Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeagley "Is a Wannabe French Poodle," an Incompetent, a Crossdresser, and "a Leper"

From two American Indian professors at Indiana University come these assessments of Yeagley:

"What I would suggest about Yuckles is this.

He knew he could not make it as Indian activist in a regular sense so he purposely chose to wear a conservative suit of clothes which are ill-fitting with the pockets full of little fuzzy things which he pulls out on occasion and ponders with little rhyme or reason.

Calling him a Nazi is actually wrong in this sense. There are relatively clear demarcations to that philosophy and Yuckles is all over the place. He does have a Messiah complex for sure and if you visit his site, as I have off and on for a year, he spends an inordinate amount of time selling himself which is exactly what you hear from right wing hate radio.

At best, he is a wannabe celebrity who chose right wing ideology cause he knew he would rise quickly to the top of the pile of Indians, which is a mighty short trip. He does not have the word-smithing skills to do anything but flutter around the edges, and is trotted out like a French Poodle among the bulldogs of the far right fringe.

In short, he has no ideology save what he considers to be some chicken feathered warrior image he learned in the third grade. You give him way too much credit. Over there on his site, he posts a lot of that stuff hisself taking on other names and identities. Spend some time looking at the syntax and grammar of some of the other "posters," especially the women. In my opinion it is none other than the Grand Poobah his own self, a kind of internet cross writer. He even answers his own compliments which is actually kind of pitiful.


And this from Steve Russell:

"There will always be a market for an Indian to tell white people that Indians got what they deserved and just need to get over all this touchiness about theft and homicide.

Yeagles fills that niche right now.

I keep thinking somebody will come along with more talent, but so far at least all the Indians who could plausibly be called public intellectuals treat Yeagles as a leper. Nobody wants to be him when they grow up. Unlike, say, Vine Deloria, Jr., who we all wanted to be.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Heil Mein Fuhrer": Yeagley's Delusions of Himself as the Indian Messiah


"People have actually told me, privately, they're waiting for an American Indian leader. They feel Indians alone can make this happen--to save America.

I kid you not. White people, Jews, and even a black man. This is private, but, it means a lot to me. I don't think anyone wants to really talk about this, openly."

Several things stand out about Yeagley's new set of self-delusions.

1. Yeagley apparently has not only white racists for followers, but some New Age white racists. Racist New Agers are actually not too unusual. The founders of the New Age movement such as "Madame" Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, and Carlos Castaneda were all open racists

2. By his own words, Yeagley considers Jews to be "not white." Yet most Americans, white, Black, Indian, etc., including Jews themselves, consider Jews to be whites.

The only group that considers Jews "not white" are white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, etc. All except the last are frequent supporters of Yeagley, people whom he actively recruited, mourned when SOME of them left, and begged to stay so they could further discuss building a White Nation together.

3. By claiming unnamed "people" told him privately, we only have Yeagley's own word that this has ever happened. Yeagley's frequent lies are well documented on this archive.

4. "Even a Black"? He obviously thinks of Blacks as less trustworthy, less patriotic, and "less American."

The big surprise, though, is that Yeagley actually talked to someone Black, given his well documented hatred for them. Seemingly he found one as full of self hatred and ashamed of being Black as his few Indian supporters are filled with self hatred and ashamed of being Indian.

5. He openly admits no Indians have ever told him this kind of ridiculous New Age racist nonsense. That no Indians told him this is not too surprising, since his following in Indian Country is extremely tiny, likely fewer than ten people.

A member of Badeagle mocked Yeagley's delusions with a post simply saying:

"Heil Mein Fuhrer!"

He was quickly banned and the post deleted. Apparently Yeagley has no sense of humor, and can't stand the thought of people laughing at his deluded self-image.

Too bad, and too late. We already find this as funny as can be.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yeagley and Supporter: Proud to Hate Blacks

The returning Betty Ann Gross:

"I still hate blacks. All blacks and there is no way in **** you Ms J a black is gonna reach out to me. So you can just go to ****."

"Spoken by a proud Indian woman."

Actually, spoken by a self-hating Indian woman opposed to Native tradition. Racism is a "white" invention, invented about the same time Europeans first began calling themselves "white."

Blacks and Black/Indian mixedbloods make up a huge part of many Indian tribal nations:

Cherokee (no matter what the recent vote claimed)

Famous Black/Indian mixedbloods:
Crispus Attucks
Joesphine Baker
Frederick Douglas
Langston Hughes
Jimi Hendrix
Eartha Kitt
James Earl Jones
Bill Pickett
Della Reese
Alice Walker

By Gross's own account, her hatred of Blacks began when a family member began dating someone Black. A photo of Gross suggests an additional reason.

Gross herself strongly resembles a Black/Indian mixedblood, with physical features common to many Black people, curly hair (even if she does dye it to look "more white") and thick lips. It's quite likely she's been mistaken for Black herself and faced discrimination for it.

Monday, May 07, 2007

More From Another Native Critic vs. Yeagley

Comments left at by Cherokee lawyer Patrick Barkman:

The Local Crank said...

Kind of off-thread, but: I linked to one of your articles about
Yeagley's revolting VT comments and he went after me on his blog,
calling me "probably white" (which should make him like me more,
shouldn't it?). His commenters said I was "paisty" [sic] and that I
looked like "a young Rip Torn" (okay, that last one was actually pretty
funny). Until I started reading your site, I thought Yeagley was merely
another repulsive conservative hack; I had no idea he was such a
blatant white supremacist. And the fact that he is supporting the
Cherokee Nation for kicking out the Freedmen descendants? Please,
Yeagley, don't help. God, I hope you are right that he is not really


Once again, Yeagley could not help but reveal his ignorance. Barkman's home base, Cleburne, has a local Cherokee community, and Barkman is a member of the American Indian Law Forum for the Texas Bar Association. A lot more Indians probably know Barkman than know Yeagley.

What's also amusing is that Yeagley, who is paler than Michael Jackson after his chemical peels, labelled Barkman "pasty."

After all, "pasty" is exactly how Suzan Harjo described Yeagley. Barkman is not only darker than Yeagley, his features are more typically Indian.

This might be a good time to also remind people that Yeagley altered his physical appearance to look more like what he thought Indians look like by dying and straightening his light brown curly hair.

Barkman followed up Yeagley's bashing of him with yet another critique of Yeagley:

"If he is in fact NDN, I think we've seen his like before in history;

They were the first ones in line to accept a bottle of whiskey or a flag or a military jacket from "The Great White Father" in exchange for scratching their marks on a piece of paper and giving away land that didn't belong to them.

They were the ones who volunteered to be scouts, tracking down the "wild" NDNs, or tribal policemen, silencing "dangerous" NDNs like Sitting Bull.

They were the ones who voluntarily shipped their children off to boarding schools to have the red beat out of them.

They were the Treaty Party, the Laramie Loafers, the "Good" Indians.

No wonder he's so obviously full of self-loathing."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cherokee Lawyer Denounces Yeagley as Slanderous Fraud

"Name: Patrick Barkman Location: Cleburne, Texas, US

Just a simple Cherokee trial lawyer, Barkman has been forcing his opinions on others in print since, for reasons that passeth understanding, he was an unsuccessful candidate for state representative in 2002. His philosophy: "If people had wanted me to be nice, they should've voted for me."

Fake Indian Joins Slander of VT Victims

David Yeagley, the Right Wing's pet "Indian," who for years has fraudulently claimed to be Comanche, has predictably added his weaselly voice to the chorus of marginalized lunatics blaiming the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings for their own deaths. Normally, I would never waste band-width on this reprehensible toad, but I'm afraid some people might believe his wannabe shtick. Yeagley is not Comanche, he speaks for no one but himself, and he is beneath contempt."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 Wracked by Internal Squabbles

In Yeagley's own words, his forum was dangerously close to tearing itself apart.

And naturally he had to resort to racist stereotypes about Indians to explain it all away.

The fact that extremely few ACTUAL Native forums get torn apart by fighting never seems to occur to him.;act=ST;f=19;t=7429;st=50
"Too many people needed their heads off, and I wouldn't let it happen. Many people have better things to do than to allow the fights I have allowed here. They are often so useless, petty, childish, and they accomplish nothing but a negative image--which is the opposite of why I formed in the first place: to create a great and noble image of Indian people. I should say, to provide an opportunity for us to show our best side, our best nature.

In a way, we have. At least, we have shown what we value: war.

This is plains Indian.

I only hope we can find the right enemies. Instead of warring against ourselves, we should war against that!"

Two of his oldest allies and longtime moderators have left his forum. Yeagley is refusing to say why, but from his comments it seems his bigotry got to be too much even for them.

Betty Ann Gross was one of the extremely few supporters Yeagley had that was actually Native. Previous readers of this archive will remember that Gross was drawn to Yeagley by their mutual hatred and fear of Blacks. One of her more memorable claims was that Jesus and the Statue of Liberty were both blue eyed blondes that Indians should worship.

One the plus side, Gross did stand up against John Martin/Tallsoldier77 and his death threats and bullying, and did point out that Yeagley had a double standard with his habit of banning Indians more than whites.

It seems, though, that her open hatred of Jews was too much even for Yeagley, who prefers to pose as a friend of Jews even while spouting stereotypes about them.

"Beakerkin: I consider Betty Ann to be a friend but she always tosses in lines about Jews every time she leaves."

Mac or Macoineach is a self described Scottish nationalist and one who stood strongest against the many white supremaicists from National Alliance and Stormfront that Yeagley welcomed to his forum. He has left too, with Yeagley cracking more stereotypes about "fighting Scots."

It seems that in order to maintain control, Yeagley has instituted some of the most draconian control measures seen anywhere on the net.

"For new people who wish to register on the BadEagle forums, it is hereby ordered (as it has be requested in the past) that you write first, declaring who you are, with basic information. More importantly, your intent.

There is far to much spam, false registration, and manipulating trolls and troublemakers."

Michelle Shining Elk had this comment about the new policy's real intent:

"The little worthless blogger now dictates that you write him, personally, first before you can become a registered member.

It's simply another way he keeps his fantasy world alive. First it was by censoring, then by deleting, then by banning, and now you have to "get" his approval before you can even have a voice in his little fantasy world.

He says anyone one can comment on his blogs and forums, but that's just another big fat lie and a joke -- the only way that's going to happen is if you are willing to stroke his little ego the right way and say the right things. And the right things always boil down to agreeing and supporting his demented thoughts and opinions and slamming other people and opinions. And be warned, if you do "pass go" and become registered, you cannot slam or oppose him because that's when he censors, deletes and bans -- he is desperately fearful of being "exposed" himself and takes very seriously "deleting" all oppositions and negatively that goes against him, i.e. the rebuttals, arguments and statements that are made to him, against him and about him. He can't handle it and hides behind his delete button. He runs like a scared little girl - it's such a farce.

It's all just more narcissistic behavior from the King of Narcissism."