Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Betty Ann Gross Must Be Stopped

Yeagley's financial backer Betty Ann Gross has said publicly she will, of all things, be opening a so-called "Dakota Civil Rights Office."

No doubt she and Yeagley hope she will do as much damage as possible, promoting racism under the guise of "civil rights." Her hatred of Blacks is well documented, including her desire to commit mass murder against them. So is her love of white supremacists, and not just Yeagley. Gross has publicly said she believed Jesus was blond and blue eyed and publicly defended Storm Front, a Neo Nazi skinhead organization. (Yeagley also has posted articles on that site run by his fellow white supremacists.)

Or perhaps Gross and Yeagley simply want to promote themselves as much as possible, to win favor from other members of the white racist far right wing they are part of, or in Gross's case, act as a token minority and mascot for.

Luckily, Gross is being strongly opposed, especially by Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota people.

Once again, from Betty Ann Dugan, who in turn posts a letter from a D/L/Nakota newspaper editor.


This is the response I received from the email I sent to the editor of the Sota Iya Ye Yapi newspaper read by our people on the rez.

I have known Betty Gross for many years, and am a friend of her son.

I am shocked at what I am reading and have trouble believing it came from her.

If these are truly her words, I am really sorry to hear them.

This is NOT the sentiment of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate as I know them.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor


When I go to Sisseton next weekend I will show her those words she wrote and other comments that she has written about Black people on Badeagle.com.

I did email her back and told to to go to badeagle.com where she can read for herself what Betty Ann Gross has said to me with regards to her hatred of blacks and also her degrading words she has said about my husband, who is Iranian.

This is just the start.

Barbara Ann Duggan


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Yeagley has conveniently deleted the ugly posts that Betty Gross wrote on Badeagle. No matter, I copied everything before they did; regarding both of our posts. All the ugliness of Betty Gross on paper.

She is no longer able to meet me this weekend because she says she will be meeting with lawmakers in Pierre, S. Dakota. How convenient for her. I say that she has made up this excuse because she is afraid to meet me. Because she cannot fool me as she has so many other people. She knows that she cannot deny the fact that she posted on Indianz.com her hate for black people and Indians with black ancestry and that she would join the KKK or Aryan group if she were not Indian. She told the editor of the Sota that someone had stolen her name and posted those remarks to slander her. WHAT A LIE. The editor emailed me back with this:
I have spoken with Betty Ann and she has not made this or other derogatory statements. Someone is using her name and attributing racial statements to her that she has never made.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

These "posts" are not from Betty Ann Gross, as you suggest.

Someone is misleading you in order to slander Betty Ann.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

I wrote in my letter that I mailed to the Editor yesterday along with proof that this BETTY ANN is the BETTY ANN that denies isn't her. I also sent copies of the posts written by BETTY ANN stating on Indianz.com
her tribal affiliation with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

I also told her that IF someone is using Betty's name and slandering her; then WHY did Betty Ann Gross not contact the administrator at Indianz.com and find out who was impersonating her. I sure would, if someone was using my name. I would find this person and sue them for Defamation of Character. But Betty didn't. Why? Because, the Betty Ann that says, this person is slandering her; IS HERSELF!!!

LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. She has to lie, to our people, that it is not her because she does not want our people to know this side of her.

I mailed all that I have on Betty Gross through the trail she has left on the internet; to the editor of the Sota. As I will to many other people and insist that they do not help this woman in any endeavor to help Dakota people. Including the lawmakers of South Dakota.

I have included the posts saying the reason she did not want to meet my at my Aunts house was because it stinks and is dirty and bums are there.

My Aunt keeps her house as clean as any other Indian on Lake Traverse. I have been in many. Though the houses are sad looking our people keep the inside as clean as anyone else. I do not see my people as bums. With this statement. BETTY ANN GROSS has shown what she thinks of our people on our reservation. To her they are dirty, stinky and bums.

Oh yes, I am taking many copies of Betty's statements with me this weekend or the following to show my relatives and other Indian people how she feels.

And Betty, since you visit this blog. I might not make it back this weekend but the following; so call me; I gave you my home number and we can set up another time for then!!! If you lost it; here it is again. I am not afraid to post it or my regular email address.


I don't have to be afraid of who I am or what I say about my people as you do and lie and say that Dacotahsioux on the internet is not me. You are a sad person Betty.

Barbara Duggan

3:36 PM  

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