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The Campaign Goes On vs White Supremacist Supporter Betty Ann Gross

Barbara Duggan publicly vows to continue to oppose Betty Ann Gross's racist pretend-civil-rights projects and false public presentations of herself. Little wonder, since Gross has the gall to go to the public signing of a hate crimes bill and presents Yeagley as a role model to young children.

Are the mayors that Gross and Yeagley meet aware of the kind of vicious racist they are meeting? Almost certainly not, since the two hide it when convenient, one face to their white supremacist buddies, another to government officials when they want government money or to enhance their image.

The same question for Gross is also true for Yeagley: He wants government money. That would make him a "socialist" no less than the false accusation being thrown at Obama.


Dr. Carroll,

I will continue; I will not stop as Betty asks. Tonight, again, I have emailed to all the Republican Senators in S. Dakota this: The first to Senator Bradford...

March 10, 2009

Dear Senator:

This is the real Betty Ann Gross. She is evil, vile, hateful, racist. She puts on one face to you and all you lawmakers in S.Dakota while on the internet she shows her real self. Deep in her heart, she hates black people; especially ndn/black people. She has visciously cut down me, my husband, my family on Lake Traverse. She, herself lives off the reservation, as I do, but I represent my people with truth and dignity on and off the reservation and on the internet. My husband and I started a used car dealership in 1995; called Dakota Auto Sales. I named it after my tribe. People who have met me and that I have dealt with in our business; black, white, asian, ndn/black, Muslim, Middle Eastern etc... I have treated with true and honest repect as they have me. We started our business with our own money; with no help from anyone and I believe that all ndn people in the United States can do anything they choose to do if they have the will to do it....

What I have sent you in this email; is but a small trail of the hatred against blacks and ndn/blks on the internet from Betty Ann Gross. She has left quite a long trail and for many years.

I want her stopped; I want her to stop representing Dakota people in S. Dakota; preferably all Indian people in S. Dakota. I want the lawmakers in S. Dakota to quit helping this disgrace of a woman from the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux tribe. I will be going back this weekend and when there; I will be going from district to district; house to house; showing our people what Betty writes and ask them to sign my petition to have her quit representing Dakota people; especially from Lake Traverse. We don't want to be known as haters of black people and ndn/black people. I will post it on the internet on the sites where she spouts her racism and show that we Dakota Sioux don't abide with what Betty Gross has written and continues to write on the internet.

Read Below>>>>>>>

You see I have this vision of the future. Two old women, one from Illinois married to a Persian Atheist and the other an old woman who lives in Sioux Falls were trying to do this and that to one another. One left as a child the other stayed around the dakotas. One day the one from afar got a wild hair up her ars and decided to do something for her people on the reservation. The other seen it all. Lived it. Witnessed all there was to against the helpless Indians. The difference was not age (both old grandmas) nor tribal status (but hatred for one another as Indians). Anyway, when progress was being made for the people the one from afar starting to justify her hatred for the other one and thus sent letters here and there to prominent people in the dakotas. People were stunned. Indian fighting Indian? Should not the Indians stand up for their own kind and assist those in need? They were puzzled and called the one called Thundersky. For Thundersky has many friends in the Dakotas. They understand her writings and her indifference toward the black race. That started way back in the fifties when Blacks stole Indian girls off the reservation. People understood what the message was to be, but yet the one from afar twisted things around and took this and that from white mans world and created chaos. So now I must gather mud and prepare my wide feet to put Barbara in her place. But what thundersky does not tolerate is comanche man backing down and unable to defend himself. Thundersky does not need comanche man or any man to fight her fight.

betty ann [Gross]

Now, I ask ... Do you lawmakers in S. Dakota have the same indifference to the black race? Do you only care about the white race and Betty's Indians? With all the so called friends that Betty says she has that back her up; I feel for the black people and ndn/black people in S. Dakota.

Another of Betty Gross unlady like writing to someone on which she posted on

You are not man enough over here to fight me are you. Too afraid when you are alone. Say what you said over at about david and I. Too damn chickenshyt you sorry assed bastard. Who is the Gaurdian huh? Looking for information for him huh. Get the hell out of here and you stay the hell away from David. You wimp! You never want to ever meet me in person and you go back and tell that sorry assed of a man called MBT I and my friends will be watching for him. We will see how MBT fairs when the negroes I work with talk to him.

Take your damn prays and get the hell out of here and you leave David alone!

betty ann


You and your friends remember one thing I have over 800 strong members behind me in Sioux Falls. You remember that bitch! We do not tolerate anyone who hates America, desecrates the American flag and is an atheist. Go back and hug Barbara Duggan. The nerve of you. I will be back over there and I will tear that damn up and this time I will not be alone.

betty ann d on: Feb. 27 2009,17:45: Feb. 27 2009,17:40

Posted on: Mar. 05 2009,18:31
Posted on: May 25 2008,22:22

We are not that foolish as American Indians/Tribal members to allow a black man of African descent and a dirty white trash woman lead us into the future. We are not that foolish. A Negroe is underneath the foot of the Indian, we know that. He is trash.

I have photos showing the enormous increase in the numbers of white females here in Sioux Falls that have practically ran searching for a Negroe to cradle. Playing like they have a piece of Barack Obama. At the first gathering of the opening of the Barack headquarters many men from Kenya, Ethiopa, Somolia were all standing there black as hell with white women, smiling cheesey, yet talked like Ubangis with chap lips. And at their sides were beautiful white wives and mixed blood children.

It is a blessing that many white and Indian females are not falling for this rush to claim a Negroe male...sorta like the opening up of land back in the day. Everyone wanted land! Now everyone wants a male Negroe. The American dream now. Once it was the American Pie, but not anymore. No sirrreee.

Betty AnnThundersky

MORE....... from her on

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Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

I would like to hear from you Barbara and your inner desire as a Indian woman to see how you would open and handle a Black Civil Rights Office primarily for blacks Oh and for others with black blood.

Be brief and professional in your responses. How would you get started and where would your experience come from.

It is my understanding that you hold the Negroe sacred to your heart. So please respond. Where would you start one, goals, objects and outcome.

betty ann
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yep Barbara...if you are not willing to intermarry and make Indian blood quotas include the one drop rule and call your children Afro-Indian then you are Racist Indian Supremist...just like Betty Ann...

This person posted this on He is but one person that has written about this and who have called me and emailed me to stop Betty Ann Gross. She has hurt and humilated many, many people, ndn women, men on the internet from all Indian Nations.

Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

Have you read the fighting going on at Badeagle? A sioux lady by the name of Barbra Duggan is giving betty ann(yeagleys' sioux dog) a good licking, and I hope she goes thru with her issues against betty ann racists rants and being a part of the Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas. Yeagley is supposed to be representing the Comanches in this Grand Opening! I hope she looks into betty anns' background and I hope she digs into how much money betty ann spends on having yeagley visit her for her own personal reasons, because he DOES NOT REPRESENT THE COMANCHE IN OKLAHOMA WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL ISSUES!!!!!!!

All one has to do is pull up his racists rants against our new President Obama. That is recently, betty ann says they have been working on this opening for four years, well why did these two clean up their racists rants for the Grand Opening????? I wish Barbra Duggan well, when reading the uglyness of betty ann to her own sioux relation, I could not help but think dejavu!...It does not matter what Nation you are, her jealousy holds no bounds, when it comes to bragging on herself and her Comanche Warrior Mascot, yeagley. Good luck to Barbra Duggan

I will end with this. Any lawmaker in S. Dakota from any city should not back Betty Ann Gross for anything she proposes to do for ndn people in Sioux Falls or anywhere in S. Dakota. She is not worthy of the praise you lawmakers give her.

Barbara Duggan


What I am doing is not Indian against Indians but trying to right the wrong that Betty Ann Gross has done for many years to many people and continues to do so today. I won't quit; until she stops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to say in the above post, why "DIDN'T" those two clean up their racists act before claiming to work toward opening this office, after all they had four years to do so! They are addicted to being racists and just pure mean and his favorite word, MALCONTENT!.

Betty ann will NEVER change, a snake in the grass, a viper that will bite anyone who disses her man(and I say that sarcasticly)yeagley.

I noticed on the net, one discription of his site, "mostly young male followers", and then those part time jobs seems to be mostly with camp youth!!!

I know nothing about his lifestyle, but he admits to hating Gays. The strong Indian Female he detest and shows his contempt for them all(except for batty ann and her foul mouth)

How many times has batty ann been widowed(4 or 5)? No wonder she can drive a Caddy! If I were a male I'd run like heck for my life if she sweet talked me. She is a black widow for sure, and still looking, the way she talks.

As much as she talks against the Black man, until she met yeagley and his hate for the Blacks, I truly believed she loved the male Black!

I have nothing against Blacks nor Gays, or really anyone, just these two for being so hateful and vengeful and anti-American and especially Anti-Indian, and using both these for their own monetary gain.


9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh My land sakes alive,

Just read yeagleys', and batty ann said G_O-O-D-B-Y-E.....again! now that is about as many times as she has been married.....and to white men despite her and yeaglys pleas to keep to their own! His views I don't understand since none of his family married into the Comanche Nation.(WHY, because they know no Comanche People!) He dislike kids, Grandchildren, Old Comanche Women, the young women are all too loose/promiscuous for his taste, no virgins to choose from!(like he would choose a Comanche Indian anyway or any would be a hoot if he and batty ann made a go of it)

Her good byes mean nothing, she will keep coming back to him and he allows it. She wishes her david well...and hopes he will welcome back those SHE verbally/vulgarily attacked. No thats just a put on just like all her lies in the past, she will ambush, he will have to trap out new fools for his saadie to attack!

She is a Serial Liar, escalating from calm and polite to angy and volatile in seconds, scarrrrry!

yeagley deleted Barbras' post on batty ann, and schizo batty ann reposted it...he respects HER and so far left it. She is crying croc tears.....and says the vultures will come and the Eagle will be Gone! OOOOOH...WHAT!?!?!?!?!, is she pulling her financial support?

Her Site she says is coming in April, won't last because she can't hold her racists views, vulgarity, threats nor her Serial Lying. Her first invite was to GMS,(not her david!) was that because yeagley says he is a favorite of his, now batty ann got jealous and is taking the Italian Hunk away? She has learned a lot from "her" david. He tried to lift and support her volatile lies. Now though, she is taking him down by his neck. Yep, two peas in a pod. I mean two "breed" in a pod, dangling by a rotten vine, they will NOT succeed in taking the Indian Nations down with them, no matter many how many Adventist or White Supremists racists they rubb elbows with.



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Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

So Betty Ann Gross is ranting on that she is going to take me to court. Well I say to her "BRING IT ON".

Betty, you are a PUBLIC PERSON and being a PUBLIC PERSON everything you say and WRITE and especially,write on the internet, WHERE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can read can be used against you.

On Indianz someone wrote you that the internet keeps everything that you write; it never disappears and said that what you write could someday come back and to haunt you.
That day has come.


You say that you are going to have lunch with the Mayors with Yeagley? Thank you for that info for I will make sure they see the real Betty and that I, as a Dakota Sioux, don't want that fake of a man with a racist attitude to have anything to do with Dakota Indians and their issues. You just being associated with him; gives you a bad name and I'm sure that if the lawmakers knew the "REAL" Yeagley they wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.

So you've said your goodbyes to Yeagley. WHY??? What has he done to you that you want to leave his side?? He has always backed you up on his site. He has always let you insult and belittle any true Indian that came on that site. He gave you full reign to insult and personally attack anyone that said anything that you didn't agree with. He allowed you to attack me, call me crazy, cut down my husband, his culture. You cut down my family on Lake Traverse. You email past posters on and talk lies about me; cutting me down, my husband,saying that I have desecrated the flag; called it a piece of shit - WHEN I NEVER HAVE.
You say I and my family are a militant group; that we hate America. All you do is F*****G
lie over and over again.

What I write is truth. What I have sent to everybody about you is TRUTH!!!!!!!! You allowed me to do what I have done by writing it on the internet for everyone to see and now you call FOUL!!!!



This is what you wrote on Badeagle, an apology of sorts. Well this is just ONE person you owe an apology too. And I don't believe you could feel sorry for anything; except feeling sorry for yourself being brought out to who and what you truly are.

Written in March, 2009

My friend sent me information on what you wrote. I do not post over there. Never will. This is a letter of apology to you. When I wrote that post here it was written in haste and no thought was put into it.

I offer you my deepest and sincere apologies for saying that about your son. I did not know he passed away. I heard something but never bothered to really look into it. Both you and your son are very honorable in my eyes. I cherish both of you as humans, soldiers and veterans.

We are elders now and we must set the future for our young ones. We need to do this. You may join in with the others in calling me french whore, bag, slut, bytch and making degrading remarks about me, but I forgive you. I respect and honor you through it all. You may accept this apology but it is sincere.

I am going through a wonderful journey here in the Dakotas both spiritual and physical. I love all the Sioux and most of all the Indians across the Dakotas. It is going to be good state to live in.

Betty Ann Gross

WHAT A PIECE OF CROCK - YOU FORGIVE HIM????? YOU WRITE AN APOLOGY BUT IN THE NEXT WORDS YOU SAY YOU FORGIVE HIM??? SEE HOW DELUSIONAL YOU ARE???? SICK, SICK, SICK. YOU WRITE JUST LIKE YEAGLEY, WHAT YOU WRITE SEEMS TO BE THIS WHEN IN REALITY IT IS SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT. I SEE THROUGH YOU BETTY. Going through a spiritual journey??? You have BAD MEDICINE BETTY, you need to be doctored. All the evil needs to come out of you; but I fear it is not possible. That evil will be with you til the day you die and will follow you into the Spirit World.


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My friend sent me your latest post over there, Naiche. I know that it will take time for you to forgive but at least we are taking that first step toward making amends. You are still a apache cutey in this french harlots eyes .

And I will take into consideration the last part of your post. It works both ways. I am a strong woman and I am continuing on with my work.

Also, you may tell kiowakat she is a wonderful lady in her own right. And that Barbara has come back over here and i expect Barbara to try and befriend me, but this is one time I will have to say no. Too much damage she tried, but did not succeed. Anyway cutey, take care, I respect you with all my heart.

betty ann



You have been getting Federal Grant money that S. Dakota taxpayers dollars go into;so youcan PRETEND to be some kind of activist; but ON THE INTERNET, you have shown what a hypocrit you are.
What an egotistical, hateful, racist, materialistic, with a bigger the thou attitude. You act like you are the only person that is helping ndn people in S. Dakota when there are many ndn people that are doing positive things for the ndn people in that state. People on the reservations; where the help is needed most. These people don't go bragging all over the internet sing out, How Great Thou Art. Also, I may say, don't have their hate for black people and ndn/black WRITTEN ALL OVER THE INTERNET TO BE USED AGAINST THEM.
If they have such hate as you.

You say on Badeagle today that I have threatened you; WHERE IS IT WRITTEN THAT I THREATENED YOU? YOU LIE AGAIN. WHY? To get some pity? Or is it because like I said on Badeagle, YOU ARE A COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

You ask, why didn't I post about people attacking you or whatever? I have copied on paper; remarks of many, many posts people wrote on Indianz about they telling you what an awful hateful and sick person you are. That is not attacking. They were telling no to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is long, I know, Dr.Carrol, but how you can I tell all that Gross has done to hurt our people and our image to the world to see - IN JUST A FEW WORDS.

Barbara Duggan

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Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Yeagley has officially banned me from his site. Things were way to heated on his site with Gross and I. He has deleted all that Betty wrote with regards to taking me to court and also her dramatic goodbye to him. Let's face it, Betty will not be able to keep herself from Where would she go to brag about herself and her college degree and all her kids degrees etc.etc.etc.????Her egotism is "ad nauseam".

Egotism is the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of self. Egotism means placing oneself at the center of one's world with no direct concern for others.

It is closely related to narcissism, or "loving one's self," and the possible tendency to speak or write of oneself boastfully and at great length. Egotism may coexist with delusions of one's own importance, at the denial of others. This conceit is a character trait describing a person who acts to gain values in an amount excessively greater than that which he/she gives to others. Egotism is often accomplished by exploiting the altruism, irrationality and ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and/or fraud.

Fits Betty to a tee.

Anyway Betty; I want you to take me to court. In that way the newspapers will carry the court case against you and I. All of Sioux Falls will get to know what is going on betwween you and I. I will be happy to stand in court and bring all the evidence I have on you with regards to racist rants on the internet against ndn/blacks and the people that constantly had to tell you to stop it and that your hate and racist remarks were totally uncalled for and that they didn't want the likes of you on that site. You say they attacked you? If the people on that site wouldn't have attacked you with regard to your great hatred towards blacks and ndn/blacks; I would have lost all respect for them.

As I said, Betty. Let's get it on.
Your racist and filthy mouth spewing out hate and my truth that you are a racist and that a person working in a public field; should not be getting paid for being a fraud. I will bring all that I have on you. Like I wrote before; you left quite a trail.

Barbara Duggan

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dont feel slighted feel Honored, now you are in the company of the Real Indians whom he banned six or more "real" Indians that dared to contradict him or just give him a hands up on something he erroneously posted, he could not permitt that, he wants asskissers only!

The "GOOD LITTLE INDIANS" or wannabee Indians on the pretend Indian site are sittin crossed legged, straight with rags in their mouths and hands tied behind their backs with wire.

Now there is no one left who will confront batty ann, that is the only way he could protect her... the few posters left, two females, one a Black and the other a Mexican, dare not say anything out of the way!

The men(I say that with mounting sarcasim) tippy toe around on eggshells as not to offend the great "WHITE HOPE WANNABEE", BATTY ANN. I noticed her name all thru the forums, she is talking to herself again, even butting in on a Comanche Issue....NONE of her business.

We have many brave women in our Tribe, not nasty, Old Malcontent nor beastly boring Brown liars, as yeagley would have others to believe, but Brave, strong Comanche Women who are working toward a better future for all Indians, not just the Comanche Nation. Win or lose...I supported and back Debbie H. from day one....and have told our Tribal his face in front of a room full of Comanches. Its the Greedy Indian men who put us in this mess along with the White Male Lawyers. Yeagley supports the T.A. and Chairman on this issue, against a Strong Comanche woman whose two children were also dis-enrolled,
Just because she is Female... he has no feelings for the Comanche issues especially when it involves a Strong Comanche woman and Comanche children.....She is full blood Indian as her children...yeagley is but an iota, a minute drop of can that be fair????It is all politics, he thinks they are Strong Men, and Lawyers he respects, education you know! they are afraid of a Strong Comanche Woman, and he backs THEM.

Yeagley and batty ann are so full of it, they could care less and smile and say God forgives them, after it was our future we are fighting for. Just like the Original Puritans killed and burned assasinated many Indian Children and women and Old People, for greed of land and said it was God's will they prevail, like yeagley says over and over, the White conqueror reigns Supreme, he conquered he won.

Barbra stay happy, batty ann is in a world of hurt, just like an alcoholic or drug addict, they can't be helped until they want it. batty is the only one that can crawl out of that hole, yeagley can't help her only protect her a while on his site, thats no consolation I'm sure for either of them, they have to be feeling pretty low-down ratty at the moment...soon they will get tired of being alone, then what? She will scratch his eyes out and maybe tell all... he will remain the sheep still, nothing new really huh, after all!!!

Sheep and snake in the grass...bed fellows huh?


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Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Not banned from Yeagleys site as I thought; was able to post but Yeagley deleted what Betty and I wrote in the Scalp Pole Forum; where Betty stated that she was taking me to court and my remark back to her with Bring It On.

Might as well be banned. Whatever I write on there about Betty; gets deleted. Betty gets pm the board; you see, she's waiting for me to post, and gets her stubby fingers on that delete button; saying, NO, I DON'T LIKE THIS AND THIS AND THAT. This woman, Barbara Duggan, is not praising me. LOL

Now, I really know who is running Yeagley's site. Yeagley, I thought you were this strong Comanche of a man. Well Gross states that on your site over and over again to the people posting that; David is the man.

At least here, Dr. Carroll gives people Freedom of Speech and doesn't hit the delete button time after time as Betty does.

He deleted Betty's tearful goodbye to him; what a laugh. Five minutes later she was back on there yapping away. Knew you couldn't stay away from your Savior, I know Betty, withdrawal is hard to get through.

Betty warring against two people on Yeagles. Bats is the lone warrior for Yeagley doesn't write a word to back her up. He doesn't "STAND BY HIS WOMAN". As usual he just lets Betty do the fighting on her own against Ray and Guera.


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Thundersky @ Mar. 13 2009,16:58)
* Black Liberationist Messiah will save all the good little Indians...* Guera posts on

What do you mean by all the good little Indians. As in the Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian? Tell you what you non Indians are pretty damn lucky that them small pox blankets arrived in time for your sake.

This Indian and her family does not need the black messiah to save us, we have become strong and tough enough without the kenyan fool and racist fools like you Guera. Here take this white man diseased up small poxed blanket and go crawl in a hole somewhere.

Remember it is the white females that got the black messiah in power.

Whites attacking the injun camp eh? Come and get it.

betty ann

Thundersky...I meant exactly what I said..."ALL THE GOOD LITTLE INDIANS"...that follow Obama around with their tounges hanging out, lapping up every scrap he throws in their direction... JKS IS A GOOD LITTLE INDIAN!

I have no intention of walking into your "The only good Indian is a dead Indian" clap trap...heres what history has to say about your little quotebait...

There is an anecdote told concerning Sheridan during his campaign against the Indians. Comanche Chief Tosawi, or Silver Knife, reputedly told Sheridan in 1869, "Me Tosawi. Me good Indian," to which Sheridan is said to have replied, "The only good Indians I ever saw were dead."

This was then misquoted as "The only good Indian is a dead Indian". Sheridan later denied he had made the statement to Tosawi.

Earlier that year, on May 28, Rep. James M. Cavanaugh said in the House, "I have never seen in my life a good Indian ... except when I have seen a dead Indian." That remark may have been mistakenly attributed to Sheridan.

now go stomp on General Sheridans grave and since he denied saying it you might go and stomp on
James Cavanaughs grave too, because you know damn well he said it...oh and btw did you catch that Chief Tosawi telling those white men he was a "GOOD INDIAN"

really TS, why on earth are you trying to connect what two white yankee soldiers said 200 years ago to what I posted here...

never mind, I know very well this is just another one of your neverending "white woman luvs da black man" skits...ho hum...been there, done that...honestly when are you going to get some new material...this is the same old crap you use on every woman that posts on badeagle...

This Indian and her family does not need the black messiah to save us, we have become strong and tough enough without the kenyan fool and racist fools like you Guera.

maybe you don't but JKS is really diggin that kenyan fool, and he is evidently not strong and tough enough to turn down any African freebies either...and the racist fools like you Guera comment, I'll take that as a compliment coming from a racist Indian like yourself...

You keep that nasty old threadbare security blanket you trying to make the small pox fairy dust stick to...and go slither back under your rock...I'm going to brush my long auburn hair, brush my pearly white teeth and curl up in my big king size bed and cover myself up with a clean soft fluffy one...

Remember it is the white females that got the black messiah in power.

Yes, and all the GOOD LITTLE INDIANS like JKS...

I got it betty ann, tag your it....


Gross has her talons out and believe it or not; she's not attacking an Indain woman but one of Yeagley's white woman supporters.

As far as Gross attacking another Indian woman on Yeagleys site.

Well, except me. She attacks me, but when I post back; she deletes what I say. SO, REALLY, THERE IS NO OTHER INDIAN WOMAN ON YEAGLEYS SITE.

Delete away Yeagley and Betty.

And by the way, Gross. Beverly Isaacs talked to Debbie. Has warned her about you. This Debbie woman does not like Yeagley at all and does not want anything to do with him. So go ahead have Yeagley get in touch with Debbie and then you can call her and let Debbie be the judge.

Now your trying to be a Comanche savior... Thought that was Yeagley's job.

Barbara Duggan

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I bet BATTY was on the phone calling him...and when he finially woke up and answered... He was given you know what!

We both knew that was going to happen...but why did he leave your comment about Brent Michael Davids? He says:"this evidence I will leave" He sounded forever more like a little child.

batty chants to Motoy(the only other Indian left)"nothing to fear but fear itself", then why did she take down just your posts....that is Cowardly(their favoirte word lately). batty goes on to say "when you fear reading post on race or fear to post openly you have lost your empowerment and freedom." Flip flop batty is now agreeing with Holder when he said that the Racial issues needs to be openly discussed...her man can't agree with anyone, just been keeping a low profile talking religion only to console his soul....tee hee.

batty ann says "I am is happy to be free"! Yeah, your free batty, while all other Indians are stiffled on "your" site...a white supremist site. I call that Anti-American, Anti Indian. Remember when your little man said he was without a country for the next four years???? I call that Anti-American, why don't you take him to your reservation to live for the next four years, in the house by the lake you bragged on, oh I forgot you live in a luxury high rise with a heated pool and fireplace, in the city, he would still live in the United States of America, and under President Obamas' Government.

batty ann speaks openly about the Indian Spirituality in the wrong way...using Eagle Feathers and Indian medicine will turn on you...batty ann. She has threatenend more than once using medicine on people and driving them crazy. Your little man did wrong also when he took Indian Spiritual hymns of a Beautiful Comanche Girl and put them to an all white orchestra...I wonder if Marla knows this? I saw her Saturday and I wished I had remembered to ask her about her giving him permission.

In Dr. Carrols' book "Medicine Bags and Dog Tags, he mentions the fact that "Many types of Native songs are meant to be sung only on specific occasions; singing them on other occasions would be profane. Intellectual and cultural property beliefs and practices also tend to emphasize that the author of a song has strict control over who can sing it and when."

I believe this to be true, I have an Aunt that made a group at a Pow-Wow stop singing a family song composed by a deceased family member.

Yeagley deleted all that Barbara posted on his site, and allows his batty ann to condemn the posts after they are deleted. No one feels hatred toward any Indian, just disgust, complete disgust for the racial slurrs that those two, yeagley and batty ann have spewed and when confronted they attack and wonder with big eyes with mournful tears, how can we be filled with so much hate? Imagine all this, just because they were called down on the Racial Issues against Blacks and Indians. WELL TO ME THAT IS GOOD ENOUGHT REASON, ESPECIALL THE INDIAN PART.

On the Comanche issue...batty needs to keep her foulness away from our issues, Debbie Hendricks is a young lady(dispite yeagley saying she is NOT). Debbie knows how to handle herself, she has her Degree also.She composes herself and does not attack those who did this to her in loud voice, she took all the steps necessary to get to this point.....I did talk to her and appraised her of batty ann, and she already knows yeagley and what he stands for....and it AINT the COMANCHE ISSUES. She is her own Strong Comanche Woman, and she can make her own descisions on the matter of batty ann....I gave her the heads up on my opinion and my dealings with the lying snake in the grass, batty ann.

If "Q" wants to help, where was he and his family all this time?????His mother and her friends of the Comanche womens Alliance(all yeagley acquantances), were Chairmans' cheeleaders. Attending meetings only to shout down others who wanted an input, its their right I suppose, but not very nice! If you want to help "Q", donate some money you and your whole family, and the same goes for batty ann, its useless to ask yeagley....he is cheap, and frankly don't give a damn nor wants to get involved accept to degrade and spout forth untruths about Debbie being enrolled in another Tribe, that is TOTALLY FALSE! The enrollment officer, Donna Wahnee was placed in that position to do just what she did, now only time will tell the Future of it all.

I support Debbie, always have and if she decides to take batties' advice, I will still support her, I don't stabb my friends in the back or ride the fence to see who might come out on top and fall that way.


11:24 AM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...


You know, I know, Dr. Carroll knows, Brent Michael Davids knows the truth about Yeagley and Gross Betty. In turn, each of us have talked to other people and filled them in about these gutter snipes, and in turn they tell their friends. People on Indianz that know about them; how many have they told? People like Naiche, Respects Nothing, Tallsoldier, etc.,etc.,etc., tell people about those two. I will continue to tell people about Gross and Yeagley.

Look at Yeagleys posters. I would guess about 10 people post there. Look at how many people joined that site and don't post on there; versus the ten that post there. Where did they all go? Why don't they post on his site?
I would guess that most were disgusted of Yeagley and Gross and what his site stood for and the rest were just tired of the bullshyt talk and cutdowns that Yeagley and Gross spew out.

I have noticed in reading on the internet how so many people have told Gross and Yeagley they were full of shyt and to go away; I have noticed how both of them take the insults thrown at them by people that hate what they stand for and both of the keep coming back for more, asking for it. They are sadomasochists (The derivation of pleasure from the infliction of physical or mental pain either on others or on oneself)and are delusional. (Delusions are false beliefs that are persistent and organized, and that do not go away after receiving logical or accurate information)!!!!! GROSS AND YEAGLEY!!!!

LOL, Yeagley says, THIS IS EVIDENCE by leaving on his site that I talked to BMD?? I guess Gross and Yeagley are going to report that to the South Dakotans where Betty says I'm blacklisted.
I don't give a rat's azz if I am ostracized from Gross's circle of friends. Any friends of hers are definitely NO friends of mine. Gross is such a wipe azz. That's saying it nicely.

"Yeagley deleted all that Barbara posted on his site, and allows his batty ann to condemn the posts after they are deleted."

That's how they play Beverly. If they play like this on the site; just imagine what they truly are like in real life. After reading what Betty and Yeagley write; I have to sage myself to get the evil away.

"batty ann speaks openly about the Indian Spirituality in the wrong way...using Eagle Feathers and Indian medicine will turn on you...batty ann. She has threatenend more than once using medicine on people and driving them crazy."

Beverly, I think she did try to put bad medicine on someone but it backfired; making her totally "witco" - C R A Z Y. But the problem here is that people that are crazy don't realize they are; so they (Gross)lives in a world of her own and we and others only see that her world is just an illusion of her own making. DAKOTA SUPERWOMAN!!!!! Anyway, you can't mix Christianity with traditional beliefs. Doesn't work. Either your one or the other. Gross has been brainwashed; (the application of coercive techniques to change the values and beliefs, perceptions and judgments, and subsequent mindsets and behaviors of one or more people, usually for political or religious purposes). Gross needs to go to her devil and ask him to do the evil she proposes to do on people. She doesn't know the traditional ways; for if she did, she would not THINK of trying to make someone crazy or wish bad on anyone. IS THIS WHAT THEY TEACH WHEN YOU BECOME A CHRISTIAN??? Sure glad I am a traditional; and I do carry a pipe and would not wish evil on anyone. Gross and Yeagley are already evil; so there's no reason to go there. That's already been taken of by themselves.

Beverly, you write good, as you always do and always have. I have read much of what you have written in the past on the internet. You and many other ndn woman are what Betty wishes she truly was in her heart but will never achieve because she sold her soul to her devil (YEAGLEY!!!!)

Barbara Duggan

5:44 AM  

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