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Betty Ann Gross Tries to Lie, Tries to Hide...But Fails

The latest from Barbara Duggan.

I should also mention that Ms. Duggan is welcome to use any posts here at The ones where Gross claims Jesus is blond and blue eyed, and where she publicly defended the Neo Nazi skinhead group Storm Front, probably are the most important.


Yeagley has conveniently deleted the ugly posts that Betty Gross wrote on Badeagle. No matter, I copied everything before they did; regarding both of our posts. All the ugliness of Betty Gross on paper.

She is no longer able to meet me this weekend because she says she will be meeting with lawmakers in Pierre, S. Dakota. How convenient for her. I say that she has made up this excuse because she is afraid to meet me. Because she cannot fool me as she has so many other people. She knows that she cannot deny the fact that she posted on her hate for black people and Indians with black ancestry and that she would join the KKK or Aryan group if she were not Indian. She told the editor of the Sota that someone had stolen her name and posted those remarks to slander her. WHAT A LIE. The editor emailed me back with this:
I have spoken with Betty Ann and she has not made this or other derogatory statements. Someone is using her name and attributing racial statements to her that she has never made.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

These "posts" are not from Betty Ann Gross, as you suggest.

Someone is misleading you in order to slander Betty Ann.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

I wrote in my letter that I mailed to the Editor yesterday along with proof that this BETTY ANN is the BETTY ANN that denies isn't her. I also sent copies of the posts written by BETTY ANN stating on
her tribal affiliation with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

I also told her that IF someone is using Betty's name and slandering her; then WHY did Betty Ann Gross not contact the administrator at and find out who was impersonating her. I sure would, if someone was using my name. I would find this person and sue them for Defamation of Character. But Betty didn't. Why? Because, the Betty Ann that says, this person is slandering her; IS HERSELF!!!

LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. She has to lie, to our people, that it is not her because she does not want our people to know this side of her.

I mailed all that I have on Betty Gross through the trail she has left on the internet; to the editor of the Sota. As I will to many other people and insist that they do not help this woman in any endeavor to help Dakota people. Including the lawmakers of South Dakota.

I have included the posts saying the reason she did not want to meet my at my Aunts house was because it stinks and is dirty and bums are there.

My Aunt keeps her house as clean as any other Indian on Lake Traverse. I have been in many. Though the houses are sad looking our people keep the inside as clean as anyone else. I do not see my people as bums. With this statement. BETTY ANN GROSS has shown what she thinks of our people on our reservation. To her they are dirty, stinky and bums.

Oh yes, I am taking many copies of Betty's statements with me this weekend or the following to show my relatives and other Indian people how she feels.

And Betty, since you visit this blog. I might not make it back this weekend but the following; so call me; I gave you my home number and we can set up another time for then!!! If you lost it; here it is again. I am not afraid to post it or my regular email address.


I don't have to be afraid of who I am or what I say about my people as you do and lie and say that Dacotahsioux on the internet is not me. You are a sad person Betty.

Barbara Duggan


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Dear Dr. Carroll, my name is Barbara Duggan, NOT Betty Duggan. Honest mistake but I can't stand to have any connection to Betty Gross; even by name.

I am enclosing an email that I sent to Senator Jim Bradford of S. Dakota.

As I said, I will not stop until the true Betty Ann Gross is revealed to lawmakers in S. Dakota and on our reservation.

Your message was sent to Jim Bradford

My name is Barbara Duggan and I am an enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Sioux Tribe of Lake Traverse.
I am writing regarding Betty Ann Gross. The Betty Gross that attended the 84th Legislative Session on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 with regards to SB156 -revise the scope of certain provisions related to hate crimes.

I live in Belleville, Illinois but go back often to Lake Traverse to visit family. In fact I will be going there next week.

I listened to the session over the internet and my stomach turned when I heard Betty representing our people from Lake Traverse and with regards to racial slurs against Indian people. At the meeting she advocated for the Indians and the Blacks when in fact she is a hater of black people and Indian people with black ancestry.

This Betty Ann Gross has been posting on the internet stating her hate for black people for years. She is a member of, as site run by David Yeagley, claiming he is of Commance blood. He is not ndn, only adopted by a Commance woman. On this badeagle site, many Indians have been cut and sliced and chewed up by Betty Ann Gross and humiliated by her for not believing that "negroes" as Betty and David Yeagley say on his site are beneath all people.

I have made copies of all that Betty Ann Gross talked about on that site. David Yeagley at deleted all the trash Betty talked to but I copied all of it before he did.

I have mailed the editor of the Sota Iya ye Yapi Indian newspaper and sent copies of all of Betty's racist remarks against blacks. This Betty Ann Gross, aka bag, as the members called her on has denied to the editor that someone is impersonating her and slandering her and I included in my letter a copy of Betty Ann Gross showing her affilitation to the Sissetonn-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe for all to see on and the internet.

I and my family and the Sota paper do not feel as Betty Gross does with regards this deep seeded hatred for black people and indians with black ancestry. We have them on our reservation and they are as equal as Indians that don't have black ancestry.

Betty Ann Gross is one way towards the white people; putting on a face as an activist for Indian people and against discrimination against our people, including racial slurs that include the "Squaw" word but then she turns around and calls black people niggers.

Many people did not know this side of Betty Ann Gross for she has hidden it from our tribe and can because she lives off the reservation in Sioux Falls.

When I go back next week; I will be taking all that Betty has written on the Internet regarding her hate for Black people and to to the different districts, the homes and asking our people if they are in alliance with Betty's hate.
I will have them sign a petition that Betty Ann Gross should not be representing Indian people; especially Dakota people from Lake Traverse and giving Indian people of all nations a bad name.

I told Betty that she has left a trail on the interent and if she is planning to run an Office of the Dakota Civil Rights in Sioux Falls; that civil rights if for all people and not just indians and that a person like her should not be in charge of anything doing with civil rights with her hate.

I am asking you to not help this Betty Ann Gross, from Sioux Falls, S. Dakota with any help she asks of you. She should not be allowed to receive and grant money for anything she purposes to do. Grant money should be given to good people, whether white, black ,red or yellow - only if they have a good heart that wants to help all races no matter what color they are.

I will be mailing to your office, all that Betty Ann Gross has stated on the internet from and

As I said I live in Belleville, Illinois and married to an Iranian that has been her since he was 18 and an American Citizen. He is an engineer and a very good man as his family in Iran are. This Betty Ann Gross cuts down my husband, his culture and his people in Iran. I will include that in the letter I send you.

Betty Ann Gross is hated by many ndn people. Some have called me from Oklahoma, St. Louis, Mo. and have emailed me regarding Betty Ann Gross and are happy that I am working at getting Betty to cease and desist her hatred for black and writing all over the internet where anybody and everybody can read it. People who read what she writes will think that all Indian people feel as she does and we don't. She is only one Indain woman; but a vile, foul mouthed racist.

I would like a reply back from you or your office. You have my email address - my phone number is 618-741-4345.

We live in a town of 68,000 people. All cultures. I will be writing the Belleville News Democrat with regards to this matter. I will write about how one Indian woman can fool the white people and politicians to thinking that she is a good woman; as you all seem to think.

I need to get out to black people that we Indians do not hate them and have this tremendous hatred towards them as Betty Ann Gross, a member of our tribe does and WE do not think as she does.

Anyway. I am on a crusade to stop this woman. It will be time consuming and costly but if you believe that a person is evil and hateful and from your people; one needs to do this. I need to expose this Betty Ann Gross for what she really is.

Barbara Duggan

Some things Betty Ann Gross has said on

Sorry Grassdancer, it tis the wild Sioux blood in me! Meet me in person sometime. Then you will know why I can manipulate the white man toward my beliefs and why Indians fear to meet me in person. I am what I am..polite and considerate and deadly.

Betty Ann Gross
Advanced Member

3449 Posts
Posted - 01/29/2007 : 1:17:29 PM

Sorry Grassdancer, it tis the wild Sioux blood in me! Meet me in person sometime. Then you will know why I can manipulate the white man toward my beliefs and why Indians fear to meet me in person. I am what I am..polite and considerate and deadly.

Posted - 01/29/2007 : 12:58:33 PM

Okay I will try again...She is a nygga, you hear that a nygga.

Does your burnt offering smell nearly as bad as you being a N?

Edited by - Betty Ann Gross on 01/29/2007 1:03:55 PM

This is but a few of Betty Ann Gross's remarks on the internet on On that site she posts her affiliation to our tribe; Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

Betty Gross has been banned from that site and I have proof that this Betty Ann Gross is the woman same that has talked to you and many other lawmakers. People to back me up.

I will be sending you more of the real Betty Ann Gross.

If I do not hear back from somebody, I would prefer you -
Senator. Afterall you were at that meeting representing Betty Gross and I feel that I should have the same courtesy.
If no reply; then I will believe that the lawmakers in S. Dakota approve of what Betty Ann Gross is doing and what shehas done to make my people look bad. That would be a true injustice to black people all over the United States.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Betty gross is trying to backpeddle so fast trying to save face but it won't work.

This is what she writes about me on and wrote to a member of

This was posted on

And if you are an Indian tough luck. I guess it is not worth all the headache and fighting when it comes close to even trying to empower American Indians, especially here in the Dakotas. We are going to meet this weekend and will probably let the Office go. We can use the space for other for profit ventures instead.

I wish Barbara Izada and her Atheist Persian Muslim well in Indian Country. With the help of other anti-American groups and people who despises America and white America and embrace the Negroe we will probably close the Office. Not out of fear or retaliation but because the cutting and pasting and adding onto existing posts here and there of others posts and mine, has allowed me to take a step back. Indians primarily the Sioux and I am sure there are more out there, would not know how to handle freedom. Freedom that is there Creator given right. A freedom that they would have experienced and enjoyed. They would have loved this Center. I know they did here in Sioux Falls, but to risk them not being harmed here in Sioux Falls we will probably close the Center. Thanks Barbara Duggan-Izada, Darlene Pipeboy, Barbara Ryan and Rose Seaboy. You continue you on with your hate of white America and the oppressing and militant ways of AIM. You are free now to open your Atheist Muslim and Negroe Civil Rights Office in the Dakotas.

betty ann


Our family are not militants. I have never been a member of AIM. Betty Gross was, in the past, a member of AIM, as she posted on the internet. As I posted to her on Yeagleys site, "I guess you were only AIM member that carried the flag right-side-up during a march. Betty, you are such a hypocrit. We do not hate America or the white people or black people or asian people; whatever culture or race they are from.

Betty is so stupid in her thinking. HOW can my husband be an atheist and a Muslim at the same time? It's either one or the other. He is not a Muslim; he does not follow the muslim religion. He does not follow any organized religion as I don't but backs me in my belief of the traditional ways. And Betty, for your information, I do pray - the Indian way.

What Betty sent to Naiche and Naiche printed it on
Posted - 02/28/2009 : 4:24:34 PM

Hello Naiche, we are coming to and will respond to you folks over there, but here is the wonderful Indian woman you are all supporting. (From me to Betty, No one is supporting me; I am doing what I have to do to you on my own. I have never gone to Indianz and posted there asking for help against you.

Betty continues to say:
You son served in the military Naiche? He honored that American flag just as you did. Cause when you served in the United States Armed Services you took an oath to uphold that American flag and the United States of America. And yet you turn blind when it comes to the reality that you do not read things. This woman and her aunt carry that American flag upside down and desecrate it with the words of This Rag is piece of explain that dear. You and your family support an atheist and hater of America. We are America. This is our land. We are under that flag. Our fathers, ancestor WWI and on up served America and I for one will not become anti-American or an atheist out of respect for my husband a veteran deceased and all my other relatives who served and continue to honor that flag. Make all the fun you want Naiche and support this lady. I will not. And I will not allow blacks to take over our doings.

As I said, never have been a member of AIM and never have said this flag is piece of shit. I would like Betty to produce a picture of my doing that. SHE CAN"T. My father, Earl Duggan was in the Navy as many other relatives of mine and served this country.

What Naiche said to Betty on 3-4-09

"BAGS needs some love and attention. And a good therapist. I can see her in a few years pushing a shoping cart around Sioux Falls.

Have a good one you old, decrepit BAG!

wonder why betty ann does not argue with yeagleys' stories as she did when Indian women had something to say she made fun of everything the female had input on, their traditions, clothing, ect, everything. She should have kept out of other Nations, but then thats what she wanted...only her and her alone on his site...sad situation for her now..crazy woman..and everyone knows it, even yeagley, but he needs her.

Reading his article on the Badge of Ester, well that says it all, betty ann owens might as well give up...he hates all women even you, he is using YOU, and most likely can't stant your vulgar attitude, but needs you.

People first tune in to his site because of the Theme, Badge, or Mascot picture, but soon realize that it is definately NOT an Indian site. He has not converted one person over, but betty ann owens, the schizo breed.

I see she keeps bringing up women from the past and picking fights with one of her own Nation. What a fool she makes of herself time and time again. I think a bird must have gotten a hold of her dyed hair and wove it into its nest and now SHE has gone full blow crazy!

Yeagley is now blocking or deleting responses to betty ann, it got too hot for them. Well ya know....someone had to say something. "A CHANGE IS GONNA COME", despite the hate for the only posters now, Frigon, GMS, Paulus, and their leaders yeagley and betty ann, " A CHANGE IS GONNA COME".
///////////////WOW the things one finds on the spiderweb and yet so true of pizzants and azzclowns

Now I say, Betty Ann Gross/Owen is hated by many ndn people on the internet and soon people on Lake Traverse after they see what I have on Betty.

From me:
Today I emailed all the Senators in S. Dakota regarding Betty Gross that were at the 84th Legislative Session on Feb.10, 2009 where Betty Gross with the help of Senator Jim Bradford presented
SB156 regarding hate crimes. Can you believe this? Betty was there talking about hate crimes and racial slurs about ndns and blacks? WHAT A HYPOCRIT!! I have also emailed the people that opposed the bill at that meeting.


Whatever, Betty can email and talk to any people on IF anyone wants to believe this racist, lying woman then they can believe that Betty Gross loves the black and black/ndn people and is not a racist.

She has called me crazy, etc. etc. etc. She's called many people crazy and sick and that shows me that she is delusional. She and Yeagley are the only sane ones and everybody else are insane; live on Betty but the men with the nets are closing in on you. Step back real far!

My Aunt Darlene told me today that you are walking on a path of destruction and I am going to make sure you stay on that path.

Barbara Duggan

5:08 PM  

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