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Barbara Duggan on Betty Ann Gross's Threats to Sue: "Bring It On"

Much like Yeagley, Betty Ann Gross doesn't know the law and issues empty threats to sue constantly.

Much like Yeagley, Gross does not seem to realize the law is quite clear: Truth is an absolute defense to libel.

I have never told any "libels" about Yeagley at this site, nor elsewhere on the internet, nor in my books, nor in my articles and encyclopedia entries, nor anywhere else I have written that discusses Yeagley. All I have done is report the truth. Mostly I report what others have said about Yeagley, or expose Yeagley's racism for all to see.

That is why Yeagley's threats to my publisher did not even faze the press's lead counsel, who repeatedly said they had no case and we have nothing to worry about. Yeagley's lawyers were quite incompetent. Yeagley first chose a bankruptcy lawyer. Then after that first lawyer admitted in a letter to me he did not know the law, Yeagley went to a corporate law specialist. The second one did not even know the basics about libel law either, nor did either lawyer even read what Yeagley falsely told them was "libel."

Here is a hint for Yeagley, since I know he reads this site regularly: Only racists think it is "libel" to say someone is of a different race than they claim to be. That's been part of the law for many decades.

Here is legal advice for both Yeagley and Gross:

Criticism does not equal libel or defamation.

And when either Duggan, Isaacs, myself, or anyone else expose both of your ugly racism and bigotry and open belief in white supremacy and hatred of Arabs, atheists, Blacks, Iranians, Latinos, Muslims, and yes, American Indians...

...that is not "libel" either. It's called journalism.

Here are Barbara Duggan's challenges to Gross over the past few posts. Her strongest challenges I put in bold.

So Betty Ann Gross is ranting on that she is going to take me to court. Well I say to her "BRING IT ON".

Betty, you are a PUBLIC PERSON and being a PUBLIC PERSON everything you say and WRITE and especially,write on the internet, WHERE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can read can be used against you.

On Indianz someone wrote you that the internet keeps everything that you write; it never disappears and said that what you write could someday come back and to haunt you.
That day has come.


You say that you are going to have lunch with the Mayors with Yeagley? Thank you for that info for I will make sure they see the real Betty and that I, as a Dakota Sioux, don't want that fake of a man with a racist attitude to have anything to do with Dakota Indians and their issues. You just being associated with him gives you a bad name and I'm sure that if the lawmakers knew the "REAL" Yeagley they wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.

So you've said your goodbyes to Yeagley. WHY? What has he done to you that you want to leave his side?? He has always backed you up on his site. He has always let you insult and belittle any true Indian that came on that site. He gave you full reign to insult and personally attack anyone that said anything that you didn't agree with. He allowed you to attack me, call me crazy, cut down my husband, his culture. You cut down my family on Lake Traverse. You email past posters on and talk lies about me; cutting me down, my husband,saying that I have desecrated the flag; called it a piece of shit - WHEN I NEVER HAVE.

You say I and my family are a militant group; that we hate America. All you do is F*****G lie over and over again.

What I write is truth. What I have sent to everybody about you is TRUTH! You allowed me to do what I have done by writing it on the internet for everyone to see and now you call FOUL!



You have been getting Federal Grant money that S. Dakota taxpayers dollars go into so you can PRETEND to be some kind of activist; but ON THE INTERNET, you have shown what a hypocrite you are.

What an egotistical, hateful, racist, materialistic, with a bigger the thou attitude. You act like you are the only person that is helping ndn people in S. Dakota when there are many ndn people that are doing positive things for the ndn people in that state. People on the reservations where the help is needed most. These people don't go bragging all over the internet singing out, How Great Thou Art. Also, I may say, [they] don't have their hate for black people and ndn/black WRITTEN ALL OVER THE INTERNET TO BE USED AGAINST THEM.
If they have such hate as you.

You say on Badeagle today that I have threatened you; WHERE IS IT WRITTEN THAT I THREATENED YOU? YOU LIE AGAIN. WHY? To get some pity? Or is it because like I said on Badeagle, YOU ARE A COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

You ask, why didn't I post about people attacking you or whatever? I have copied on paper remarks of many, many posts people wrote on Indianz about they telling you what an awful hateful and sick person you are. That is not attacking. They were telling no to stop it!


Yeagley…has deleted all that Betty wrote with regards to taking me to court and also her dramatic goodbye to him. Let's face it, Betty will not be able to keep herself from Where would she go to brag about herself and her college degree and all her kids degrees etc.etc.etc.? Her egotism is "ad nauseam"….

Anyway Betty; I want you to take me to court. In that way the newspapers will carry the court case against you and I. All of Sioux Falls will get to know what is going on betwween you and I. I will be happy to stand in court and bring all the evidence I have on you with regards to racist rants on the internet against ndn/blacks and the people that constantly had to tell you to stop it and that your hate and racist remarks were totally uncalled for and that they didn't want the likes of you on that site. You say they attacked you? If the people on that site wouldn't have attacked you with regard to your great hatred towards blacks and ndn/blacks; I would have lost all respect for them.

As I said, Betty. Let's get it on.

Your racist and filthy mouth spewing out hate and my truth that you are a racist and that a person working in a public field; should not be getting paid for being a fraud. I will bring all that I have on you. Like I wrote before; you left quite a trail.


Yeagley deleted what Betty and I wrote in the Scalp Pole Forum; where Betty stated that she was taking me to court and my remark back to her with Bring It On.

…Whatever I write on there about Betty gets deleted. Betty gets pm the board; you see, she's waiting for me to post, and gets her stubby fingers on that delete button; saying, NO, I DON'T LIKE THIS AND THIS AND THAT. This woman, Barbara Duggan, is not praising me. LOL

Now, I really know who is running Yeagley's site. Yeagley, I thought you were this strong Comanche of a man….

He deleted Betty's tearful goodbye to him; what a laugh. Five minutes later she was back on there yapping away. Knew you couldn't stay away from your Savior, I know Betty, withdrawal is hard to get through.


Look at Yeagleys posters. I would guess about 10 people post there. Look at how many people joined that site and don't post on there; versus the ten that post there. Where did they all go? Why don't they post on his site?

I would guess that most were disgusted of Yeagley and Gross and what his site stood for and the rest were just tired of the bullshyt talk and cutdowns that Yeagley and Gross spew out.

Barbara Duggan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good mornin all,

Yep, its true, he must be e-mailing those that left and beggin them to post again. I know he did that to me...asked me. "BEV..DO YOU WANT TO POST, CAN I TRUST YOU NOT TO TRASH THE SITE, ALL IT TAKES IS A PUTH OF THE BUTTON?" I thought, the nerve of the little white supremists. No, I won't post again, but I will continue to say what needs to be said away from there. I truly thought it was for Native Americans, but when I had to contradict what he said a few times.....he made it to be Trashing!!!!What the hell does batty ann do...Vulgarity, Lies,
Attack, Promoting only herself, Deleting other posts, changing posts of others. AGAINST ALL HIS RULES, PROMOTING DISSENTION AMONG THE FEW LEFT. I see less than 5-6 regulars!!!SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Guess his pm's aren't doing the job, oh I see one...that came crawling back and that one has a mouth just like batty ann's. Same ole thing.. calling women SKANKS, and hoes. I remember the attacks on Michelle Shiningelk, who is the cutest, nicest, beautiful Indian Woman, just because she was doing her job, promoting Indian clients!!! That was wrong to attack her then and it is wrong now, not good...well that certain person is a compulsive liar as well and goes from apologies one minute to attacks the next second...yep yeagley you are doing good company with the two Indians that you can persuade....but what about those good, honest ones with a conscience that won't come back(me included), they will forever be your enemies from those that e-mail me! Ha! You ask me to come back...that was a set up for batty ann and YOU. YOU ARE A COWARD, SHE IS SNAKE IN THE GRASS, VIPER!!!!!YOUR ATTACKS ON ME WERE UNCALLED FOR....I AM A COMANCHE WOMAN, PROUD OF MYSELF...STILL HOLDING MY HEAD UP HIGH, NOT UP ANYONES A** EITHER. THATS WHATS I CALL FREEDOM! FREEDOM TO SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT YOU, UNTIL YOU TAKE AWAY YOUR COMANCHE MASCOT LOGO AND STOP USING "COMANCHE" TRYING TO RE-WRITE COMANCHE HISTORY IN YOUR BOYSCOUT TREKS ACCROSS THE COUNTRY....AND ESPECIALLY IN SIOUX COUNTRY! YOU DON'T REPRESENT ME...IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! GET IT YEAGLEY???????

I have a question for you yeagley...Why don't you just put Horowitz' picture on your have his picture up even more than your annie get your guns coulters! Your infatuation seems a wee bit odd!!! Forget about wannabee coulter batty ann, she is a viper,devil, evilness is her bedpartner, have you ever tried to get along without her(batty)????You might just get a few posters back....(NOT ME OF COURSE!I am content to read and keep atop my # uno enemy) but it might be worth a try for others interested....just a suggestion, couln't hurt anything at this point...oh except maybe your finances!


8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


yeagley says on his forlorn blog today 3/18/09 "For now I simply absorb myself in my own ancestors the American Indian, and have tried to find some solace in their Grandeur of Spirit and their simplicity of life. Their view of nature, the world, this is of great comfort.......WHO THE HELL IS HE TRYING TO FOOL, his cone-head friends....batty ann?? DID SHE LEAVE A-G-A-I-N?????

He is forlorn of course, because of our Prestigious President Obama. Saying of Obama, "GOT TO HIDE OUT IN A PERPETUAL PARTY". Just because President Obama and his wife Michelle are loved all over the World, mind you! Their popularity just goes on and on...they have a right to their happiness, they just got electd, the "First" Blacks, whats not to celebrate, they are still high on their Honeymoon and yeagley is so warped with jealousy, it is making him sick...same thing he did to Rudy Youngblood and Michelle Shiningelk, if I remember right. Actually was the first time I witnessed so much hate and anger come out of yeagley....and for what reason? He claimed Rudy was Black. Harped on that. Those two beautiful, talented young Indians took a lot of unfare abuse from yeagley and company!

How in the Hell can he say he is simply absorbing himself in his ancestors, when all he and batty ann have done is degrade the Indian Image by supporting the mascots issue, degrading remarks about our Indian men and women, deleting any Native input, and so damn much more disrespect.

He is more likely taking time to brush up on the Redneck, racist white supremist views of his Oklahoma hillbilly friends with suits while they lunch together with their pitiful looking hillbilly wives trying to dress up, in flour sacks(I hear adventist women have to be very plainly dressed) Hashing out ways to stop the Oklahoma Indians Economics Development.

Using his new box of crayolas, he is coloring us "RED", or did he make up a new color..."BEASTLY BORING BROWN". Separating Oklahoma into his favorites.. white supreme where the blood flows purist he's ever seen from the disgusting, lazy, drunken, murderous, malcontent, jealous hang around the fort savage Indian. JUST GOT TO KEEP THEM SAVAGES IN THEIR PLACE...DON'T GIVE THEM TOO MUCH FREEDOM OR LET THEM THINK THEY CAN EVER SUCCEED! Cowboy or Indian yeagley...time to grow up!

I read once that you need to listen to the rocks "In Old Mother Nature's way, they will tell you a beautiful story, each and every one of them" especially about the Comanche! May not be the easiest story to hear, but its our Past, we need to know it, not crying about it, just saying it happened.

Yeagley speaks of Nature, and peace and comfort...he contradicts himself, he has himself to blame for not finding comfort and peace!

Separation not assimilation...he works toward... Oklahoma Indians have been assimilated from Birth.


11:31 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

This is what Gross posted yesterday.


Group: Members
Posts: 2320
Joined: May 2007
Posted on: Mar. 18 2009,08:30

When you folks want to learn about Indians and the fact that we do have a voice here in America, I for one am moving camp.

It is bad enough that Indians attack Indians and now whitey is crying around cause their feelings are hurt, hell with it.

I have work to do and it sure is hell aint gonna be on this site or any other anymore.

Betty Ann Owen-Gross
enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe of the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation. Santee Dakota

I can't believe it! Things have gotten tough for Bats. The followers of Yeagley have turned on Batty Gross?

IT DOESN'T TAKE A PERSON LONG TO REALIZE WHAT KIND OF SITE YEAGLEY HAS. Yeagley's site has never been a site that Indian people could get together and discuss Indian issues that affect Indians on and off the reservations.

Yeagley's site was and still is for Yeagley only. Look at his made up biography. Hell, my biography is better than his as far as having an ancestor that you can actually look up on the internet and you can see an actual picture of my Great-Great Grandfather, Gabriel Renville. You can read his memoirs about the Dakota Sioux Uprising of 1862 in the book, "Through Dakota Eyes". Gabriel signed the treaty that set up Lake Traverse Reservation. Was born in 1824, died in 1892. With Yeagley, you can only read what he writes about his ancestor Badeagle. You have to just take his word for it.

Now, I ask Yeagley. What proof do you have that Badeagle is a relative of yours? I think that you just picked that name out of your head because BADEAGLE SOUNDS SO COOOOOL. Tell me how do you say or write Badeagle in the Commanche language. My grandfather's Indian name was "Ti Wakan". It means, "Sacred Lodge".

This is what I think about you Yeagley. My guess is that you could not get enough attention with just being a white man with your music; you're voice was not being heard above others. So, you decided to make up this character Badeagle and portray yourself as this Commanche Warrior of modern day. White people just love to see an Indian that has been assimilated into the white culture with just a wee bit of Indianess in them. A CULTURED Indian; yup that's what you are. Trouble is though; you can't stand to be just a white man but then again you can't stand the Indians that you portray. There's some kind of bi-polar activity going on with your mind Yeagley.

Another mistake at trying to be Indian is that you have too much of a pompous attitude with wanting to flaunt how intelligent and worldly you are. You're worldliness comes from reading many books. You are an avid reader; have to be in order to know everything and anything that you write about. BUT, you have not experienced anything you write about in the real world; just in your mind.

No matter how intelligent or gifted an Indain may be; they remain humble. Even in the crafts that are made by our people; be it beadwork or art or whatever; we are taught to leave one mistake. Why? It is to remind us that we are not perfect; a reminder; to keep us humble. YOU DON'T HAVE A HUMBLE BONE IN YOUR BODY.

A person that has to build a website about himself and portray himself other than what he truly is on the internet AND in real life; shows that you need some long and deep psychological therapy in order to learn to be happy to be just yourself.

You're followers do not and would not like an authentic Indian. They people on your site are just as bad as you are. Each one trying to outdo you and others with their pompous writings. It makes me laugh.

Barbara Duggan enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dacotah Sioux Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation founded by Gabriel Renville my Great-Great Grandfather.

Hah!!! to you Betty Gross

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I signed up at Yeagley's on the spur of the moment; which in retrospect I should not have, but I was eager to comment, oh well. I soon realized after reading the site and those connected with it, that the content he is putting out is not what I am interested in. I had no idea that he and his commentators are blatantly and disgustingly racist. Real sorry I was misled by the "Indian" look of the site.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I signed up at Yeagley's on the spur of the moment; which in retrospect I should not have, but I was eager to comment, oh well. I soon realized after reading the site and those connected with it, that the content he is putting out is not what I am interested in. I had no idea that he and his commentators are blatantly and disgustingly racist. Real sorry I was misled by the "Indian" look of the site.

8:44 PM  

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