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Duggan: "Yeagley Grovels Before the White Man...Comanche People Might Silence Yeagley"

Th latest submission of research by Barbara Duggan. To me the most interesting point is that Yeagley's alleged ancestors are listed as Mexican not Comanche in the Census.

And contrary to the ridiculous claims by Yeagley and Gross, I am not "using" Duggan. Duggan came to me. She is also an adult woman who cannot be manipulated by someone on the other side of the world who has not even met her in person. I don't hold a gun to anyone's head, pay them, or anything else.

Duggan and others come to me because they either agree with me or disagree with the damage done by Yeagley's promotion of white supremacy, or both. I am happy to post the writings and research done by anyone on the topic, and have also done so with Beverly Isaacs, Naiche, Brent Michael Davids, Michelle Shining Elk, and others.


Bev says,


Bev, that sounds like Hitler and Eva Braun!!! Heil Yeagles - Guten tag you old bag of a betty eva braun!!!

After all medicine dog says all we ever want to do is cry about the past.

THE REASON HE SAYS THIS IS BECAUSE HE IS NOT INDIAN. All the schooling that he brags about cannot teach a white man to be Indian. He has no ancestors that he can be proud of. He can only pay homage to a make belief Comanche hero.

I believe that Yeagley's Mexican ancestors were allotted land similar to the way the Black Cherokee Freedman became members of the Cherokee tribe. These Blacks were not Cherokee; only members of the tribe. A big difference.

So far I have found no Indian ancestry in Yeagley's family. The 1935 Indian Census does show that George (Anaceto) Portillo and his kids were enrolled members. (allotted Mexicans) Tribe: Comanche - Degree of Indian Blood- Mexican.

This eventually allowed good ole Norma and Davy to make up this Badeagle and the distorted history about him. It was done because Yeagley and Norma knew that the white people would listen to him and praise his poor musical talent if he portrayed himself as an Indian with this Comanche hero. Makes for a silly book; but doesn't cut it in the real world.

Yeagley used this made up story to further his voice in politics. Relaying his sick beliefs and racism as A Conservative Comanche Patriot that GROVELS BEFORE THE WHITE MAN AND KISSES THEIR ASSES JUST TO GET SOMEWHERE IN LIFE.

They thought up the name of Badeagle, with all the changing of names to confuse people. They couldn't pick a truly famous Comanche Chief; that would make it too easy for someone to investigate and find out their lies.

To go through all the records; the Indian Census Rolls and the different years of the U.S. Federal Census has taken me many hours; for I had to piece the puzzle together.... names, dates,.... I have just a bit more to write about Yeagley's family history....Then I will put it together in a little booklet and give to the Comanche people I meet when I go to Oklahoma.


I cannot brag about all the schooling and degrees like Yeagley does; all his hollow achievements.

I do have achievements; the first Professional Indian Cordovox musician and I won many awards and played to many important people; including different political functions in the state of Illinois. I did not have to lie to people about being Indian; because I was and am Indian. I DON'T HAVE TO LIE ABOUT MY ANCESTRY.

Yeaglely is truly delusional and I think a bit insane. How can a person carry the burden of having to pretend to be something that they are not to so many people for so many years????? I can't even fathom having to do something like that. I am Indian and have never felt a desperation, as Yeagley must have had and still has; to be somebody - A FAKE INDIAN SOMEBODY.

Yeagley reminds me of a true story of a man who pretended to be an Indian in the early 1900'S, Grey Owl. Unlike yeagley though, he at least used his fake personna towards a positive endeavor and did not disgrace the Indian people as Yeagley has.

What's just is bad is that this so called Christian woman, Norma helped Yeagley in this lie. She herself, did not like the Mexican part of her....her ancestors. She herself pretended to be Comanche and have Spanish ancestry. WHAT kind of mother was she to make yeagley also hate who he truly was. Sick, sick woman.

Then Yeagley allows Gross to cut down Mexicans on his site; knowing damn well that is part of his ancestry!!!!! Disgusting!!!! He claims to be a Christian too. All I can say to him is; at the time of his death he better say a prayer for forgiveness FAST before he dies or he will go to his Christian hell. And I hope that his Christian hell will be Yeagley surrounded by thousands of Comanche warriors from the past circling and tauting him for how he used the Comanche people........ FOR ETERNITY!!!

I'm not alone in my fight as I was with Gross. My good FRIEND Beverly and her sisters and whoever other Comanche people that want to know the real Yeagley might silence Yeagley's voice as far as the Comanche tribe. As far as his site, let him live in his illusion.... that's all he has.
But as Crazy Horse said: THE REAL WORLD AWAITS!!!!

Barbara Duggan


Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Dr. Carroll,

The meeting I will be attending with Beverly is on the 18th of April in which yeagles is supposed to be there to present his latest proposal and get money from the tribe.

I will go a few days before the meeting in order to go around with Beverly to meet other Comanche people. I will pass out to anyone with what I have on Yeagles including copies of his writings on the internet. Gross has begged Yeagley to let her come along. Bev and I say let her come; we women will be waiting to meet her and Yeagley. As Beverly said, we will be sitting in the front row to see Yeagley talk his talk.

It will be quite interesting.

Now more from the gasbag and my response. She has let up on me to deflect what I have found out about Yeagles and his fake ancestry; but it won't work Gross.


Don't be upset that the gasbag is attacking or blaming you. Feel privileged. Gross only attacks people who speak the truth. Gross only attacks Indian women that she is insanely jealous of. Would you want to be with the group of people that she does respect like Yeagles and the rest of the nitwits on yeagles site?

A friend of mine, Kathy, Kiowakat, that posts on Indianz and lives in St. Louis called me and told me Gross called her. Gross knows Kiowa and I are friends and Kathy and I have met. Gross won't call me but she has the nerve to try to tell lies about me to my friend. GROSS>>>Kathy knows all about you; so your scheme didn't work. Kathy knows me for what I am and knows you for a racist that you are. She told you that DIDN"T SHE!!!!

I will reply to you Gross what Naiche posted on Indianz what you wrote on the pipsqueek's site, MEAN EAGLE.

This is really really sad. The only fight she has going on is within her mind and herself. (GROSS IS SAYING THIS TO HERSELF - THE SHITBAG HAS REALLY GONE OVER THE EDGE.) There is nothing to stop. (DELUSIONAL AGAIN) And I blame you Beverly Isaac for doing this to one of our Sioux women. (HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH. NEED I SAY MORE?) You tried this on me also but I would not listen to you. (SHITBAG SHOULD PUT PROFESSIONAL LIAR ON HER RESUME.) It was you who put all those evil thoughts in her heart and mind. (BACK, BACK, GET BACK INTO YOUR RUBBER ROOM SHITBAG!!) I know you read these posts and I hope that you are happy I am not going to post anymore on her or you. (I KNOW YOU READ THESE POSTS TOO SHITBAG...YOU LIKE A SHAG RUG AND WE KNOW THAT YOU NEVER DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU'LL DO...DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT YOU WOULDN'T POST ON PRISSY DAVYS SITE ANYMORE TOO! ANOTHER HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, TO YOU.!) You have done your job Beverly and you did a great one, but your turn is coming. (ANOTHER USELESS THREAT AS USUAL AND SHITBAG I, BARBARA DUGGAN HAVE DONE MY JOB IN BRINGING OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FAIRY AND HIS FAIRYTALE. YOU INGORNANT SCAG. YOUR PSYCHO BABBLE DOESN'T WORK) Make fun of the owl and the indian altars and our ways, but it is real and well you know the rest. (YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRADTIONAL WAYS OF OUR PEOPLE GROSSBAG; YOU'RE A FYCKING CHRISTIAN ZEALOT. FAKE ONE AT THAT TOO) Mess with the deceased who can no longer defend themselves like you folks did to Dr. Yeagleys mother and make fun of the dead and some evil entity will torment and torment you. (NOW GROSSBAG FIRST YOU SAY THEY, THE DEAD WILL COME AND GET US AND THEN YOU SAY THEY CAN NO LONGER DEFEND THEMSELVES THEN YOU SAY SOME EVIL ENTITY WILL TORMENT???? WHAT - YOU JUST GET DONE WATCHING THE EXORCIST?? BY THE WAY YOU WERE GOOD IN THAT PICTURE. LIKED THE WAY YOUR HEAD TURNED COMPLETELY AROUND. NOW CAN YOU PUT BOTH OF YOUR LEGS BEHIND YOUR HEAD???) While you are here read the post on the evil ones that Ray Frigon started. I am not the best person in the world (NO, YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORST) but one thing I do not do is lie.(HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH NEED I SAY MORE AGAIN?????) Norma Yeagley was a wonderful lady and she does not lie,(HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH - NOW GROSSBAG QUIT MAKING ME HAVING TO REPEAT MY LAUGHING - MY STOMACH IS STARTING TO HURT!!!!) there was no need to. But you and the other made fun of her and she is in her sacred sleep,(DEAD BUT NOT SO SACRED) but the other entities they roam the earth..... (I SEE AN ENTITY WITH THIN BLEACHED HAIR AND UGLY WIDE MOUTH ....QUICK!!! CALL THE DOG POUND!!!)

Beverly lets' you and I give the scag Gross a big HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! That's the only good response to her useless babble.

Barbara Duggan

oh well look like yoogles shyt is going fast out to the shythouse, and the BBBBB activist is talking about using the DEAD, right out of mothership and truckstop logic yo Dimwit and halfwit GODE comes you SOBs


6:14 AM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

In my comment before. I meant to say that Chairman Coffey said that Yeagley is a far RIGHT racist Republican.

Barbara Duggan

3:10 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...


Hi Koda, (Friend)

I have been told by people that I do have a lot of patience and when I set my mind to something I don't give up until I know that I did as much as I could and can do no more.

I remind myself when I am deciding on something that I choose to do as far as representing my people that I have an ancestor and other relatives that did and still do good for our Indian people and white people and that I am very proud of Gabriel Renville and would not do anything to disgrace his legacy or our people. Afterall, when you tell people that you are Dacotah or Comanche; people, especailly white people, see you as repesentative of your tribe. Something Yeagles and Gross have done badly.

My sister Shirley told me that I have a temper like our dad Earl Duggan. She said that our dad was very patient up to a point until it was pushed too far. She said all of a sudden; he would just explode and it would feel like a tornado had swept through the room and then he would be fine whereas they would be sitting there - their hair sticking straight up.
As sisters can be; we had our spats....she knew when to back off and Shirley was not one to get angry either. Guess that's the Irish in us.

As far as Gross, her indian name should be Speakswithbullshit. When one receives eagle feathers it is given to you from people that REALLY know you and feel that you have earned it RESPECTFULLY and in turn if you meet someone that you think deserves one; you give the one given to you to them. That is the Indian way in with keeping with the circle. It is not something you brag about.

Gross is probably like those Hollywood people when they get an Oscar. She will probably have it gold plated and hang it on the wall where she can gaze at it and say to herself; how great I am. LOL

Anything that comes out of her mouth is bullshyt.

Beverly, you have been a great friend to me and have helped me in more ways than you know. Remember, if nothing comes with gettng Yeagles and Bats to shut their big fat stupid mouths; just notice how Gross talks to herself on his site and only has Yeagles to respond to her posts. Yeagles doesn't know that Gross will be part of the reason of his demise.
And remember that we did our part.

I bet all my money that Gross doesn't have ONE true friend. And if her friends are like her; then be sure that they talk behind her back about her. Back stabbers just like her. Like I said about yeagles; like atracts like.

And yes, my husband is a great guy and MY best friend. He is Ying and I am Yang. We give each other our freedom to do and be what we are as individuals that we are. Very important in a marriage.



Barbara Duggan

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we are not alone

Is this a personal vindetta, I don't think so. Unless you see my being Native American, as a personal thing, which it most certainly is. I feel that the Native Americans could use a break in being used, and spit out and attacked just because some of us are speaking against the Racism of the White Supremists and their racists views.

betty ann owens and david yeagley need to be monitored, to make sure they are in fact working toward the decimination of racism, monitor their donations and their speeches. Are they in fact, working against RACISM or AGAINST the Indian Nations and Black People. Monitor their comments on the public forums...this will tell you the can't ALL be a slight of the lips, too much has been uttered. Sioux People, its really up to you to do this in your area, for your People, if you haven't been invited....go anyway, its your future, they will be speaking about. Your being there may be an eye opener for these tow Breeds, but remember this, "DAVID ANTHONY YEAGLEY DOES NOT REPRESENT THE COMANCHE NATION". Owens pays him to attend, our People DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING HE DOES! NOTHING!

Name calling by yeagley and betty ann against the Blacks and Indian People is well published. The two most racist Breeds who claim to be working against Racism are opening a Brand New Office, dedicated to of all things!!!RACISM, GO FIGURE, SIOUX FALLS PEOPLE!!. She claims they don't even have a desk, and she won't accept handouts, and they don't get Federal funding nor Grants! She needs to quit crying and belly aching about what her office does "not" have and buy it herself. Why does she not just donate the new desk and ALL the furnishing herself since it is a family organized effort since 1992. Damn 17 years should be enough time to save for the desk, but "NO" she has to have yeagley, spending all the desk money on him! She brags that all her kids are well established with degrees and jobs and her little Jada can give up her music lessons for 1/2 semmester! She can pay for yeagleys' trip to and fro and accomadations and pay for his speech, which will most likely contradict all the things he says on his, for he is white supremists if there EVER was one!

They both degrade the REAL Indians for protesting, speaking up and call it "crying" because of the broken treaties and and it bothers me personally that these two Breeds can do this to their own, yet they themselves can walk against Racism arm in arm with the poor indigent Indian whom they themselves belittle.

My heart goes out to those unknowing Sioux Indian street people and the Blacks she HATES, who she has been working for supposidly for 17 years. They wait, they hope, they starve, they freeze, and eventually die, waiting on the Breeds to help them in their plight....and she lives in a high rise with heated pool, and a germ infested sauna and fireplace and game room........

Yes Barbara, we can sit in the front row, and make eye contact and let yeagley wink at us! might even get to see him styling! I remember his style..the first time I ever saw him, a young girl asked me. "Do you know that guy over there"..I had to tell her "NO". She said he's crazy, "poosah" weired...I looked in his direction and sure enough, he had a narrow beaded head band on his buster brown hairstyle and a leather jacket with long fringes(long as he was tall,aye). I thought to myself, maybe he thinks all Indians still dressed like hippies from the early 60's, wonder who this Indian wannabee hippy dude is, never having seen him prior.

Well needless to say he's since toned it down a little...

I won't even point him out, you will have to find him yourself, it will be a game, we will call it "Where's Waldo"...believe me, he won't be hard to spot!


9:33 AM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

You're a good person Bev. There are other's out there that are like you; that never get heard or known. There are Indian people that do good for their people in a honest and good way. There are Indian people that don't have to lie, backstab, name call, have jealousies - that fight against racism with a good and true heart.
There are Indian people that help their people because they truly care about their people and do it not for eagle feathers or a ndn name and not for money or pats on the back.

You and these other Indians that have good intentions and have good a spirit are the ones that I am proud of.

We have done good Bev.

See you soon!!!

Barbara Dugan

Make believe ndn Yeagles and the other one that pretends to be Indian will someday get back what they have done in their lying lives and it will be personal.

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

You surely missed a good meeting. I got there just about 1:PM guess who was in line as I walked up....yep...Waldo...he took a double take at thinks he was looking for you, and he didn't soil his tweed pants suit when he saw I was alone!tee hee.

He lied when he said the quorum was lost before he started speaking...I and my sisters got up to leave and all the rest of the people left(which was a quorum) got up to leave also. They just don't want anything to do with this man yeagley. Can you imagine that he wants $100.000.00 from the Comanche Nation for his project! Shame! The little man has no scruples, no shame. Why he has never even volunteered one minute of helping the Comanche People, yet his claims to fame is in sioux country, they need to finance him.

Did you get a chance to view her review? She is certainly nothing to look at, I thought maybe she had something, the way she dogged me and my looks, but she is but a skank squat old, used up dog rez. Dyed red hair, what the hell is yeagley thinking? Oh I forgot, its the money.

I was right about the other woman, really old white haired white woman, the only kind she will have around her man yeagley. Her goofy son seems to be really proud of her vulgarity,(how many years between this son and her young daughter, she must have had her kids starting at 13 yrs!?!, also she is bragging, but I think she is leaving some of her kids and grandkids out of the equation) guess she could not get any other speakers, the ones she had looked terribly bored with the whole thing! I looked at her picture and all I could think about was how nasty she is, how utterly nasty she really is. This is not net personality, that is the real deal, she is a nasty, vulgar, racists and claims to be hugging on the little one drop Indian kids, unbelievable. Wonder if yeagley hugged any little ones? Oh well! I don't really care....all I know is I do not like her kind and she will never be Welcomed around here, she needs to let us know when she will be speaking in Kansas. She is keeping really quiet about that one, will she take her son there also?

She really is a nothing!


10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you look at this yeagers birth cert on his own webiste
and click on his birth cert link and look under race of father and mother, they both say "W" .. last time i checked that didn't stand for commanche. i'm also investigating that "little grandmother" lady, keisha crowther.
we natives need to get the word out and show up in force at these peoples gatherings and tell the
dupes the truth. if they still choose to follow these idiots, let them.
those who know me, know me well, those who don't can go to hell..

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone of average intelligence can see this guy is a fraud. Plus when cornered on his "beliefs" he quickly backs down. I have had a few e-mail exchanges with him and he comes off very wishy washy unlike on his sites. I have more respect for hardcore,rabid,racist Klansman from Alabama than this guy. At least the Klansman lets you know where he stands and is the same in private and in public.

1:48 PM  

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