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Barbara Duggan: Why I Know Yeagley's Badeagle Is a Fraud

The latest writing from Barbara Duggan raises some very interesting questions.

Why is Richard Poe, a rightwinger of mixed Mexican/white ancestry, in control of public information about Yeagley's ancestry?

Why does Poe (perhaps at Yeagely's request) keep such information secret, repeatedly deleting public access to it?

What are Poe and Yeagley hiding?



I am not an Idealist, a person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are.
Yeagley is an Idealist. With his inability to accept himself from which he came; he had to create a fictitious Comanche ancestor "Badeagle" and portray him as some great Comanche leader. Yeagley's has, for many years, ridden on the coattails of this Badeagle to gain recognition, what little fame he has and money.

I am a Realist,a person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly.

I am a Skeptic, one who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions.

When I read the biography of Badeagle on Yeagley's site; my doubt and skepticism about the authenticity of this Badeagle reared up front and center.

When you Google Gabriel Renville; there are many pages that come up with sites that give his biography and true facts of his achievements.
They are not just connected to a website that belongs to me. His words are in books; many different people have written about him that are in no way connected to me.

When you Google Badeagle; all you get is the website of Yeagley and after what his mother and he have written about this Badeagle; you just have to take their word for it that this Badeagle existed.

This Badeagle would have lived the same time as my Great-Great Grandfather but there are no other sites that mention this Badeagle with a biography about him. There are no sites with pictures of him; only one on Yeagley's site. If this Badeagle did all that Yeagley said he did; I'm sure he would have been noteworthy to have been recorded in history as was done with my Great-Great Grandfather.

His family tree is fictitious. Why do I believe this? Because the Yeagley tree on is a private tree created by Richard Lawrence Poe. Being a private tree; one can put in any name or names to link to someone famous be it real or made up.

George Portillo; a private tree on him; by Richard Lawrence Poe. There is a Portillo tree with George Portillo by other people. Here is one of them.

Name: George Portillo
Home in 1930: Hulen, Cotton, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1896
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Juanito
Race: Mexican (Latino)


Military service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage:

Parents' birthplace: View Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age

George Portillo 34
Juanito Portillo 33
Virginia Portillo 14
Raymond Portillo 12
Edna M Portillo 10
Norma Portillo 8
Mandy Portillo 5
Earnestine Portillo 3
Louis Carson

Juanita's maiden name was Cerday.

Juanita Cerday
Birth: abt 1896
,,Oklahoma, USA

Family Members
Sortero Dela Cerday
1874 – 1946
Ella Gover


Name Sex Birth Death
Living Portillo View Profile

Living Portillo View Profile

Virginia Ella Portillo View Profile F abt 1916
, , Oklahoma, USA

Raymond Clay Portillo View Profile M 17 Nov 1917
,,Oklahoma, USA

Edna M Portillo View Profile F abt 1920
, , Oklahoma, USA

Norma Juanita Portillo View Profile F abt 1922
, , Oklahoma, USA

Yeagley Family Tree
Personal Member Tree

Name: Norma Juanita Portillo
Birth: 1922 - Oklahoma


Yeagley Family Tree
Personal Member Tree

Name: George Portillo

Now when I click on Yeagley family tree it says:
We are currently unable to find the tree you are trying to access.
We may be experiencing technical difficulties, or it is possible that the tree owner has removed this tree.
I copied and saved it when I clicked on it the first time; good thing because now it is gone!!!
A few days ago when I emailed rlawrencepoe it said:

This private tree contains information about:
Norma Juanita Portillo
Contact this member for more information
The owner of this member tree has chosen to not make this tree publicly viewable. Click the "make connection" button below to contact the tree owner using Ancestry's anonymous Connection Service.

Born: 1922 in Oklahoma

You will also find attached to this person

8 people in this member tree
Connect with the owner of this tree

From: dacotahsioux0702Not you? Click here
To: rlawrencepoe

Contact this member for more information
The owner of this member tree has chosen to not make this tree publicly viewable. Click the "make connection" button below to contact the tree owner using Ancestry's anonymous Connection Service.

This private tree contains information about:
George Portillo
You will also find attached to this person

8 people in this member tree
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From: dacotahsioux0702Not you? Click here
To: rlawrencepoe

When someone makes up so many lies; and someone decides to try to find out the truth..... the liars have to scurry and try to erase and hide the truth.


Yeagley says this about his Uncle:

Take my uncle, Raymond C. Portillo, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Marine Corps and a fullblooded Comanche. He led the 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment onto the beaches of Ok

Again he lies. Raymond's grandmother (Ella Gover) - mother to Juanita Cerday - Raymond's mother sounds white to me!!!!
Raymond C. Portillo could not be fullblooded. MEXICAN AND WHITE!!

This is all for now.

Barbara Duggan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE ALL know how much baggy lies so if this TIDBIT holds any merit, its what she said about yeagley.

She once told me her davey boy has a boy child.....can you imagine! I can't. Just can't, because I love my three and would NEVER, NEVER deny them for anything or hide them, nor my beautiful breed Grandchildren. They are all enrolled into the Proud Comanche Nation, breeds and all, they qualify.

baggy stated that she won't enroll her kids because if anything happened to her she did not want the them to be given to the Indian relatives. What the Hell...her Indian relative(whom she braggs on) are not good enough for her white kids???

Comanche Tribal childrens' court handles any dispute and they DO GO TO THE INDIAN FAMILY FIRST. I think that is a good rule, if my White daughter-in-law and son separated, he has all the rights to them, she can't take them away, of course there would be other circumstances involved, for the best interest of the Children!

Sounds like baggy ann just does not want her white kids to claim Indian at all! She needs to quit claiming to be all that!!!to the Sioux Indian. From what I heard, she is in the same boat as yeagley when it comes to her Indian Nation likeing and knowing her! The few that know of not like her!!!!

Liar, I would not waste my time calling anyone on you.. Naiche caught you in another lie, We know he would not be against us like you claim. Why would he???We never involved him, he is free to speak out if he wants to!

Now you are attacking the posters on Indianz. What difference does it make how old they are? Making fun Senior citizen is just BAD, but moreso of Indian Seniors. You should encourag them in their computor skills, its an outlet for them if they are homebound, it gives them something to discuss. You are so evil.

What about your man/child yeagley, he once stated that he is a magnet for the Alcoholic ex-Alchoholic. They need someone to talk to. Where the hell is your cannot make me believe you care for any other humane but your own selfish, self-righteous self....what happened? Did someone slap your hand over at Indz?

Why are you on the computor day and nite. Are you on the taxpayers time clock?? If so, you are punching the wrong keys, if you are being paid by the People with a Grant funding! You need to be reported of these reports will do the job, THEN YOU WILL REALLY HAVE TO "WORK" WHEN ITS FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE. NO PRETENDING WHEN ITS THEIR MONEY! BUT HEY, THEY DON'T LIKE OLD INDIANS, BUT YOU CAN GO WHITE ANYTIME YOU NEED TO, JUST TAKE YOUR KIDS ALONG TO FURTHER PROVE IT.


3:57 PM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...


The picture of Badeagle and his wife and daughter on Yeagley's site; doesn't add up. He says that that picture was taken around 1880 or 1881.

Take a look at this....

The U.S. Indian Census Schedule 1885-1940 says:

DOB - About 1839
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 57

DOB- About 1873
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of census 23

Pe-Se Vo-Ny - Daughter
DOB - About 1883
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 13

C-Da-Le Ah -Daughter
DOB - About 1889
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 7

Male Child
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 2

DOB 1839
Census Date 6/30/1898
Age at time of Census 59

DOB - About 1873
Date of Census 1/30/1896
Age at time of Census 25

O-Da-Be-Ah - Daughter
DOB - About 1887
Age at time of Census 11

Adam - Son
DOB - About 1894
Date at time of Census 4


Ko-Dose Father 62
Erk-Say Wife 28
English Name Honeta Ko-Dose
Age 14

Yeagle's mother says the woman on the left of Badeagel is Erk-Say.

Yeagley says the picture was taken about 1880-1881. If that is so then, Erk-Say, Badeagle's wife would be seven.
Erk-Say was born about 1873.

That picture cannot be a picture of this so called Badeagle and his wife and child. Who are those people in that picture for REAL????

Go to his site and look at the picture of Badeagle and his family and you be the judge.

Barbara Duggan

I have more. But searching all the files takes time!!!!

I would paste the pages on the site but won't let me.
Dr. Carroll and Brent and anyone else that wants to see these files; I can email them to you from the Ancestry site.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Dacotahsioux said...

Bev, you say that the young girl in the picture on Yeagly's biography is To-Nar-Cy?

To-nar-cy (To Nas Sah) was the 7th wife of Quanah Parker. Again that can't be To-nar-cy in the picture either. I have a couple of pictures of To-nar-cy; one by herself and one with Quanah Parker. That young girl in Yeagle's picture does not look like To-nar-cy at all.

I think that the Juanita and her Diva Queen, Davy, have made up this stealing of To-nar-cy from Badeagle. I so far have not found anything about Quanah Parker stealing To-nar-cy from anyone in any of his biographies on the internet.

I found this:
Quanah's first wife was Weakeah, daughter of Comanche chief Yellow Bear. Originally, she was espoused to another warrior. Quanah and Weakeah eloped, and took several other warriors with them.

No mention of Badeagle as being that warrior. Anyway, Yeagley called Badeagle the first full-blooded Comanche leader.

Some real Commanche leaders!!
Comanche chiefs signing

Parry-wah-say-men, or Ten Bears
Tep-pe-navon, or Painted Lips
To-sa-in (To-she-wi), or Silver Brooch
Cear-chi-neka, or Standing Feather
Ho-we-ar, or Gap in the Woods
Tir-ha-yah-gua-hip, or Horse's Back
Es-a-nanaca (Es-a-man-a-ca), or Wolf's Name
Ah-te-es-ta, or Little Horn
Pooh-yah-to-yeh-be, or Iron Mountain
Sad-dy-yo, or Dog Fat

More later.

Barbara Duggan

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was surprised when i googled my great-grandfather Sortero dela Cerday,and your article came up. I remember as a child meeting Virginia,Edna, and Norma. Can you post some pictures and bios on a website somewhere where I can access them? I understand that he also had the american name of Samual Dave Cerday, and the comanche name Ta-Su-Dah (D Man). Anything on those names would also be appreciated

6:29 PM  

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