put Barbara in her place. I love Sica Hollow, I played there also as a child I know the land like the back of my hand. But what thundersky does not tolerate is comanche man backing down and unable to defend himself. Thundersky does not need comanche man or any man to fight her fight.

betty ann

And if you are an Indian tough luck. I guess it is not worth all the headache and fighting when it comes close to even trying to empower American Indians, especially here in the Dakotas. We are going to meet this weekend and will probably let the Office go. We can use the space for other for profit ventures instead.

I wish Barbara Izada and her Atheist Persian Muslim well in Indian Country. With the help of other anti-American groups and people who despises America and white America and embrace the Negroe we will probably close the Office. Not out of fear or retaliation but because the cutting and pasting and adding onto existing posts here and there of others posts and mine, has allowed me to take a step back. Indians primarily the Sioux and I am sure there are more out there, would not know how to handle freedom. Freedom that is there Creator given right. A freedom that they would have experienced and enjoyed. They would have loved this Center. I know they did here in Sioux Falls, but to risk them not being harmed here in Sioux Falls we will probably close the Center. Thanks Barbara Duggan-Izada, Darlene Pipeboy, Barbara Ryan and Rose Seaboy. You continue you on with your hate of white America and the oppressing and militant ways of AIM. You are free now to open your Atheist Muslim and Negroe Civil Rights Office in the Dakotas.

betty ann

Crazy Betty,

First of all my name is Barbara Duggan. I do not go by Barbara Duggan Izada (Correct spelling, Izadi).

You are so full of yourself by thinking that you are some kind of savior for all the "helpless ndns" in S. Dakota. You call yourself an activist; what you really are is a woman with such low self-esteem and feeling of worthlessnes that you had to find some kind of niche in life that would make your life seem purposeful. You needed to be in the limelight and still do and have to get applause from the white man. From the white lawmakers. You don't help ndns out of a love for your people. You do what you do for recognition and to get pats on your back for the all your for the lowly and helpless ndns; when in truth you are a two-faced, lying, talks out of both sides of your mouth hag bag.

Indians against ndns. Oh your great white lawmakers that you bow down to that you have convinced that you are some great hero; say, to you "bad little indians" - for not getting along. I don't get along with any person; whether they be black, white, red or yellow, if they are anything like you.

Your latest post on about Indian Spirituality sounds like some writing from a person that is getting closer and closer to to the loony bin. You talk about freedom for ndns like you are a ndn Martin Luther King. I have been free all my life; I don't need you to fight for my freedom. Ndns are free and able to do anything they choose to do if the have the will to do it.

I read what you write and all that you have written on and other sites and you cause trouble at every site and people have to run you out. You say that you post under Indianz. com under 4different names. What mature woman does that?

You like to stir up crap. I see how you write and have written on Indianz. You go in; start trouble and then sit back; just like Yeagley does and watch the others fight over what you started. They fall for it all the time while you sit back and laugh at them and your chest swells at what power you have over them.

You think that it's all a game; lie, use, abuse, make fun of people. You live in your own world with a false sense of superiority and in your crazy mind;
you actually believe you are superior.

You a sick lady, batty betty. I will continue to write to every republican lawmaker in S. Dakota and send them everything on you. Next week I will write every lawmaker in Sioux Falls; then Pierre, everywhere. I will expose you Betty. I won't give up.

Barbara Duggan

Bats, you have so many people that you have to confront. All those people on Indianz; what's up with that? I have just one person to confront and that is you. Other than that I get along with all people and don't accumulate enemies as you have done. You were supposed to confront me but you backed down; what a coward. You are just words and empty words at that.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, bravo Barbra,

I thank the powers that be, for you to come upon this crazy womans' racists views, and for doing something about it. A brave Dacotahsioux who actually Loves her people, not just using them as this crazy woman is doing}

"I love the Indians in Sioux Falls area and do all I can for them, this is never going to change, they are too scared. they are survivors and wise in every manner.

Friends had some *fun* on the internet and the so called Indians felt attacked and wer afraid to face their own fears. Gossip, Lies. Personal attacks, Afraid of their shadows, now that is not being Indian, that is being a coward. Scared Indians. Live on the Internet. Life too much for them? I think so. Pity them? No. were the friends banned? yes. Scared Indians could not take their own Indian medicine. Just proves who is the strongest of them all. Us!"

betty ann

Wrong all Wrong, grasping at straws. A foolish crazy batty ann. You and yeagley are the only COWARDS, and that is actually too good a word to waste on you two. I would call you and yeagley "Savages", yes that is a good word for you two...look up the definition.

On his forum today(3/8/09) you are the only one on, talking to yourself, (poor thang).
yeagley CANNOT take care of himself....he is too weak, and spineless. He needs your uncouth, vulgar, savage ways.(not to mention your money).

I called "YOU" and "YOU" alone a DOG. You are yeagleys' "Sioux lap dog" actually I said "SAADIE" which means "dog" in Comanche. So he must have told you! You
say you don't want to ruin yeagleys' site, too alone destroyed it....NEVER was an Honorable site though.

Another truth, you are NOT a crazy injun(your words), you are a crazy half breed white lunatic, challenging Me and Barbra to what? Our Truths to your lies are making you more crazy!

Barbra is happily married and I am a content merry widow. All the Indian women who left Badeagle did so because of your jealous attacks, no one ever "just" attacked you, they were challenged by your outrageous jealousy and defended themselves, me included.

The men(I say that w/sarcasm) left on badeagle, don't like you either(they LIKE him). Your stupid story telling is going nowhere. You and YOU alone(female) can post on badeagle now, is that what you wanted?????Is that your consolation? All the men(I say that w/sarcasm) adoring you(I say THAT w/sarcasm), or is it because you control the finances therefore you can dominate and control the rules, the posters, yeagley?

Well...Like that beautiful Black man "SEAL" sings, "A CHANGE IS GONNA COME", now there is a real Man to look up to, not down upon, like yeagley!

Naiche, I met a Mescelaro Apache at the Alamo,(re-inactment day) he was dressed in authentic Frontier regalia, he said he was kin to Victorio and Lozen...I misplaced his name, he had long hair was nice looking slender and maybe 35-40, 5'8/9" and I approached him and contrary to what batty ann and yeagley believe...Indians do greet each other with "ARE YOU NATIVE?" AND SECOND QUESTION IS, "WHAT NATION?" Those of us that are proud are NOT offended by this!

I took his picture, but can't remember his name..dangit! Will show you picture one day.

Beverly Isaac
4/4 Comanche

11:31 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Hi Beverly,

You know it's not only Betty Gross who who shines a bad light on ndn people but some low-browed men and
women who post on follow in her footsteps; minus the "N" word; been banished on Indainz; anyway Bats used the word the best; with such enthusiasm and love. The word just rolled off her tongue with such ease.

They do just the same as Betty does; they go in and post and start a verbal war with someone they don't like. People like AB, Baxo, Jana, Kanje, Aurina; same as Bats. These are "supposedly" ndn women, GROWN??
ndn women. They get together and attack a person for the fun of it. It seems that they also pound their chests in victory by slamming someone on that board. I just shake my head when I read what they write. Rosedove, Janklows Baby... same.

That's why I don't get on any ndn forums because it seems that there are these certain men and women that enjoy attacking people. That's there enjoyment; they must have such low self-esteem just like Betty Ann and Yeagley. What they do in real life; off the internet; probably just like Bats; they put on another face in the real world; but still a false face. They remind of the movie, "Picture of Dorian Gray". On the outside; looks good but deep inside; inside their soul; ugly.

Anyway. You saw how Betty is begging Naiche for forgiveness now on Most likely he will accept her fake apology; it's hard for people to separate from an abuser on the internet as in real life. Betty is an abuser, in her own way as Yeagley is - they can do it visciously or condescending and polite but either way it is abuse. They say it in a way that a person doesn't even know that they are being made fun of and attacked. Those two are very good at it.

I have a lot of mailing to do before I leave for S. Dakota. Got the names and addresses of the people I need to mail enclosing everything that I have on Betty.

Like I said, I'm at war with Betty and the strongest shall win. I'll get as many signatures as I can get on my petition to have Betty Gross cease and desist with representing herself as some activist and saviour for ndn people in S. Dakota. She needs to get a real job and quit applying for grants and making a living off ndn people. Ndn people that inside of herself; she looks down upon.

Like I said, we don't need her help. She is a detriment to society; a useless materialistic, ndn pretending to be ndn while loving all that white society can give her. She brags about the fancy cars she drives, the expensive alcohol she collects (What's up with that??). How pretty she is. The fancy place she lives in; brags about her children. Her son who Sheriff of Roberts county. A less than half-breed. Probably looks as ndn as my one son. I wonder if he would look more ndn if he would have been elected by the white people as Betty said on about Obama. She said if he would look more like his African Muslim side of the family (nasty nasty to her) instead of his white mother's side; he probably would not have been elected. Well I say the same about her son.

Comancheemoon will get in touch before I leave.

Barbara Duggan

3:23 AM  

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