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Betty Ann Gross Admits Failure in Her Campaign to "Stop the Blacks and Foreigners"

White supremacist supporter/pretend civil rights activist Betty Ann Gross admitted defeat publicly. While she gives me some credit for having stopped her, I'd say far more credit goes to Barabara Duggan for her tireless work.

And while Gross claims closing the office was done "out of respect for Yeagley," it's far more likely Yeagley realized that Gross's constant racist attacks were exposing him and his forum as white supremacist. There are so many racist outbursts by Gross at badeagle.com that Yeagley probably wasn't able to delete them all.

True to form, Gross claims a Vast Nonwhite Conspiracy stopped her, by atheists, Middle Easterners, Muslims, "Negroes," and of course Indians who want to "oppress whites."

An interesting point: Since Gross wanted to get money from the government for her phony "civil rights office," does that make her a "socialist"? Just like the false accusation being thrown at Obama by her rightwing buddies?


This has turned into a terrible mess here in the Dakotas and on the internet with Al Carroll. Indians have been taught to hate other Indians especially in their own tribes and reservations.

Out of respect for Dr. Yeagley and the Sioux people we will not open the Center in April. Instead we are going to use the space for a for profit business. That would be better financially. I have a master of science degree and I and others will share the office. This is probably a heavy relief off of me also. The work in activism and civil rights is tiring....

There is so many beautiful American Indians here in the Dakotas and I do not want others to think that all of us are like Indianz.com, Barbara and I. There are young sacred youthful tribal members who need better leadership and to move away from attacks and hatred. I did my share in trying to stop the blacks from moving into Indian country along with the foreigners and others, but they are going there anyway so I am letting it go.

So thanks Barbara Izada, I am not opening the Office so stop with the attacks on others. There is no need to go that route. You win. Open your Muslim Atheist Black Civil Rights Office now. We will not bother to even watch you....

betty ann owen-gross


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Dr. Carroll,

I will continue; I will not stop as Betty asks. Tonight, again, I have emailed to all the Republican Senators in S. Dakota this: The first to Senator Bradford...

March 10, 2009

Dear Senator:

This is the real Betty Ann Gross. She is evil, vile, hateful, racist. She puts on one face to you and all you lawmakers in S.Dakota while on the internet she shows her real self. Deep in her heart, she hates black people; especially ndn/black people. She has visciously cut down me, my husband, my family on Lake Traverse. She, herself lives off the reservation, as I do, but I represent my people with truth and dignity on and off the reservation and on the internet. My husband and I started a used car dealership in 1995; called Dakota Auto Sales. I named it after my tribe. People who have met me and that I have dealt with in our business; black, white, asian, ndn/black,
Muslim, Middle Eastern etc... I have treated with true and honest repect as they have me. We started our business with our own money; with no help from anyone and I believe that all ndn people in the United States can do anything they choose to do if they have the will to do it.

As far as the homeless Indians in Sioux Falls and what Betty says they go through; it is no different than what any person that is homeless goes through in any city; whether they are black, white yellow or red. Alcohol and drugs are the usual culprets; there is help for that and if they choose to get it; that's the beginning of living a contstructive life instead of destructive one.

What I have sent you in this email; is but a small trail of the hatred against blacks and ndn/blks on the internet from Betty Ann Gross. She has left quite a long trail and for many years.

I want her stopped; I want her to stop representing Dakota people in S. Dakota; preferably all Indian people in S. Dakota. I want the lawmakers in S. Dakota to quit helping this disgrace of a woman from the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux tribe. I will be going back this weekend and when there; I will be going from district to district; house to house; showing our people what Betty writes and ask them to sign my petition to have her quit representing Dakota people; especially from Lake Traverse. We don't want to be known as haters of black people and ndn/black people. I will post it on the internet on the sites where she spouts her racism and show that we Dakota Sioux don't abide with what Betty Gross has written and continues to write on the internet.

Read Below>>>>>>>

You see I have this vision of the future. Two old women, one from Illinois married to a Persian Atheist and the other an old woman who lives in Sioux Falls were trying to do this and that to one another. One left as a child the other stayed around the dakotas. One day the one from afar got a wild hair up her ars and decided to do something for her people on the reservation. The other seen it all. Lived it. Witnessed all there was to against the helpless Indians. The difference was not age (both old grandmas) nor tribal status (but hatred for one another as Indians). Anyway, when progress was being made for the people the one from afar starting to justify her hatred for the other one and thus sent letters here and there to prominent people in the dakotas. People were stunned. Indian fighting Indian? Should not the Indians stand up for their own kind and assist those in need? They were puzzled and called the one called Thundersky. For Thundersky has many friends in the Dakotas. They understand her writings and her indifference toward the black race. That started way back in the fifties when Blacks stole Indian girls off the reservation. People understood what the message was to be, but yet the one from afar twisted things around and took this and that from white mans world and created chaos. So now I must gather mud and prepare my wide feet to put Barbara in her place. But what thundersky does not tolerate is comanche man backing down and unable to defend himself. Thundersky does not need comanche man or any man to fight her fight.

betty ann

Now, I ask ... Do you lawmakers in S. Dakota have the same indifference to the black race? Do you only care about the white race and Betty's Indians? With all the so called friends that Betty says she has that back her up; I feel for the black people and ndn/black people in S. Dakota.

Another of Betty Gross unlady like writing to someone on Indianz.com which she posted on Badeagle.com

You are not man enough over here to fight me are you. Too afraid when you are alone. Say what you said over at Indianz.com about david and I. Too damn chickenshyt you sorry assed bastard. Who is the Gaurdian huh? Looking for information for him huh. Get the hell out of here and you stay the hell away from David. You wimp! You never want to ever meet me in person and you go back and tell that sorry assed of a man called MBT I and my friends will be watching for him. We will see how MBT fairs when the negroes I work with talk to him.

Take your damn prays and get the hell out of here and you leave David alone!

betty ann


You and your friends remember one thing I have over 800 strong members behind me in Sioux Falls. You remember that bitch! We do not tolerate anyone who hates America, desecrates the American flag and is an atheist. Go back and hug Barbara Duggan. The nerve of you. I will be back over there and I will tear that damn Indianz.com up and this time I will not be alone.

betty ann d on: Feb. 27 2009,17:45: Feb. 27 2009,17:40

Posted on: Mar. 05 2009,18:31
Posted on: May 25 2008,22:22

We are not that foolish as American Indians/Tribal members to allow a black man of African descent and a dirty white trash woman lead us into the future. We are not that foolish. A Negroe is underneath the foot of the Indian, we know that. He is trash.

I have photos showing the enormous increase in the numbers of white females here in Sioux Falls that have practically ran searching for a Negroe to cradle. Playing like they have a piece of Barack Obama. At the first gathering of the opening of the Barack headquarters many men from Kenya, Ethiopa, Somolia were all standing there black as hell with white women, smiling cheesey, yet talked like Ubangis with chap lips. And at their sides were beautiful white wives and mixed blood children.

It is a blessing that many white and Indian females are not falling for this rush to claim a Negroe male...sorta like the opening up of land back in the day. Everyone wanted land! Now everyone wants a male Negroe. The American dream now. Once it was the American Pie, but not anymore. No sirrreee.

Betty AnnThundersky

MORE....... from her on Badeagle.com

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Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

I would like to hear from you Barbara and your inner desire as a Indian woman to see how you would open and handle a Black Civil Rights Office primarily for blacks Oh and for others with black blood.

Be brief and professional in your responses. How would you get started and where would your experience come from.

It is my understanding that you hold the Negroe sacred to your heart. So please respond. Where would you start one, goals, objects and outcome.

betty ann
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yep Barbara...if you are not willing to intermarry and make Indian blood quotas include the one drop rule and call your children Afro-Indian then you are Racist Indian Supremist...just like Betty Ann...

This person posted this on Indianz.com. He is but one person that has written about this and who have called me and emailed me to stop Betty Ann Gross. She has hurt and humilated many, many people, ndn women, men on the internet from all Indian Nations.

Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

Have you read the fighting going on at Badeagle? A sioux lady by the name of Barbra Duggan is giving betty ann(yeagleys' sioux dog) a good licking, and I hope she goes thru with her issues against betty ann racists rants and being a part of the Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas. Yeagley is supposed to be representing the Comanches in this Grand Opening! I hope she looks into betty anns' background and I hope she digs into how much money betty ann spends on having yeagley visit her for her own personal reasons, because he DOES NOT REPRESENT THE COMANCHE IN OKLAHOMA WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL ISSUES!!!!!!!

All one has to do is pull up his racists rants against our new President Obama. That is recently, betty ann says they have been working on this opening for four years, well why did these two clean up their racists rants for the Grand Opening????? I wish Barbra Duggan well, when reading the uglyness of betty ann to her own sioux relation, I could not help but think dejavu!...It does not matter what Nation you are, her jealousy holds no bounds, when it comes to bragging on herself and her Comanche Warrior Mascot, yeagley. Good luck to Barbra Duggan

I will end with this. Any lawmaker in S. Dakota from any city should not back Betty Ann Gross for anything she proposes to do for ndn people in Sioux Falls or anywhere in S. Dakota. She is not worthy of the praise you lawmakers give her.

Barbara Duggan


What I am doing is not Indian against Indians but trying to right the wrong that Betty Ann Gross has done for many years to many people and continues to do so today. I won't quit; until she stops.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

betty ann,
your apologies are never real, you say sorry, after you are allowed to dish out all the dirt you want. Now you are acting all innocent and saying out of respect for yeagley?????, what the hell. What about all the people you have disrespected? huh? Name them...name them...yeagley, you NEVER disrespected, you fall over him and protect him and coddle him, even when you know damn well he is disrespectful to the Indians. What about my 82 year old aunt, that I was and stil am so proud of who was an original AIM member. She doesn't use the vulgar words you throw out, nor disrespects anyone, she is a little tiny elligant Full Blood Comanche woman whom I would protect to the end. You disrespected her, and your precious "DAVID" did the same when he NEVER called you to stop your vulgarity. He has met my 82 year old Aunt, he should have stood up for her against you, you strong young beautiful Sioux Woman with a very vulgar mouth who wants to challenge all the Women who even mentions "your David", get real. No woman wants him, you ran off "Buzzy" you told me you were arranging them getting together. You are such a liar when you claimed I wanted you to set me up with "your david". My intentions toward him were very honorable, I wanted to be just a friend, a fellow poster, a Comanche Member to share with anyone who wanted to know about our Comancheness, but you butted in there to, yet you don't want anyone to butt in on the Sioux mess you created you ruined that too. You take delight in ruining what could have been a good thing. You want to be center stage. well I wish I could sign the petition against you, you need help..........How does it feel now that your are taking him down with you finially.?


3:20 PM  

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