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Comanche Chairman Wallace Coffey: "Yeagley Is a Far Right Racist...I Am Against How Yeagley Thinks....He Does Not Represent the Comanche People"

The latest from Barbara Duggan, a very helpful and interesting talk with Comanche Tribal Chairman Wallace Coffey.


I just got off the phone with Chairman Coffey of the Comanche Nation. He was nice enough to talk to me. I told him my name and what tribe I was from and explained to him why I was calling him. I told him what I was doing with regards with me bringing out that Yeagley does not have a famous ancestor Badeagle and about him racism.

I asked Chairman Coffey if he felt the same as Yeagley with regards to his racists views and hatred toward Black people and ndn/black people. He told me that Yeagley is a far right racist Republican and that he is vehemently against how Yeagley thinks and that Yeagley does not represent the Comanche people.
That he has nothing to do with the tribe and that Yeagley had the audacity to run for Chairman. I told him I knew about that and how Yeagley lost.

Chairman Coffey also said that he is not a friend of Yeagleys nor would he want to be. I mentioned to him that I would be there on the 18th along with Beverly Isaacs at that meeting. I asked him about the venture,"COMANCHE MEDIA- A NEW CORPORATION," that Yeagley will be presenting to the tribe for funding. Chairman Coffey told me that the tribe has never funded Yeagley for anything nor would the tribe fund this venture of his or anything in the future.

I told Chairman Coffey that I would see him on April 18th and was looking forward to meeting him. It made me feel good that the Chairman and the tribe is not behind Yeagles. Yeagles might as well forget his proposal with regards to "COMANCHE MEDIA - A NEW CORPORATION". The answer will be NO as far as the tribe giving any money to start it up. I guess he will have to pull money out of his bank to start that venture or Gross can give him the money for it. He can ask his posters on his site to donate to his fund or ask Richard Lawrence Poe and all his other white supremist friends to give him money.

Poor Yeagles, all he has is his pitiful site and the 10 people that post on there and the ONE loser Indian, Gross. He is enrolled on the Comanche tribe but HE HAS NO TRIBE THAT WILL BACK HIM UP FOR ANYTHING. HE HAS NO FAMOUS ANCESTOR. LIKE I SAID ALL HE HAS IS AN ILLUSION OF GRANDEUR AND OF COURSE GROSS BETTY.

Of course, I'm not telling Yeagles not to go; I still want to see him and meet him so I can tell him to his face what I think of him. Hope this makes you feel better Beverly and you might want to thank Chairman Coffey.

Beverly, I hope this makes you feel better. You might want to give Chairman Coffey a phone call and thank him.

Barbara Duggan


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...


Read this dribble written by Gross. Now she is telling Coffey that he is not worthy of his title.
In her crazed mind ONLY Pansy Yeagles is to be honored as a COMANCHE man. Gross would be a good candidate for some looney cult run by the likes of David Koresh, Reverend Jim Jones, or Marshall Applewhite of the Heavens Gate. By the way, Yeagles resembles Applewhite - the eyes, the pasty white complexion. Gross BELIEVES in Yeagles, a white, part Mexican - but mostly white, fake Comanche - descendent from the loins of a fake Comanche leader, fabled Badeagle. Since Badeagle never existed - does it mean that yeagles doesn't exist? Hah! One can only wish. But Yeagles existence is only his site with his hands in BAGS change purse.

"Comanche Chairman Wallace Coffey: "Yeagley Is a Far Right Racist...I Am Against How Yeagley Thinks....He Does Not Represent the Comanche People"*

How dishonorable of you as a comanche tribal chairman. And as far as I am concerned you are not worthy of your title. I would be afraid to talk to you or even come near you Coffey. If this is true what Barbara Duggan Izadi posted on then you are no better than her or beverly isaac.

Instead of condemning Dr. Yeagley you should find honor in him as a comanche man and tribal member. A gifted and talented man. (Only in your crazy mind BAGS) It is hard at first to understand his writings but once you get it (if you can) then what he says makes sense. (Only to the racist cult followers like you and the other dimwits on pansy man's site want to understand the writings of a crazy man.)

Her dribble goes on...............

So is this all true? A Sioux woman owned you? You talk bad about your people? You allow non comanches to speak down your own blood lines? You allow non comanches to enter your council chambers for the purpose of living a dream on the internet that has crossed into real life? Here again Gross's words come back to slap her in her ugly face. I think you used the wrong words oh snaky one Gross. Does not the pansy grovel at Sioux bytches feet for money - that he has talked down to ALL INDIANS? Seems to me that a so called bytch Sioux activist is allowing a FAKE COMANCHE man to speak for Comanches and SIOUX????? Gross is so jealous that a SIOUX WOMAN has been invited by Comanche women to see the pipsqueek in action in front of the Comanche people. And Gross bytch, YOU ALONE ARE LIVING A DREAM with your pipsqueek fake comanche online and in the real world.
Are you comanche men so weak that you gossip about others behind their backs like an old hag? (Again, you have it wrong Gross - the only weak one; is your fake Comanche pansy that lives off you and the Comanche and Sioux people) I am ashamed of you deeply. Dr. Yeagley said so many nice things about you. He has expressed his deepest honor and respect regarding your leadership role and as a person. (Yeah Gross, yeagles has stuck his nose so far up so many peoples azzes; that it's the only part of his body that is brown.) If you have anything to say to Dr. Yeagley say it yourself and do not use old women for that purpose. Or have you become a woman? (Well, yeagles uses you, you ugly old Sioux half-breed hag. Coffey has not become a woman but pansy Yeagles likes to wear women's make-up. As a gay patriot says, Yeagles is CUTE AS A BUTTON!!!!

We respect Dr.Yeagley. We embrace him because he knows and understand what is happening to all Indians. Very sad. (Oh yeah, I see many, many Indians on his site that are embracing him and his beliefs. ONLY ONE Sioux scag on that site that is crazy and DUMB enough to believe in this fake of a man.) He is waiting for that money Gross so he can orchestrate his next violin concerto! LOL LOL LOL That is really what I call uderstanding what is happening to all Indians - Ask him if he has figured out his problem with the violin sound he is straining to hear in his crazy head.

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Conversations between Tribal Chairmen and other high ranking Indian Officials and other Professional Indians should be kept in confidentiality.

Dumb shyt half-breed Sioux.....go tell that to the professional journalists and reporters. You're dumber than I thought. They would laugh if they read what you wrote. HAH! HAH! - I'll laugh for them.

Standing Rock Indian Reservation
Top Political Officials here in the Dakotas
Top US Officials

What they say to you and what you say are to be held in confidentiality. You know you can get arrested for all this? I know what you folks did. (You know nothing Hagbag; you are out of the loop. In fact you are a FRUITLOOP.
Now you are involving top Tribal Officials and making (if )there words public? You know he can get fired from his job as Tribal Chairmen if he did in fact say this to you Barbara in private and you posted it? (You are a totally flaming ignorant bytch. As far as Coffey, I told him what I was doing on the internet and off ; who I was talking to and said I would write what he said and that I was telling everyone and anyone about the fake Comanche Yeagles and his connection with a racist Sioux activist. He did not ask me to keep anything in confidence. He agreed with everything I said about Yeagles. Comanche men don't want to get in flaming wars in public but they do know what Yeagles is about. Like Bev says, they laugh at him with his pompous white attitude and words. Yeagles is a white mans indian mascot; NOT A COMANCHE.

And as far as attackiing Dr. Yeagley, physically at the comanche tribal chambers we will take care of that as well. You will go to jail and we will file on you if you dare assault Dr. Yeagley and act out there. But I really do not believe you are going because there are younger comanche members and they will kick your ass.

HAH! HAH! HAH! What pansy is shaking in his cowboy boots??? Yeah, hagbag, I am going. I wouldn't miss seeing the queen broach his proposal in front of the Comanches and see how they react to your fake Comanche man. I will see how he has applied his eye shadow and mascara and write about that!! LOL NOW YOUR ARE A LEADER OF THE COMANCHE TOO? TONTO AND the half-breed Sioux will lead the Comanche in an attack against a visiting Sioux??? We'll see about that. Glad you can get away from your busy activism in Sioux Falls to prance around with Yeagles. You must not have many brow beaten homeless Indians in Sioux Falls to take care of. Ha!!!

I do not call around for information. I am not a narc. Snitch. Or informant, but you Barbara Duggan Izadi and Beverly Isaac show the real makings of one. (Gross, you are a racist, crazy so called Indian activist that is behind a Racist White man pretending to be a Comanche Indian. You are a really sick bitch.)

Get real! Get it. There is a difference between sanity and insanity and you two ladies crossed that line a long time ago. (The difference is that Bev and I are the sane ones and everyone else that knows and have spoken out against you and the fake Comanche pansy; You and Yeagles alone are the ones that have crossed the line with your racist remarks and beliefs; written for all to read on the internet.
I would hate to be you and Yeagles; having to wonder if this person or that person that you meet in your life knows the real low-life racists that you two reallly are and maybe someday - someone that both of you have abused and called down will give you two what you deserve. )

Barbara Duggan

3:17 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Posted by my friend and strong Comanche woman: BEVERLY ISAACS

long day, Easter egg hunt, and CBC meeting. A good day to be Comanche, well every day is a good day to be COMANCHE!

Just had a chance to settle down and read the bitches ugly rants, and yeagley is THANKING HER!

Baggie ann you won't see me cry over anything YOU SAY, and I stand alone, I always have, but it damn sure feels good to know a Strong Sioux Woman such as Barbara decided to speak up and out, and I never asked her too, just encouraged her to because she is Proud to be of the Sioux Nation.

Baggy ann you ever think about the times you asked people to help you entrapp others ....I think you asked the wrong ones(I know you did when you asked me), and only one T.S. came to your side in the past, they did that to many, but they had their most fun boxing me around..just because I was Comanche...same as yeagley, she could not stand that!

I guess yeagley finially realizes that he is getting absolutely nowhere with our Comanche Nation, now he is allowing his bitch to disrespect My Chairman! But why should I be suprised, he can't even respect President Obama...some damn Patriot yeagley turns out to be huh?

I will make sure the Chairman get these rants that yeagley allowed his rabbid sioux dog to bark out and then he can see a little more what a kook yeagley associates with...and yeagley thanks her, unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!

I thought we were thru with the bag, she keep coming back. Did you notice she is now saying yeagley does not represent the Comanche Nation! tee hee. We all know this, its him along with her that spreads untruths and introduces him as though he is there to represent the Comanche Nation, at least she got that straight....about damn time!

SPB, this is the one and only Wallace Coffey, he is well known throughout Indian Country, he told me today, he has many friends in the Sisseton Sioux Nation, that was after I thanked him for taking the time to speak with Barbara, my Chairman is no Fool!

How dare yeagley allow his sioux dog to call Wallace Coffey
weak and two faced and lying out of his ars and untrustworthy!, how dare you yeagley! How dare you allow her to even discuss Comanche issues. Fools, you both are fools. Something is terrible wrong with that wo-man, and you yeagley for being her stooge.

But she has butted in all other Nations hasn't she, then tells all to stay out of the Sioux issues, yeagley you really got a messed up friend.

By the way Barbara, after the
Comanche Business Committee meeting today, I gave Chairman a big hug and I thanked him for listening to you, he said "yea she was really angry, and hey she's coming and wants to meet me!" He said you all had a long talk. He laughed about how yeagley comes and complains about certain people, and talks about who doesn't like him and he wonders why!! We all know why, he says!

There may be issues I do not agree with Mr. Coffee on, but he was elected by the People and I respect and love him. He has many friends in Sioux Country he told me today.........

If he said keep this confidential I would but he never suggested it even.

Baggy ann there is no "hidden" respect in the Nations. It is given openly and mutually. You have already Dishonored our Comanche Nation by the way you spoke of Chairman Coffey, and I will make sure your comments are on his desk Monday Morning!

Barbara Duggan was invited to the Comanche Nation, you baggy ann are not welcome, but come if you must, you have to see for yourself because you refuse to believe what people say. No one even spoke of harming yealgey...I told him in the past "DO NOT APPROACH ME AGAIN AT A MEETING", what did he do? HE BROUGHT "Q" AND INTRODUCED HIM!, even though I asked him NOT to approach me again, I never embarrased him when he did, and I don't intend to in the future, I know he knows that. My sisters are civilized they don't attack...where in the Hell did you get that one BAGGY Booger? You really have been given the wrong impression of the Comanche People, I wonder who gave you that? We have been assimilated since birth. WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU BAGGY ANN OWENS.

You need to keep that ugly trap shut about Naiche, respect..... baggy ann, try respect to an Honorable Veteran, he served so bitches like you could be free to speak and be as ugly as you look. You talk about my looks, I am not used to belittling anyones looks they were born with, but you brought the worse out in me, you wo-man are one ugly Breed your own self, your ugly mouth and what comes out is just as ugly as your there(giving you the finger)Hah. Now are you satisfied I came down to your level? huh bitch, huh?

You damn right I am angry, you disrespected my Comanche Nation one too many times wo-man...when you and yeagley did that to me, that was different, now you've gone too far bitch...come on down baggy ann, and by the way, you never gave us the details yet on your trip to Illinois, you remember you said that was where you started your activism, must be when you were five traveling with daddy dearest, and his friends playing spin the bottle.


1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes yeagley is a pitiful person, I just want to feel sorry for him, then I remember what an ass he is.

I know you spoke to Chairman Coffeyl, he told me and we just laughed at how yeagley wonders why people just don't understand him.

I gave him a hug and thanked him.

Wonders neve cease when those asses don't even want to believe that the Chairman will speak to another Tribes member. Wallace is a people person, he loves People, attention and he loves giving it also.

bag the hag sioux dog is forever disrespecting other Nations. She was wayyyyyy out of line when she disrespected our Comanche Chairman Coffee and medicine dog yeagley just let it go on as usual! She is wrong when she said the sioux owns the Comanche Nation. But she does in fact owns yeagley, just see how he ran to her like a wimp!Bought and paid for, How utterly embarrassing for him even to show up. I hope he gets his due! I hope someone shows up and questions his motives! I could care less about what bag does, but I hope her opening is a total flop, but if it is a success, I will be glad only for the poor, cold, hungry, homeless walking or sleeping on the streets when she says she has been working for 17 years. What the hell! She and medicine dog yeagley don't like "old" people, well now some of these street people have grown "old". What do they do for the "old" ones...kick them to the curb?

If allowed to have medicine dog yeagley be an example as how people see the Indians would be a crime against our CULTURE AND OUR HUMANITY AND FUTURE OF THE NATIVE PEOPLE. Not only is he NOT a Warrior, but he is liar, white supremists, racists and discriminates against his own by working and rubbing elbows with the white racists republicans in Oklahoma. If he cared about the Native American he would refrain from mentioning leftist, right wing, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, none of thoes labels mean a damn thing when it comes to the Native People. We are more concerned with our Future as a whole, not labels. He in fact calls the Native People..Communistic and Anti-American. Yet he is on a trip to speak on of all things...INDIAN IDENTITY AND PRESERVATION. Just think...INDIANS IDENTITY AND PRESERVATION! He is a liar and makes up his own identity full of lies, he says Barbara is lying when he speaks to our Chairman Coffey, he allows that stupid bag to disrespect Chairman Coffey calling him terrible names.

Bag stated before "we are a full 501 3 non-profit organization, well I hope someone in S.Dakota is making sure of the income of that office. I am pretty well read, but I have NEVER heard of an office start up in this way, with two of the most racist people ever, how could it be?

Ah well, as they say God works in mysterious ways!

I was speaking to Chairman Coffey today, and we spoke of our Comanche beliefs and how we are all beginning to go back into a time where we once were, I believe it. The Comanche(Numunu) have special bond with each other...the People...even though we may not all agree in a lot of ways, we have that special Bond of Being Numunu....WE KNOW OUR IDENTITY AND ARE PRESERVING OUR OWN IDENTITY, WE DON'T HAVE TO GO TO ANOTHER NATION FAR, FAR AWAY AND BRAG ON WHAT WE KNOW, WE SPEAK TO EACH OTHER IN OUR OWN COMANCHE LAND. HE TELLS ME THAT ONE DAY SOON WE WILL EVEN HAVE SIGNS ON THE HIGHWAY TO LET THE WHITE MAN KNOW THAT THEY ARE ENTERING COMANCHE TERRITORY! WE KNOW OUR TERRITORY, BUT NOW THE WHITE MAN WILL SEE IT.

It will also benefit people like medicine dog yeagley, who don't know the Arbuckle Mtns, from the slick hills...funny, funny!

What are you doing for the Nation you brag on representing way far, far away from Oklahoma medicine dog yeagley?

Nothing but embarassing us! I hope they don't think all Comanche look like you, breed that you are!


10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good mornin Barbra,

Yep, the wee man sounded a bit deflated as he commented on Chairman Coffey(4/14/09). He says "I have the Comanche Nation to think about".

Hah..he wasn't thinking about the Comanche Nation nor respecting Chairman Coffey when he let his sioux dog attack the Comanche Chairman. He goes on to say "This is not the example to set. I'm thinking of other Indian men, and the youg people"

Again Hah... what kind of an example when he says Indian men need to be at the bottom of the barrel, and I ask him, "where did the Indian men and young people come from?" If not for the Powerful, Love of the Indian Woman...YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE!"
The best place to make an impression upon the young is to be a Teacher...didn't you get FIRED FROM TEACHING?

medicine dog yeagley states "I am confused, much confused"(duh, we ALL know that). Chairman Coffey was very serious....the Comanche People do not like what you say, how you say it and try to represent our Comanche Nation all around the country. We are NOT a Racist Society...but we know what racism is and know that you condone it with your WORDS, NAMES, CONTRADICTIONS, ASSOCIATES, AND ESPECIALLY ON YOUR PUBLIC SITE FOR ALL TO READ AND EXPECIALLY AGAINST THE BLACKS, HISPANICS, AND THE NATIVE AMERICAN!


Chairman Coffey has many friends, men and women around the World, many of these people YOU have disrespected. Its not only the Comanche who disagree with you, its MANY people from MANY NATIONS whom you have made a very bad impression upon. Its NOT just the Comanche People who oppose you. You may be right in saying "I don't think most oppose me at all", and thats only because most of the Comanche People do not know YOU, but they will!

Two Worlds you could live in, but one, Comanche Nation, you Disrespect the other you say the "BLOOD IS THE PUREST".


7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please update this blog, reading the comments is so much fun. I laughed really hard until I was practically in tears!! I stumbled upon this blog after I stumbled on the badeagle site, and felt as if I had entered the twilights zone LOL.

So I immediately began typing the imbeciles name on google to see if anyone had noticed his bizarre racist rants and conspiracy theories, and sure enough he was noticed LOL.

I really enjoyed the commentary from you ladies, so updates would be fantastic, whats going on now with these two? Are they still stirring the pot??? Do tell!!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Yelia said...

I hope you all are still updating these comments. I am fascinated and have been brought to real tears of laughter. I want to ask a question of Comanche Moon if she is still posting here.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

Wow, I did not know these blogs were still open....just thought I'd give it a try. I know on I can't seem to get thru, I just figured they got too busy to keep it up, but of course baggy ann claims otherwise.

I told yeagley long ago, that I would leave it alone if he took my name off every thread on badeagle, he hasn't so I will not, only thing is I bring up nothing but truths and I never made up anything on the bag either. He goes as far as allowing her to bring my sisters and deceased husband into it. Then she claims she NEVER attacks anyone family, all she knows is lies and no matter, she will have yeaglys back because she loves him totally, nothing said will change that. I noticed he has tried to tame her down, but it never lasts for more than a few days.

I can always tell when he calls her down, she threatens him, she has a hold on him, and if I were him, instead of sueing Al Carroll and Brent M. Davids, I would sue the sioux! She has him in a headlock, with some kind of information he does not want out there in public!!!!Thats just my opinion.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Yelia,

If you read badeagle at all, then you have to know that baggy ann aka Thundersky has a habit of following me around the net, and trying to entrap me. I know her style. I tell the truth as I know and see and live it, she on the other hand lives in a fantasy world.

She is also Janklows baby on where she attacks me and anyone else, depending on which side of the empty bed she get out of, since she can't have davey boy in it! Notice all those lovey dovey songs she dedicates to him....poor thang, both of them!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you heard the news? Yoogles already lost the lawsuit. The judge threw it out. Saw it was a worthless piece of nonsense wasting everybody's time and money and junked it before it even had a chance to begin. Amazon won! Yoogles got his butt kicked!

Let's hope they countersue him and bankrupt him. All the suits are gonna get tossed. There was no phony libel by anyone cept Yoogles himself. You and BMD are telling the gospel truth about that phony lying pale fraud.

Hope all ya countersue him and drive him into the poor house and off the net. Oh wait, he already sez he's broke and a jobless bum. That's why he's suing, he needs the bucks.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Yes Anonymous,

I read where the two were dismissed google and I think it was Amazon. Dismissal with out Prejudice. Which means he can come back and try again.

I would think he should know with all his degrees that he is just as guilty about spreading gossip and enuendos and lies and cried when others got tired of his abuse of the Native Americans.

I tried the link to the lawsuit but at the moment its not up. I think the other suits are coming up very soon if not done already, I wish Cindy Hughs, Al Carroll and Brent Michael Davids all the luck, yeagley needs to stop. He claims Freedom of speech, yet won't allow it on his supposed Indian site. He is so wrong....his only supporter betty ann owens tries to cheer him up.

Today she claims to find a safe site for her and her family and Grandkids where no one will bother her. Hah....she is the one that stalks. No one wants anything to do with her bad mouth. She has done and said so much to so many people she is paranoid herself looking behind her, and to think it was all for the love of a man who can't love her back. She is too nasty and Rez for his taste, she is white, but not white enough!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

OH, I forgot, we must mention David A. Yeagley, and Betty Ann Owens Grossley, they have a thingy that traces what is being said about them, and maybe he evens gets a penny for his name being mentioned, he will need the penny for his attempt at a re-trial, oh wait they said they were both "MOOT", hear that baggy ann, I noticed that is a word you use lately. "MOOT". Heres another penny david a. yeagley....

10:08 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

After fishing thru and reading Wikipedia on David Anthony Yeagley, I did not find an E-mail to send an importnat(I think important) piece to!

They list several they say are not legitimate or may be span, maybe I overlooked the official. Maybe I can't see the tree for the forest!!!

I definately think most of his input is eroneous and for publicity. He needs to be banned, just like he bans well meaning people from his Blog/Forum, when they don't conform to his model. Even his past Administrator says this on Beakerkins' site where many of yeaglys past member feel comfortable in discussing many issues without kissing up to the Beak. Most all left because of his outrageous rants on racism, and his deceitful manner on how he treated his posters. If anyone should know, it would be this Administrator who was banned for speaking up to the beagle. Yeagley is left with no one but betty ann ownes gross his pit bull sioux.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

The bag is roaring madd, as usuall.

If I helped in bringing forth any truth against Badeagle, I am happy, but I believe its all David Anthony Yeagleys' own undoing.

David Anthony Yeagley is crying around about being taken off of Wikipedia, its none of bags' business. Had she kept her big mouth shut, I would never have gotten as involved in speaking out against the man claiming to be Badeagle!

Every person has a right to defend themselves and that is exactly what I did against her attacks, and she continues.

Acting all pitiful and begging for pennies, he goes to his bible verses once again. He hasn't realized that his own actions are not very Christian, God sees all!

He claim his opponents are repulsive...well he is repulsive to them also, he wanted and claims enemies, afterall he is a savage warrior. He wants Indians to forget about the past, stop lamenting on the losses...well shouldn't he do the same, quit crying and at the same time calling himself Savage Warrior!

Another thing...why does this old man think he is the only person in the World that has had a Mothers'love???

He is a cutthroat and takes another stabb at Indians by saying the American Indian are basically parentless, dysfunctional, pitiful, abused.

He is so wrong in many ways, but its pitiful he does not see it. Seems as though the professionals listening to him in court know this, they don't understand what he says, he said that himself. He has to tell them over and over and keeps making a damn fool out of himself. I would bet $500 they even know he does not represent the Americn Indian, how could he! We are civilized, not savages!

By the way...where is his loving Family??Why doesn't his Loving Family speak up for him, he is all alone it seems, he is after all fighting this fight for the Family name...Badeagle, Portillo, , Eschiti or just plain Yealgy? Poor orphan with no family proud enough to sit in court with him.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

Betty Ann Owens is still bitchin and threatening everyone who comes to Sioux country. She is so stupid, still fighint for her love David Anthony Yeagley! Alert, Alert.....

Badeagle was removed now today he is crying about David anthony Yeagley being removed. He claims Wiki is disposed to place anything on their site...well so is he on his Badeagle site. No one is allowed to disagree with him that is very unprofessional, I think what he put on Wiki was very one sided and corrupt and of course biased. How could it not be when its about him.

He says vulgar defamation and slander......sounds very familiar! Doesn't his pit bull do all that for him, keeping him squeaky clean! I still have the post where she calls Brent gay and smells and her daughter smelled him and on and on, yet she tries to trick him into her acting as a friend. Now she is threatening him again...

Superficial degrees!!??well that would be yeagley and betty ann, they embarrass the Indians by claiming degrees then use the internet to claim being Indian, and embarrass us by acting this way with all their degrees. They continue act in this manner of defamation to all Indians.

Yeagley is pitiful, not naive. Politics played no role in these issues as you claim. Yeagley dissrespected the Native American men and women and babies way before Obama became President. Stop using your picture at a funeral, stop begging for pity, stop crying around. Thats something you have always accused Indians of doing, now you do it in the worst way, no one feels any sympathy for you.

All your noble words and efforts at being pious and civil mean nothing to your enemies and people that once just liked you for your intelligence. Its all fake because you use betty ann owens gross to attack still. Nothing has changed. Your deceit and lies are catching up with you. You should have a million regrets, but you accept no responsiblity toward anything.

Who knows, with all those enemies(and you give the Indians much to much credit)Badeagle Blog and forums might just be next, one could only hope, HUH, Betty ann owens gross. Don't lie, you worked on getting rid of yeagley too.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Badeagle was removed now today he is crying about David anthony Yeagley being removed. He claims Wiki is disposed to place anything on their site...well so is he on his Badeagle site. No one is allowed to disagree with him that is very unprofessional, I think what he put on Wiki was very one sided and corrupt and of course biased. How could it not be when its about him.

He says vulgar defamation and slander sounds very familiar! Doesn't his pit bull do all that for him, keeping him squeaky clean! I still have the post where she calls Brent gay and smells and her daughter smelled him and on and on, yet she tries to trick him into her acting as a friend. Now she is threatening him again...

Superficial degrees!!??well that would be yeagley and betty ann, they embarrass the Indians by claiming degrees then use the internet to claim being Indian, and embarrass us by acting this way with all their degrees they still act in this manner of defamation to all Indians.

Yeagley is pitiful, not naive. Politics played no role in these issues as you claim. You dissrespected the Native American men and women and babies way before Obama became President. Stop using a funeral, stop begging for pity, stop crying around. Thats something you have always accused Indians of doing, now you do it in the worst way, no one feels any sympathy for you.

All your noble words and efforts at being pious and civil mean nothing to your enemies and people that once just liked you for your intelligence. Its all fake because you use betty ann owens gross to attack still. Nothing has changed. Your deceit and lies are catching up with you. You should have a million regrets, but you accept no responsiblity toward anything.

Who knows, with all those enemies(and you give the Indians much to much credit)Badeagle Blog and forums might just be next, one could only hope, HUH, Betty ann owens gross. Don't lie, you worked on getting rid of yeagley too.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Its so funny watching David A. Yeagley sqirm like the worm he actually is.

To think this could have all been avoided had he not tried to claim, first Indian this and first Indian that! He may be the first ever Indian male to get to the age 60 as a virgin but he has a couple of months to avoid that one...betty turn style where are you when you're needed, oh I forgot you are NOT wanted!

Glory beeeeee david actually spoke up and made fun of Beakerkin his own wittle itty bitty cute as a button self... without proxy, or should I say Porky! Yep he spoke up but behind baggy ann skirt and after her spouting off on four or five pages all by herself nasty vulgar vindictive syphillis self. I don't and never had a revolving door to even come close to having syphillis like she apparently has had her own self. David..please don't touch her.


You go Beak, have fun, enjoy life, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy your new found family and never mind the likes of a man who has been banned twice in the same week form WIKI.

I've just been banned once from
Badeagle a non conspicuous,anti-American, Anti Indian, along with my fellow Comanches, I actually feel good. maybe Badeagle will be next...and its all because of the man himself David Anthony Yeagley, AKA Badeagle, Portillo, Eschiti.

11:45 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


I wish you would stop attacking the heritage and orientation of Dr. Yeagley. He is an enrolled Comanche and has displayed his birth certificate. There are reasons to oppose Yeagley but that is not one of them. Let his mother rest in peace.

I do agree that Yeagley's views are odious, racist and yes Unamerican. This may seem funny but his mania about race is not consistent with Traditional Indian values. Different tribes took spouses from other tribes. Historically, tribes took in people from other tribes according to needs and aliances.

There were plenty of examples where non Indians were adopted into tribes via various methods. The notion of racial purity would have been foreign and crazy to Indians who were in some ways more enlightened than David Yeagley.

Batty Ann is a sick and hateful vile person. No foe of Yeagley can ever create a greater punishment than enduring her mood swings. No foe of Yeagley could do greater damage to him than he has done with his own writings.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

*8/11/10 today David a. Yeagley is commenting on Comanche Census! Nothing any Comanche does is good enough for him, yet these people did a great job, nothing he would do himself.

He is worried only because none of these Census books ever name Badeagle. Its a fictitious name, he is worried that all will see he is none really who he says he is.

Indian People around Comanche Land all know each other, there is a base roll at the Anadarko Agency. How in the hell could the Military Census be better than what Indians know for facts? Yep yeagley is worried about Badeagle not being mentioned at all no where, nowhow! He gets loonier everyday, poor thang! Shadows are catching up with him...turn around oona, the shadow is there!

5:56 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


Yeagley is an enrolled member and it should be left there.

As for Bad Eagle being marginalized he did it to himself by embracing vulgar ideals. This anti Black bigotry is vile

7:48 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

A CRAVING TO CONFESS! Yeagley laments today....8/13/10

Can that ever be....without the usual....however, and the usual put down of anyone not WASP!!!

Just confess all your sins and inequities and be done with it! Stop using your European WASP better than thou attitude as if you were carrying on the orders of ancient Pope who established the Doctrine of Discovery. Your Not Catholic and you speak against the emblem of the Cross, and you certainly are NOT A PATRIOT to use a Flag! However it would be good for your own Health and Future to Confess, Dr. David Anthony Yeagley.(alert!)

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But goofy baggy ann...did you notice no one wrote anything about Dr. David Anthony Yeagleys' Mother? No one disrespects her image, its yeagley they are trying to get to confess his lies.

You keep reading dearie, I may be insignificant but you do give me lots of credit for ruining yeaglys career, and in reality it is YOU WHO HAS RUINED HIS LIFE, HIS FRIENDSHIPS, HIS BADEAGLE BLOG WILL BE NEXT, AND ITS YOU BETTY ANN OWENS GROSS WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS BECAUSE.....................


11:52 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

Reading Bags' comments...the bag incriminates herself daily, if anyone would be bannished for speaking of her own people it should be her, if anyone fights every other Indian that would be her, and guess what, all her fights against every Indian is for David Anthony Yeagley. Many, many incriminating comments and racist rants are all prined in black and white against all these issues.

I'd like for David Anthony Yeagley to describe "Nasty". He never read anything of mine that was vulgar, dirty, filthy to embarrass my Nation, but he can't say the same for betty ann owens Grossly. That word "NASTY" is actually for the Bag, he's just to chicken to say it. My words are all truths and defensive for me and my Comanche Nation. When it comes to speaking against our Chairmen and Nation, David Anthony Yeagley is not squeaky clean! I've got the proof to that also. David Anthony Yeagly remembers what I gave to Wallace Coffey, that post had betty ann ownes grosslys' and David Anthony Yeagleys name on it. The same could be to members of the CBC at the moment, making fun of their attempts at reconcilation and forgiveness is a good thing, but not according to David Anthony Yeagley, who also said if he was invited he would not attend!!Haha, nobody invited you, haha, thats the reason for your stupid Blog against the Palo Duro event.

Yep you sure need the bag don't you!!!!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Hello, I never denied yeagley was NOT enrolled Comanche. He is just NOT Comanche in any other aspect and dancing with a gourd and fan doesn't make a Comanche! The only Comanche that gives him any notice out of all the 14,000 is the one he is trying to do this Media with.

It hasn't gotten very far, they haven't been to any monthly meetings despite their claim! I could(if I really wanted too)snuff it out immediately. Fact is I want people to see exactly what goes on at our Comanche meetings, I have always had that stance. Chairman and T.A. both know that. Its people like batty ann that need shut up about our Comanche business, she can't help David Anthony Yeagleys' immage, in fact she almost completely ruined it, he does look dorky in that post she keeps bringing up for all to see, never mind about me, I am Comanche I don't try to impress anyone, we all know each other!

The only reason I do read his Badeagle Blog and forum is to keep out Leaders informed of his goofy ideas and bad mouthing the Indians. He has tried to back track, but too much has happened to redeem himself, he still lies about the myth such person. There was Mumsukia, Ishchiti, he just made up the Badeagle myth, did away with the real names to fit his savage wannabe ways.

Comanches that always lived here in Comanche Land know each other, he knows no one that he hasn't used or tricked into something!

Bags rants mean nothing to me, she already admitted she was jealous of me, now yeagley is smoothing her feathers...she must have threatened him with exposure. I am not banned from any site, but yeagleys. He has asked me back, I won't do it, so he calls me "Nasty" to please baggy ann, she has to know this, she is the "NASTY" one. No one disrespects his Mother but her...alwys bringing her up again and again. I"m sure she was a good and loving Mother, how could she stand the likes of Betty Ann Owens Gross. Thats their M.O....trickery and deceit. I do none of that. Betty ann doesn't like my looks, she doesn't have to, is there a law that says I have to be short and stumpy with dyed red hair and a Breed to be liked. I don't fit yeagleys image, I'm fine with that, but she won't leave it be...she is still jealous just because I am who I am, nothing more!

All that I am and All that I'll ever be is just plain ole 4/4 Blood Comanche...want to see my enrollment card to prove it! I might just put it on my Facebook to please baggy ann, she reads it you know. I am not ashamed of myself, why should I be?

9:06 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


When people continue to make the claim Yeagley is adopted it is insulting his mother whose name is listed on the birth certificate. Of course Yeagley can end the lies by sending his birth certificate to the lab and having it verified.

Oddly, the Yeagley is not an Indian bit rehashes his hatred in a different package. DNA does not make an Indian, American, Jew or anything else alone. Even if he were adopted Commanche's historically adopted other Indians
long before white people got here.
They adopted captured people of all
types from Quannah Parker's mother
to some Mexicans likely forgotten
in history.

Yeagley is a mental defective and
an Unamaerican bigot. He is an embarrassment to me as a former friend. He is a disgrace to the American values he claims to embrace. He makes a sick and warped mockery of patriotism most of us hold in our hearts.

I understand he is a disgrace to all he claims to hail from. As an American his ignorance sickens me. His racial lunacy is not Commanche, American or Christian. It is the words of a very disturbed man who like Peter Pan never grew up and needs professional help. Of course Yeagley is too stupid and proud to seek out help he needs.

Nothing we can write would display what a loser and imbecile he is than his own words. No torture we could think of is worse than being near Batty an the Funeral Parlor
Ghoul. Her husbands probably committed suicide just to get away from her.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous CM said...


Thats exactly how I feel about Yeagley. No one can help him if he doesn't want to help himself. I think he wallows in self pitty.

I think he knows betty ann Owens Grosslys' post produce the opposite of Love, thats why he allows it, he can't stand the woman.

I never denied he is the son of his Mother. His birth certificate looks just like mine, but his does look a little touched up. I'm sure it bothers Brent Michael David and All Carroll, who are both very professionals to be spoken of the way David Anthony Yeagley speaks of them. Who started it, but I don't think they have anything to prove to him. Why should they even respond to him except to defend themselves because they truly respect their Indianess. If either one of them are NOT enrolled it does not make them any less Indian in Blood and life, just on a piece of paper. I have not read anywhere that Davids and Carroll have disrespected any Native Nation like betty ann and yeagley have and continue to do every day. This is yeagley and grosslys' life, to demean and disrespect the Indians because they themselves are NOT welcomed nor included within their respective Tribes, so they get on the Internet and lash out so the White people can see how the Indian is supposed to live with hate.

I truly do not HATE yeagley, I feel sorry for him, if I thought for a moment I could help him I would, but he is nearing his end and he does not want help he loves misery.

There is Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter the Circle. His Circle is closing in on him!

Like you, I live in expectation of learning something everyday. My heart skips at looking at the Moon and Stars at night(get angry because we have a bright yard light)especially this week, and am very happy at greeting the Sun every mornin! My Grandkids rush in this early mornin and are playing with my treasures of Indian dolls, but I just tell them to be careful. The treasured dolls can be replaced but not my two Grandaughters and one Grandson...they are playing in the backgroudn as i speak, of course they fight every so often, but thats why I'm here.

Be happy with what you've got Beakerkin, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous CM said...


As you know I left your site because I did not want her following me there, she didn't stop did she?

Why does the bag resent anyone speaking out, she has badeagle all alone, no one talks to her there, but david throws her a crumb once in a while. I could see the excited light in her eyes when he does that. LOL, so funny she jumps to a--ten--tion!!!hup, hup, hup. She is but a sa-die(Comanche for dog) prancing around.

I post on several sites, I don't use the special thingy(like her and davey..stuck on themselves) to look my name up, I don't care too. I am not a bigot nor belligerent. Not when you meet me nor on the net. I would rather follow rules set by the Blog, that is showing respect. When a Blog is dedicated to yeagley I will post, I have yet to find one that endorses anything he says...not one!

I wish Barbra would come back, but she did what she had to and that was quite a bit, I cannot take credit for her work. I will however continue to send betty ann grosses' own words to whomever I think needs to see them. I do not super impose anything, it's all her words. "watch what you say", its all there in black and white, most of us normal people don't have to worry about our views, we are true to ourselves in that respect, while stating our opinions and facts.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just thought of something else, she speaks of 24 postings....well what about her whole post of BEVERLY ISAAC, 95 so far and still growing, and the other on Beakerkin and she doesn't leave us out of whatever else she decides to enter. I've gone from 89 years down to 68yrs and she is still wrong, besides your only as young or old as you feel and I feel pretty damn good in this life I chose to live. "I choose" to live....not it chose ME like hers has. Stuck in a time warp of innocence lost at an early age and at being thrown into an orphanage, beaten and left for dead, jailed as a felon. She takes all this out on little old me!

Was it a Indian who raped you???Was he Black or just a White Lover you had, then claimed RAPE 30 years later? Your Reservation life has ruined it for all Indians according to yeagley, you taught him wrong, thats all he knows of Indians, is your rugged reservation life, he doesn't even know the Real Deal when he sees it except when he attends a Pow wow. He thinks we still ride horses, never work, live in teepees having babies like rabbits, beat up our wives and husbands, drink on the streets, abandon our children, are cold and hungry, sit around the fort for handouts, cry about the past, according to him there is no hope for the American Indian, they had no loving parents they were born under a rock, let them die where they fall! Thats what YOU BETTY ANN OWENS GROSS HAS TAUGHT THE WEAZLE DAVID A. YEAGLEY. You started teaching him this shortly after his mothers passing(praising her)when he was most vernerable and weak you harped at him about others hate for him. He is still weak, can't seem to pick himself up. Most of us all have lost our Loving Parents, why should he think otherwise but for your teachings.

4:12 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


You need not have left as Batty Ann must target me and my site anyway.
He needs to target that site because my site has more Bad Eagle posters than Bad Eagle. Yeagley can't explain why so many friends of his have departed and will not defend him.

When Yeagley went public and complained of a cabal of "Anti Yeaglist" of the "Beakerkin group
who are "sexual liberals" dedicated to smearing the good name of Yeagley it let us know where he is.

Unlike others I have been up front
with Yeagley. He is a bore and a distraction from blogging.

I have offered peace provided he does the following

1) Stay off websites I frequent
2) Apologize for the actions of Betty Ann and ban my name and the name of my friends going forward.

Batty Ann is desperate for someone to return to an empty site. Other than going psycho on Ajibik who laughs at her she is bored.

I have no interest in participating in a site that makes a mockery of patriotism. As a Jew I
am horrified that Yeagley fails to grasp how a persons family who was exterminated on kook racial hygiene theories would run from any form of racialism. I am horrified that someone who claims to be a Christian and Patriot could be so woefully ignorant of both concepts.

Anytime Yeagley wants peace he can tell his mongrel bitch to zip it.
He can't do it and has actively encouraged smearing his opponents
and former posters on his site. He wants people to feel sorry for him but allows this to continue.

Your being here will not alter what is going on. I had no contact with you or Naiche for years and never posted anything on Indianz and she created whole conspiracies for her diaper clad Nazi clown friend GMS. Your being here alters nothing in the mind of a lunatic.

Who cares what Batty Ann thinks? Rabid mongrel dogs are not capable of thought.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous CM said...


Just refreshing my mind on all the posts at Betty Ann Owens Grossly(aka-Anonymous/Raging Mad)makes a fool out of herself speaking of Racism and White Supremacy, she knows full well that she and David A. Yeagley are more White than any other Blood! If her halfway ideas were true to herself, she would not support David A. Yeagley with attack after attack on people who are other than white! Anyone can see the obvious racism at Badeagle. She is blind with lust and love for David A. Yeagley.

She dares to go on and on, even complimenting BMD on his visit to her area and using her little Grandaughter in the way she did on Badeagle speaking against BMD and talking about how her Grandaughter could smell him as she claims he is Gay! She is a coyote, trickster and she is disgusting to use her own little under age Grandaugther like that. Others may not remember the posts, but I do(in fact have it copied) I monitor their hate, because he claims to represent the Comanche...I am here to say "HE DOES NOT REPRESNET THE COMANCHE PEOPLE".

Beakerkin, I like the way you call her bluff...when you told betty ann to post under her other aliases, she is the Devil himself!

Hello baggy ann enjoy your Sunday~~~~oh, oh, oh Beautiful Sun~~~day~~~~oh,oh, oh, Beautiful daaaaaay, this is my, my, my Beautiful Sun~~Dayyyyyyyy. oh, oh, oh What a Beautiful Day!~~~


11:30 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


The entire planet except for me has decided Yeagley is gay. Even Betty Ann has inferred Yeagley is Gay on multiple occasions. Then again he may not like fat lumpy psycho women like Batty Ann

4:49 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Betty ann Owens Gross is now rubbing David Anthony Yeaglys nose in the dirt.

"David my baby boy has no sins or lies to confess." Completely taking on the roll of his Mother now, blatant disrespect, I would say. In the same breath of pretending to be his Mother she gets down and dirty, I mean filthy, too nasty for the Internet, and her family reads this! She posts "I hope I see some supporters of Davids joining forces to make you eat your own anus out from your filthy body and your entrails and shoved down your mouth."

I mean ugly, dirty, filthy statements that really DO NOT even make any sense at all. She is a nut for sure, David Anthony Yeagley has no supporters to join forces.

Just think....Her White girlfriends and young Grandaughter read her words.

I could see yeagley wriggling with pleasure it on out baggy ann for yeagley baby boy! Buh! Too funny.LOL

9:20 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


She is just too ugly for him or anyone else with s pulse.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous CM said...


Its true about the whole planet.

I believe there must be a reason physically for his abstention, its not religion. Being a public person such as "it" is, why broadcast this? I mean being a playboy is one thing, but a 60 year old virgin is a nothing to brag about, unless you'e a Priest, even they don't talk about it like he does! Me thinks he protests a wee bit too much on the Gay issues, leave it alone.

Then again he pretends to lust after the un-abtainable(coulter), I think he detest all Females myself. His track record of verbal abuse shows it.

I also believe Thras and Pamela K. are he, himself. She informs him and even corrects him at times, just touching on reproach, but then next sentence praises him. Her intelligence matches his, and he never berates her, its actually him, he's never treated a female with the respect he gives her....

Today, she even tells him he should write a book of History of the American Indian..."DOUBLE DAMN"....his untruths about Badeagle, Portillo, Eshciti, are enough. No one bought his stupid books of rants, why would anyone buy a book of lies on the American Indian which he knows absolutely nothing about. He would be sued, sure enough by any Tribe he dared to reproach and berate, and he would reproach and berate and lie, thats his M.O. He hates his Indianess...anyone can tell by reading between the lines, especially a REAL Indian.

You, Beakerkin don't see what I see. All you see is betty anns uglyness and vulgarity, that is a mind of a sick person who will NOT awake one morning of a Heart Attack in her sleep(I damn sure will not shed a tear), as if her lashing out is not bad enough, its his lying and changing of our History to make him and his diluted family BIGGER THAN LIFE. Put down of the very few Full Bloods of the Comanche Nations' and their real Indian sounding names and their families, and not taking constructive critsm from the Numunu who tried input is what I saw from the very beginning when I tried on his site, then read the archives, I knew I would not last as a full blood Comanche and especially as a female! No...the man called badeagle has nothing to contribute to the History of the Comanche Nation!

6:42 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


It is okay as Batty Ann has found a job. She may have found a new funeral parlor to look for another
husband with one foot in the grave.

5:36 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


Yeagley's career is over and he is finnished as a serious commentator.
Nobody will listen to him anymore because of his odious views. He will not be appearing with O'Reilly, David Horowitz and Poe seem to have left him. He is on marginalized sites like Amren and working for the kooky John Birch Society.

There is dead via his own pen. His
words dammed him more than any foe
ever could. He committed career suicide and all that is left is for
him to rest in peace.

Part of me feels guilty for leaving a former friend to rot in mental illness. However, his views are so repugnant that I can not stand his writing. I take the patriotism stuff seriously and his writings mock patriotism.

Let his rest in peace. He is finnished and merely needs to lie in the casket. The deepest wounds are those that are self inflicted.

Forget about Yeagley. He is irrelevant and has nothing to say.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice: it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." William Jennings Bryan

This made me think in Indian...."Spirits are all around us, they work for us, not against us. Those who speak and publish/repeat ill of the Native American Indian will have to deal with the Spirits here that protect us....suves(Comanche for...thats all)"

9:13 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

Yeagley is Dead

He has lost all ability to think beyond his madness. He sits around with an amen chorus of Stormfront Types and is best forgotten.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

All's quiet at the Badeagle fort surrounded by a moat, or should I say moot?

batty ann's dirty mouth in telling his enemies to eat their own entrails from the anus or however she framed it(she is so nasty and vulgar) seems to be working on his one time posters and supporters, they are choking on their own entrails...they are becoming moot, soon he will not need her, or is that kneed her! he is hanging with a Comanche Media Man who does know his business, yealgey will learn then turn on his one time one and only Comanche friend.

I bet she is sitting in front of her computor at this moment not wanting to miss the broadcast from Dallas just in case her hearthrobb can afford the trip and she can see him in his ancient attire. I hope they get permission to broadcast, remember vulgar sioux, this is for Comanche viewers you should not utter on pitiful cry!

9:03 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

I want to clarify my last post, knowing the bag will jump on it right away!

By one time supporters and posters, I was not speaking of Beakerkin, Nora, Ray, Alligator, Naiche or any of this elite group that decided to seek a more civil site to be involved in matters that concern them and just plain want to discuss them.

All he has is bad azz baggy ann, long time friend of over 30 years-Ray Frigon, mr and misses ying/yang aka Thrasy and Pamela(whom I seem to think are yeagley himself!)

I hear from a little bird, even yeagley himself I hear is trying to seek other Indians to discuss or have input with.....I will watch and see, but you know who will snuff that flame out real fast!!!!Poor thang, he can't even have an "Indian" life of his own to own, it belong to the bag!

"Baby don't talk to strangers"

9:16 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

Baggy ann can't seem to find any new words being vulgar anymore, just the same ole, same ole stuff....gets old huh bag, like you, you pink pickled in alchohol pig with thunderthighs.(notice thats as nasty as "I" get, but it seems to work on you)

I see where the bag is trying, I say trying to resuscitate or is that regurgitate yeagley back to life. He will smell the liquor on her breath and die for sure, being the virgin that he is...not ever a drop of liquor touch his lips in his long life, nor had a woman, and remember what Nora said, a male does not have to be considered "Gay" to be with a man, he just has to keep it discreet, with bag as a bestest friend, thats going to be hard to do! How she holds her tongue on that one is a mystery!

10:53 AM  
Anonymous CM said...

Oh, just one more thought before I start on my laundry.

Why me baggy ann, of all the many, many beautiful women on yeagleys facebook, you keep after me? You flatter me you know with all your attencion'. You make yourself look a fool each time your oink!

Why look all over the internet for mug is on my own know you look at me everyday! I never claimed to be a beauty..what "IS" behind all this ANGER and HATE.

No one flatteres you...except Nora, then you turn around and flat out stab her, your drunk with hate...remember I AM COMANCHE...I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO READ BADEAGLE TO SEE THE NEXT UNFLATTERING REMARKS HE MAKES ON "MY" NATION AND OTHER NATIONS, and comment if I see fit....he is the one trying to make it in the media in his late years, not me, but you keep trying to make me into a celebrity of some sort! CARRY ON OLD DEMENTED ONE!!!!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

oooooooh she is raging mad, but thats nothing new.

First she threatens me to get off the net or else, then she begs and yells for me to come back.

None of this is for you bag, I just happen to be keeping any eye out for the Comanche Nation and other friends he's harrassed. He cries to the lawyers and the judge tells him its moot, and still he cries, cries and cries, no one cares but you, his make believe momma! tee hee.

Have you heard the story of baby rattlesnake....its a cute one, the moral is stop wishing and crying for something you will never have...trouble is no one seems to know what yeagley wants! As old as he is, he doesn't fit in anywhere does he, he can't decide to be White or Indian, ennit!

You are still his dog, dontcha realize that by now!

Are we having fun yet?

7:24 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Ya know, its too bad that a person can say anything they want and not care how people who read perceive them. That tells me they have lost all credibility and self esteem. At this point in their life they are a danger to anyone near them, like a time bomb ready to explode.

I do care! Indian people do not read Badeagle, if they happen stance to, I have nothing to be ashamed of in MY words. The ugly words are just repeats of yours. Yeagley is not popular around here, its no fault of yours baggy ann nor mine, its his own doing, his own demeanor of} I'm educated, I'm better than thou, I am 1/2 white, I protest the Mascot, you Indian men are below me, all drunks and lazy hang around the Ft. Indians begging for rotten meat and flour, the women ungainly, mean, baby makers! So much more, why list them here, you won't publish them on his site. You edit just like he does, and he wants to be in the Media, ha, ha, ha.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

If I don't have any influence on anything....I wonder what happened to beagles' job he was supposed to be getting at the Tribe a while back when Wallace was in office? What happened to his Comanche house he got illegally...juss asking?

9:11 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

I remember when I first introduced myself at General Council....I had not posted on his site for quite a while, because of his degrading remarks against the Indian men and women.

He said, "but I like you", just me in person but not Comanchemoon on the net. I asked him why does he say such ugly things about the Indians? He strangely in kinda of a whisper in his strange hyper attitude, said "you don't understand Bev...I have people that are watching me, I have to be careful what I say!"

That always stuck in my mind as strange! Never trusted him, who's watching, why?

No I think he has shadows and he is poisa!(Comanche for Crazy) and Nick trusts him!!!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Why does David A. Yeagley have to equate every stupid Foreigner to the American Indian Story? He is German, most likely reltated to hitler, no wonder he loves the Jew so much!

Leave the Indian out of your obsession the for Foreigners you constantly upgrade and uplift on your prejudiced Blog for these kind.

You use the American Indian in very negative way you can muster up, even comparing them to the Muslims....pleeeze!!!!!The Native American is by far the most Patriotic Human on the face of the Earth to America, and you my Dear are no American Indian, just leave us out of your equations. Leave us alone!!!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

I kinda feel sorry for the Bag, she is being found out by the best of the people in She is being found out the fact that she poses as many fakes. She fooled me once posting info about a Comanche Cemeterey in Texas for sale!. She also posted again on yeagleys' site as another person she calls GMS(bragging that she fooled yeagley and I), she wants attention, she lives on pretense, but she is losing. She is at the end of her rope, all the facade is falling around her, she is exposed for the simple stupid breed clown that she actually is. More white than Indian, and she actually fooled yeagley, but that ain't hard to do, looking at him(brains, but no damn common sense)!

Now she is using another skin deep one called Motoy, who also yearns for yeaglys' attention. Making fun of people like a woman. He cut his long girlish locks remember.. because he was angry with something the beagle said, hurt his girlish feelings. Actually they make me queasy thinking about tugging yeagley this way and that way. She will eventually attack Motoy again, he forgets all her uglyness because he wants yeaglys' attention so bad, he will say anything at this point! Mark my word she will attack!

I ask what the hell do they see in fighting over him. He cares nothing for them or their make believe Indian views, they are being used by him. He is WHITE he LOVES THE WHITE PEOPLE, HIS OWN BREED AND KIND, HE DISDAINS ANYTHING NOT WHITE...DON'T YOU TWO GET IT!!!!!!!???????

3:23 PM  
Anonymous CM said...

Yes betty ann ownes Grossly, why do you post the things you post? You lie so much who can believe what you say anymore, much less the sioux women you claim embrace you now...unbelievable as it sounds, it could happen, and may you find a peace in the arms of your own people that you seem to never had had since childhood or like yeagley says, NEVER HAVE HAD A MOTHERS' LOVE, he seems to be the only Breed who ever had a Mothers' love.

Another thing, bag, you lump all Indians into ONE category of "INDIANS". We are all different, you can't seem to get that into your thick head!

Yeagley needs to read all what you said and in-between the lines. You are crying out for forgiveness, many may forgive, but many just don't give a damn about what you turn on a dime and attack again...ALWAYS! Those ladies are correct...but something I have tried to tell you all along, a Comanche woman who has Grandchildren. If my children or Granchildren ever read the things you said about me, they would encourage me to sue..but I am not that way...I know all you've said about me is untrue, I have Spiritual people whom I've spoken to, they know one has to threaten to use bad medicine, WE JUST DON'T DO THAT, YET YOU STILL DO THIS AND ACCUSE AS OLD AS YOU ARE, DON'T YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU SAY?

I truly hope it's true that these ladies embrace you, but I truly doubt it also. You use too many aliases and people know your M.O., they can sense your style! You can try to change, but....HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW?

9:59 AM  

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