Friday, March 27, 2009

The Photo on Yeagley's Site Is NOT Badeagle and Family

The latest article of research from Barbara Duggan.

I added bold to the most important points.



The picture of Badeagle and his wife and daughter on Yeagley's site doesn't add up. He says that that picture was taken around 1880 or 1881.

Take a look at this....

The U.S. Indian Census Schedule 1885-1940 says:

DOB - About 1839
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 57

DOB- About 1873

Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of census 23

Pe-Se Vo-Ny - Daughter
DOB - About 1883
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 13

C-Da-Le Ah -Daughter
DOB - About 1889
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 7

Male Child
Census Date 6/3/1896
Age at time of Census 2

DOB 1839
Census Date 6/30/1898
Age at time of Census 59

DOB - About 1873
Date of Census 1/30/1896
Age at time of Census 25

O-Da-Be-Ah - Daughter
DOB - About 1887
Age at time of Census 11

Adam - Son
DOB - About 1894
Date at time of Census 4


Ko-Dose Father 62
Erk-Say Wife 28
English Name Honeta Ko-Dose
Age 14

Yeagley's [alleged] mother says the woman on the left of Badeagle is Erk-Say.

Yeagley says the picture was taken about 1880-1881. If that is so then, Erk-Say, Badeagle's wife would be seven.
Erk-Say was born about 1873.

That picture cannot be a picture of this so called Badeagle and his wife and child.
Who are those people in that picture for REAL????

Go to his site and look at the picture of Badeagle and his family and you be the judge.

Barbara Duggan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Barbara Duggan: Why I Know Yeagley's Badeagle Is a Fraud

The latest writing from Barbara Duggan raises some very interesting questions.

Why is Richard Poe, a rightwinger of mixed Mexican/white ancestry, in control of public information about Yeagley's ancestry?

Why does Poe (perhaps at Yeagely's request) keep such information secret, repeatedly deleting public access to it?

What are Poe and Yeagley hiding?



I am not an Idealist, a person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are.
Yeagley is an Idealist. With his inability to accept himself from which he came; he had to create a fictitious Comanche ancestor "Badeagle" and portray him as some great Comanche leader. Yeagley's has, for many years, ridden on the coattails of this Badeagle to gain recognition, what little fame he has and money.

I am a Realist,a person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly.

I am a Skeptic, one who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions.

When I read the biography of Badeagle on Yeagley's site; my doubt and skepticism about the authenticity of this Badeagle reared up front and center.

When you Google Gabriel Renville; there are many pages that come up with sites that give his biography and true facts of his achievements.
They are not just connected to a website that belongs to me. His words are in books; many different people have written about him that are in no way connected to me.

When you Google Badeagle; all you get is the website of Yeagley and after what his mother and he have written about this Badeagle; you just have to take their word for it that this Badeagle existed.

This Badeagle would have lived the same time as my Great-Great Grandfather but there are no other sites that mention this Badeagle with a biography about him. There are no sites with pictures of him; only one on Yeagley's site. If this Badeagle did all that Yeagley said he did; I'm sure he would have been noteworthy to have been recorded in history as was done with my Great-Great Grandfather.

His family tree is fictitious. Why do I believe this? Because the Yeagley tree on is a private tree created by Richard Lawrence Poe. Being a private tree; one can put in any name or names to link to someone famous be it real or made up.

George Portillo; a private tree on him; by Richard Lawrence Poe. There is a Portillo tree with George Portillo by other people. Here is one of them.

Name: George Portillo
Home in 1930: Hulen, Cotton, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1896
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Juanito
Race: Mexican (Latino)


Military service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage:

Parents' birthplace: View Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age

George Portillo 34
Juanito Portillo 33
Virginia Portillo 14
Raymond Portillo 12
Edna M Portillo 10
Norma Portillo 8
Mandy Portillo 5
Earnestine Portillo 3
Louis Carson

Juanita's maiden name was Cerday.

Juanita Cerday
Birth: abt 1896
,,Oklahoma, USA

Family Members
Sortero Dela Cerday
1874 – 1946
Ella Gover


Name Sex Birth Death
Living Portillo View Profile

Living Portillo View Profile

Virginia Ella Portillo View Profile F abt 1916
, , Oklahoma, USA

Raymond Clay Portillo View Profile M 17 Nov 1917
,,Oklahoma, USA

Edna M Portillo View Profile F abt 1920
, , Oklahoma, USA

Norma Juanita Portillo View Profile F abt 1922
, , Oklahoma, USA

Yeagley Family Tree
Personal Member Tree

Name: Norma Juanita Portillo
Birth: 1922 - Oklahoma


Yeagley Family Tree
Personal Member Tree

Name: George Portillo

Now when I click on Yeagley family tree it says:
We are currently unable to find the tree you are trying to access.
We may be experiencing technical difficulties, or it is possible that the tree owner has removed this tree.
I copied and saved it when I clicked on it the first time; good thing because now it is gone!!!
A few days ago when I emailed rlawrencepoe it said:

This private tree contains information about:
Norma Juanita Portillo
Contact this member for more information
The owner of this member tree has chosen to not make this tree publicly viewable. Click the "make connection" button below to contact the tree owner using Ancestry's anonymous Connection Service.

Born: 1922 in Oklahoma

You will also find attached to this person

8 people in this member tree
Connect with the owner of this tree

From: dacotahsioux0702Not you? Click here
To: rlawrencepoe

Contact this member for more information
The owner of this member tree has chosen to not make this tree publicly viewable. Click the "make connection" button below to contact the tree owner using Ancestry's anonymous Connection Service.

This private tree contains information about:
George Portillo
You will also find attached to this person

8 people in this member tree
Connect with the owner of this tree

Send a message to rlawrencepoe
This will send an online message to rlawrencepoe that they can read on They will be able to view your public profile on, but will not have your email address or any other information that you do not provide them yourself.

Create Message
From: dacotahsioux0702Not you? Click here
To: rlawrencepoe

When someone makes up so many lies; and someone decides to try to find out the truth..... the liars have to scurry and try to erase and hide the truth.


Yeagley says this about his Uncle:

Take my uncle, Raymond C. Portillo, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Marine Corps and a fullblooded Comanche. He led the 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment onto the beaches of Ok

Again he lies. Raymond's grandmother (Ella Gover) - mother to Juanita Cerday - Raymond's mother sounds white to me!!!!
Raymond C. Portillo could not be fullblooded. MEXICAN AND WHITE!!

This is all for now.

Barbara Duggan

Friday, March 20, 2009

Duggan's Challenge to Yeagley: "What Proof Do You Have That Badeagle Is a Relative of Yours?"

Yet another in the long list of actual American Indians who question or state publicly that Yeagley is not Comanche.

Suzan Harjo
Efiza Jackson
Juanita Pahdopony
Gerald Tieyah
Cinda Hughes
Native American Times (Even facing legal threats, the NAT would only state Yeagley is technically enrolled, pointedly refusing to state that Yeagley is Comanche or that his enrollment is legitimate.)

A member of the Portillo family publicly stated that Yeagley is "such a liar" but was not more specific.

Even Yeagley himself often hints strongly or comes close to admitting he is not Comanche. His own website admits he is not Comanche culturally.

And now Barbara Duggan.

I'm especially interest to see if Yeagley will answer the challenge about the Comanche language.


IT DOESN'T TAKE A PERSON LONG TO REALIZE WHAT KIND OF SITE YEAGLEY HAS. Yeagley's site has never been a site that Indian people could get together and discuss Indian issues that affect Indians on and off the reservations.

Yeagley's site was and still is for Yeagley only. Look at his made up biography. Hell, my biography is better than his as far as having an ancestor that you can actually look up on the internet and you can see an actual picture of my Great-Great Grandfather, Gabriel Renville. You can read his memoirs about the Dakota Sioux Uprising of 1862 in the book, "Through Dakota Eyes". Gabriel signed the treaty that set up Lake Traverse Reservation. Was born in 1824, died in 1892. With Yeagley, you can only read what he writes about his ancestor Badeagle. You have to just take his word for it.

Now, I ask Yeagley. What proof do you have that Badeagle is a relative of yours? I think that you just picked that name out of your head because BADEAGLE SOUNDS SO COOOOOL. Tell me how do you say or write Badeagle in the Comanche language. My grandfather's Indian name was "Ti Wakan". It means, "Sacred Lodge".

This is what I think about you Yeagley. My guess is that you could not get enough attention with just being a white man with your music; you're voice was not being heard above others. So, you decided to make up this character Badeagle and portray yourself as this Comanche Warrior of modern day. White people just love to see an Indian that has been assimilated into the white culture with just a wee bit of Indianess in them. A CULTURED Indian; yup that's what you are. Trouble is though; you can't stand to be just a white man but then again you can't stand the Indians that you portray. There's some kind of bi-polar activity going on with your mind Yeagley.

Another mistake at trying to be Indian is that you have too much of a pompous attitude with wanting to flaunt how intelligent and worldly you are. You're worldliness comes from reading many books. You are an avid reader; have to be in order to know everything and anything that you write about. BUT, you have not experienced anything you write about in the real world; just in your mind.

No matter how intelligent or gifted an Indian may be; they remain humble. Even in the crafts that are made by our people; be it beadwork or art or whatever; we are taught to leave one mistake. Why? It is to remind us that we are not perfect; a reminder; to keep us humble. YOU DON'T HAVE A HUMBLE BONE IN YOUR BODY.

A person that has to build a website about himself and portray himself other than what he truly is on the internet AND in real life; shows that you need some long and deep psychological therapy in order to learn to be happy to be just yourself.

Your followers do not and would not like an authentic Indian. The people on your site are just as bad as you are. Each one trying to outdo you and others with their pompous writings. It makes me laugh.

Barbara Duggan enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dacotah Sioux Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation founded by Gabriel Renville my Great-Great Grandfather.

Hah!!! to you Betty Gross

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barbara Duggan on Betty Ann Gross's Threats to Sue: "Bring It On"

Much like Yeagley, Betty Ann Gross doesn't know the law and issues empty threats to sue constantly.

Much like Yeagley, Gross does not seem to realize the law is quite clear: Truth is an absolute defense to libel.

I have never told any "libels" about Yeagley at this site, nor elsewhere on the internet, nor in my books, nor in my articles and encyclopedia entries, nor anywhere else I have written that discusses Yeagley. All I have done is report the truth. Mostly I report what others have said about Yeagley, or expose Yeagley's racism for all to see.

That is why Yeagley's threats to my publisher did not even faze the press's lead counsel, who repeatedly said they had no case and we have nothing to worry about. Yeagley's lawyers were quite incompetent. Yeagley first chose a bankruptcy lawyer. Then after that first lawyer admitted in a letter to me he did not know the law, Yeagley went to a corporate law specialist. The second one did not even know the basics about libel law either, nor did either lawyer even read what Yeagley falsely told them was "libel."

Here is a hint for Yeagley, since I know he reads this site regularly: Only racists think it is "libel" to say someone is of a different race than they claim to be. That's been part of the law for many decades.

Here is legal advice for both Yeagley and Gross:

Criticism does not equal libel or defamation.

And when either Duggan, Isaacs, myself, or anyone else expose both of your ugly racism and bigotry and open belief in white supremacy and hatred of Arabs, atheists, Blacks, Iranians, Latinos, Muslims, and yes, American Indians...

...that is not "libel" either. It's called journalism.

Here are Barbara Duggan's challenges to Gross over the past few posts. Her strongest challenges I put in bold.

So Betty Ann Gross is ranting on that she is going to take me to court. Well I say to her "BRING IT ON".

Betty, you are a PUBLIC PERSON and being a PUBLIC PERSON everything you say and WRITE and especially,write on the internet, WHERE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can read can be used against you.

On Indianz someone wrote you that the internet keeps everything that you write; it never disappears and said that what you write could someday come back and to haunt you.
That day has come.


You say that you are going to have lunch with the Mayors with Yeagley? Thank you for that info for I will make sure they see the real Betty and that I, as a Dakota Sioux, don't want that fake of a man with a racist attitude to have anything to do with Dakota Indians and their issues. You just being associated with him gives you a bad name and I'm sure that if the lawmakers knew the "REAL" Yeagley they wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.

So you've said your goodbyes to Yeagley. WHY? What has he done to you that you want to leave his side?? He has always backed you up on his site. He has always let you insult and belittle any true Indian that came on that site. He gave you full reign to insult and personally attack anyone that said anything that you didn't agree with. He allowed you to attack me, call me crazy, cut down my husband, his culture. You cut down my family on Lake Traverse. You email past posters on and talk lies about me; cutting me down, my husband,saying that I have desecrated the flag; called it a piece of shit - WHEN I NEVER HAVE.

You say I and my family are a militant group; that we hate America. All you do is F*****G lie over and over again.

What I write is truth. What I have sent to everybody about you is TRUTH! You allowed me to do what I have done by writing it on the internet for everyone to see and now you call FOUL!



You have been getting Federal Grant money that S. Dakota taxpayers dollars go into so you can PRETEND to be some kind of activist; but ON THE INTERNET, you have shown what a hypocrite you are.

What an egotistical, hateful, racist, materialistic, with a bigger the thou attitude. You act like you are the only person that is helping ndn people in S. Dakota when there are many ndn people that are doing positive things for the ndn people in that state. People on the reservations where the help is needed most. These people don't go bragging all over the internet singing out, How Great Thou Art. Also, I may say, [they] don't have their hate for black people and ndn/black WRITTEN ALL OVER THE INTERNET TO BE USED AGAINST THEM.
If they have such hate as you.

You say on Badeagle today that I have threatened you; WHERE IS IT WRITTEN THAT I THREATENED YOU? YOU LIE AGAIN. WHY? To get some pity? Or is it because like I said on Badeagle, YOU ARE A COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

You ask, why didn't I post about people attacking you or whatever? I have copied on paper remarks of many, many posts people wrote on Indianz about they telling you what an awful hateful and sick person you are. That is not attacking. They were telling no to stop it!


Yeagley…has deleted all that Betty wrote with regards to taking me to court and also her dramatic goodbye to him. Let's face it, Betty will not be able to keep herself from Where would she go to brag about herself and her college degree and all her kids degrees etc.etc.etc.? Her egotism is "ad nauseam"….

Anyway Betty; I want you to take me to court. In that way the newspapers will carry the court case against you and I. All of Sioux Falls will get to know what is going on betwween you and I. I will be happy to stand in court and bring all the evidence I have on you with regards to racist rants on the internet against ndn/blacks and the people that constantly had to tell you to stop it and that your hate and racist remarks were totally uncalled for and that they didn't want the likes of you on that site. You say they attacked you? If the people on that site wouldn't have attacked you with regard to your great hatred towards blacks and ndn/blacks; I would have lost all respect for them.

As I said, Betty. Let's get it on.

Your racist and filthy mouth spewing out hate and my truth that you are a racist and that a person working in a public field; should not be getting paid for being a fraud. I will bring all that I have on you. Like I wrote before; you left quite a trail.


Yeagley deleted what Betty and I wrote in the Scalp Pole Forum; where Betty stated that she was taking me to court and my remark back to her with Bring It On.

…Whatever I write on there about Betty gets deleted. Betty gets pm the board; you see, she's waiting for me to post, and gets her stubby fingers on that delete button; saying, NO, I DON'T LIKE THIS AND THIS AND THAT. This woman, Barbara Duggan, is not praising me. LOL

Now, I really know who is running Yeagley's site. Yeagley, I thought you were this strong Comanche of a man….

He deleted Betty's tearful goodbye to him; what a laugh. Five minutes later she was back on there yapping away. Knew you couldn't stay away from your Savior, I know Betty, withdrawal is hard to get through.


Look at Yeagleys posters. I would guess about 10 people post there. Look at how many people joined that site and don't post on there; versus the ten that post there. Where did they all go? Why don't they post on his site?

I would guess that most were disgusted of Yeagley and Gross and what his site stood for and the rest were just tired of the bullshyt talk and cutdowns that Yeagley and Gross spew out.

Barbara Duggan

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Campaign Goes On vs White Supremacist Supporter Betty Ann Gross

Barbara Duggan publicly vows to continue to oppose Betty Ann Gross's racist pretend-civil-rights projects and false public presentations of herself. Little wonder, since Gross has the gall to go to the public signing of a hate crimes bill and presents Yeagley as a role model to young children.

Are the mayors that Gross and Yeagley meet aware of the kind of vicious racist they are meeting? Almost certainly not, since the two hide it when convenient, one face to their white supremacist buddies, another to government officials when they want government money or to enhance their image.

The same question for Gross is also true for Yeagley: He wants government money. That would make him a "socialist" no less than the false accusation being thrown at Obama.


Dr. Carroll,

I will continue; I will not stop as Betty asks. Tonight, again, I have emailed to all the Republican Senators in S. Dakota this: The first to Senator Bradford...

March 10, 2009

Dear Senator:

This is the real Betty Ann Gross. She is evil, vile, hateful, racist. She puts on one face to you and all you lawmakers in S.Dakota while on the internet she shows her real self. Deep in her heart, she hates black people; especially ndn/black people. She has visciously cut down me, my husband, my family on Lake Traverse. She, herself lives off the reservation, as I do, but I represent my people with truth and dignity on and off the reservation and on the internet. My husband and I started a used car dealership in 1995; called Dakota Auto Sales. I named it after my tribe. People who have met me and that I have dealt with in our business; black, white, asian, ndn/black, Muslim, Middle Eastern etc... I have treated with true and honest repect as they have me. We started our business with our own money; with no help from anyone and I believe that all ndn people in the United States can do anything they choose to do if they have the will to do it....

What I have sent you in this email; is but a small trail of the hatred against blacks and ndn/blks on the internet from Betty Ann Gross. She has left quite a long trail and for many years.

I want her stopped; I want her to stop representing Dakota people in S. Dakota; preferably all Indian people in S. Dakota. I want the lawmakers in S. Dakota to quit helping this disgrace of a woman from the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux tribe. I will be going back this weekend and when there; I will be going from district to district; house to house; showing our people what Betty writes and ask them to sign my petition to have her quit representing Dakota people; especially from Lake Traverse. We don't want to be known as haters of black people and ndn/black people. I will post it on the internet on the sites where she spouts her racism and show that we Dakota Sioux don't abide with what Betty Gross has written and continues to write on the internet.

Read Below>>>>>>>

You see I have this vision of the future. Two old women, one from Illinois married to a Persian Atheist and the other an old woman who lives in Sioux Falls were trying to do this and that to one another. One left as a child the other stayed around the dakotas. One day the one from afar got a wild hair up her ars and decided to do something for her people on the reservation. The other seen it all. Lived it. Witnessed all there was to against the helpless Indians. The difference was not age (both old grandmas) nor tribal status (but hatred for one another as Indians). Anyway, when progress was being made for the people the one from afar starting to justify her hatred for the other one and thus sent letters here and there to prominent people in the dakotas. People were stunned. Indian fighting Indian? Should not the Indians stand up for their own kind and assist those in need? They were puzzled and called the one called Thundersky. For Thundersky has many friends in the Dakotas. They understand her writings and her indifference toward the black race. That started way back in the fifties when Blacks stole Indian girls off the reservation. People understood what the message was to be, but yet the one from afar twisted things around and took this and that from white mans world and created chaos. So now I must gather mud and prepare my wide feet to put Barbara in her place. But what thundersky does not tolerate is comanche man backing down and unable to defend himself. Thundersky does not need comanche man or any man to fight her fight.

betty ann [Gross]

Now, I ask ... Do you lawmakers in S. Dakota have the same indifference to the black race? Do you only care about the white race and Betty's Indians? With all the so called friends that Betty says she has that back her up; I feel for the black people and ndn/black people in S. Dakota.

Another of Betty Gross unlady like writing to someone on which she posted on

You are not man enough over here to fight me are you. Too afraid when you are alone. Say what you said over at about david and I. Too damn chickenshyt you sorry assed bastard. Who is the Gaurdian huh? Looking for information for him huh. Get the hell out of here and you stay the hell away from David. You wimp! You never want to ever meet me in person and you go back and tell that sorry assed of a man called MBT I and my friends will be watching for him. We will see how MBT fairs when the negroes I work with talk to him.

Take your damn prays and get the hell out of here and you leave David alone!

betty ann


You and your friends remember one thing I have over 800 strong members behind me in Sioux Falls. You remember that bitch! We do not tolerate anyone who hates America, desecrates the American flag and is an atheist. Go back and hug Barbara Duggan. The nerve of you. I will be back over there and I will tear that damn up and this time I will not be alone.

betty ann d on: Feb. 27 2009,17:45: Feb. 27 2009,17:40

Posted on: Mar. 05 2009,18:31
Posted on: May 25 2008,22:22

We are not that foolish as American Indians/Tribal members to allow a black man of African descent and a dirty white trash woman lead us into the future. We are not that foolish. A Negroe is underneath the foot of the Indian, we know that. He is trash.

I have photos showing the enormous increase in the numbers of white females here in Sioux Falls that have practically ran searching for a Negroe to cradle. Playing like they have a piece of Barack Obama. At the first gathering of the opening of the Barack headquarters many men from Kenya, Ethiopa, Somolia were all standing there black as hell with white women, smiling cheesey, yet talked like Ubangis with chap lips. And at their sides were beautiful white wives and mixed blood children.

It is a blessing that many white and Indian females are not falling for this rush to claim a Negroe male...sorta like the opening up of land back in the day. Everyone wanted land! Now everyone wants a male Negroe. The American dream now. Once it was the American Pie, but not anymore. No sirrreee.

Betty AnnThundersky

MORE....... from her on

Group: Members
Posts: 2217
Joined: May 2007
Posted on: Feb. 25 2009,17:04

Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

I would like to hear from you Barbara and your inner desire as a Indian woman to see how you would open and handle a Black Civil Rights Office primarily for blacks Oh and for others with black blood.

Be brief and professional in your responses. How would you get started and where would your experience come from.

It is my understanding that you hold the Negroe sacred to your heart. So please respond. Where would you start one, goals, objects and outcome.

betty ann
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Posted on: Feb. 26 2009,09:18
yep Barbara...if you are not willing to intermarry and make Indian blood quotas include the one drop rule and call your children Afro-Indian then you are Racist Indian Supremist...just like Betty Ann...

This person posted this on He is but one person that has written about this and who have called me and emailed me to stop Betty Ann Gross. She has hurt and humilated many, many people, ndn women, men on the internet from all Indian Nations.

Posted - 02/28/2009 : 12:53:14 PM

Have you read the fighting going on at Badeagle? A sioux lady by the name of Barbra Duggan is giving betty ann(yeagleys' sioux dog) a good licking, and I hope she goes thru with her issues against betty ann racists rants and being a part of the Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas. Yeagley is supposed to be representing the Comanches in this Grand Opening! I hope she looks into betty anns' background and I hope she digs into how much money betty ann spends on having yeagley visit her for her own personal reasons, because he DOES NOT REPRESENT THE COMANCHE IN OKLAHOMA WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL ISSUES!!!!!!!

All one has to do is pull up his racists rants against our new President Obama. That is recently, betty ann says they have been working on this opening for four years, well why did these two clean up their racists rants for the Grand Opening????? I wish Barbra Duggan well, when reading the uglyness of betty ann to her own sioux relation, I could not help but think dejavu!...It does not matter what Nation you are, her jealousy holds no bounds, when it comes to bragging on herself and her Comanche Warrior Mascot, yeagley. Good luck to Barbra Duggan

I will end with this. Any lawmaker in S. Dakota from any city should not back Betty Ann Gross for anything she proposes to do for ndn people in Sioux Falls or anywhere in S. Dakota. She is not worthy of the praise you lawmakers give her.

Barbara Duggan


What I am doing is not Indian against Indians but trying to right the wrong that Betty Ann Gross has done for many years to many people and continues to do so today. I won't quit; until she stops.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Betty Ann Gross Admits Failure in Her Campaign to "Stop the Blacks and Foreigners"

White supremacist supporter/pretend civil rights activist Betty Ann Gross admitted defeat publicly. While she gives me some credit for having stopped her, I'd say far more credit goes to Barabara Duggan for her tireless work.

And while Gross claims closing the office was done "out of respect for Yeagley," it's far more likely Yeagley realized that Gross's constant racist attacks were exposing him and his forum as white supremacist. There are so many racist outbursts by Gross at that Yeagley probably wasn't able to delete them all.

True to form, Gross claims a Vast Nonwhite Conspiracy stopped her, by atheists, Middle Easterners, Muslims, "Negroes," and of course Indians who want to "oppress whites."

An interesting point: Since Gross wanted to get money from the government for her phony "civil rights office," does that make her a "socialist"? Just like the false accusation being thrown at Obama by her rightwing buddies?


This has turned into a terrible mess here in the Dakotas and on the internet with Al Carroll. Indians have been taught to hate other Indians especially in their own tribes and reservations.

Out of respect for Dr. Yeagley and the Sioux people we will not open the Center in April. Instead we are going to use the space for a for profit business. That would be better financially. I have a master of science degree and I and others will share the office. This is probably a heavy relief off of me also. The work in activism and civil rights is tiring....

There is so many beautiful American Indians here in the Dakotas and I do not want others to think that all of us are like, Barbara and I. There are young sacred youthful tribal members who need better leadership and to move away from attacks and hatred. I did my share in trying to stop the blacks from moving into Indian country along with the foreigners and others, but they are going there anyway so I am letting it go.

So thanks Barbara Izada, I am not opening the Office so stop with the attacks on others. There is no need to go that route. You win. Open your Muslim Atheist Black Civil Rights Office now. We will not bother to even watch you....

betty ann owen-gross

Friday, March 06, 2009

Betty Ann Gross In Her Own Words: "Indians Would Not Know How to Handle Freedom"

Barbara Duggan has collected a series of quotes from Betty Ann Gross. Here are her words in all their ugliness, with some pretty basic themes.

In Gross's (and Yeagley's) world:

To disagree with them makes you "anti American."

"Negroes," are dangerous.

And AIM and any traditionals who stand up to the likes of Gross and Yeagley are "oppressing whites."


This was posted on

"I wish Barbara Izada and her Atheist Persian Muslim well in Indian Country. With the help of other anti-American groups and people who despises America and white America and embrace the Negroe we will probably close the Office....

Indians primarily the Sioux and I am sure there are more out there, would not know how to handle freedom.

....Thanks Barbara Duggan-Izada, Darlene Pipeboy, Barbara Ryan and Rose Seaboy. You continue you on with your hate of white America and the oppressing and militant ways of AIM. You are free now to open your Atheist Muslim and Negroe Civil Rights Office in the Dakotas.

betty ann

What Betty sent to Naiche and Naiche printed it on
Posted - 02/28/2009 : 4:24:34 PM

Betty continues to say:
You and your family support an atheist and hater of America. We are America. This is our land....I will not allow blacks to take over our doings.


From me:
Today I emailed all the Senators in S. Dakota regarding Betty Gross that were at the 84th Legislative Session on Feb.10, 2009 where Betty Gross with the help of Senator Jim Bradford presented SB156 regarding hate crimes. Can you believe this? Betty was there talking about hate crimes and racial slurs about ndns and blacks? WHAT A HYPOCRITE!! I have also emailed the people that opposed the bill at that meeting.


Whatever, Betty can email and talk to any people on IF anyone wants to believe this racist, lying woman then they can believe that Betty Gross loves the black and black/ndn people and is not a racist.

She has called me crazy, etc. etc. etc. She's called many people crazy and sick and that shows me that she is delusional. She and Yeagley are the only sane ones and everybody else are insane; Live on Betty but the men with the nets are closing in on you. Step back real far!

My Aunt Darlene told me today that you are walking on a path of destruction and I am going to make sure you stay on that path.

Barbara Duggan

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Barbara Duggan Takes On Betty Ann Gross Yet Again

In her own words, a letter to South Dakota State Senator Jim Bradford.


I am enclosing an email that I sent to Senator Jim Bradford of S. Dakota.

As I said, I will not stop until the true Betty Ann Gross is revealed to lawmakers in S. Dakota and on our reservation.

Your message was sent to Jim Bradford


My name is Barbara Duggan and I am an enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Sioux Tribe of Lake Traverse.

I am writing regarding Betty Ann Gross. The Betty Gross that attended the 84th Legislative Session on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 with regards to SB156 -revise the scope of certain provisions related to hate crimes.

I live in Belleville, Illinois but go back often to Lake Traverse to visit family. In fact I will be going there next week.

I listened to the session over the internet and my stomach turned when I heard Betty representing our people from Lake Traverse and with regards to racial slurs against Indian people. At the meeting she advocated for the Indians and the Blacks when in fact she is a hater of black people and Indian people with black ancestry.

This Betty Ann Gross has been posting on the internet stating her hate for black people for years. She is a member of, as site run by David Yeagley, claiming he is of Commance blood. He is not ndn, only adopted by a Commance woman. On this badeagle site, many Indians have been cut and sliced and chewed up by Betty Ann Gross and humiliated by her for not believing that "negroes" as Betty and David Yeagley say on his site are beneath all people.

I have made copies of all that Betty Ann Gross talked about on that site. David Yeagley at deleted all the trash Betty talked to but I copied all of it before he did.

I have mailed the editor of the Sota Iya ye Yapi Indian newspaper and sent copies of all of Betty's racist remarks against blacks. This Betty Ann Gross, aka bag, as the members called her on has denied to the editor that someone is impersonating her and slandering her and I included in my letter a copy of Betty Ann Gross showing her affilitation to the Sissetonn-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe for all to see on and the internet.

I and my family and the Sota paper do not feel as Betty Gross does with regards this deep seeded hatred for black people and indians with black ancestry. We have them on our reservation and they are as equal as Indians that don't have black ancestry.

Betty Ann Gross is one way towards the white people; putting on a face as an activist for Indian people and against discrimination against our people, including racial slurs that include the "Squaw" word but then she turns around and calls black people niggers.

Many people did not know this side of Betty Ann Gross for she has hidden it from our tribe and can because she lives off the reservation in Sioux Falls.

When I go back next week; I will be taking all that Betty has written on the Internet regarding her hate for Black people and to to the different districts, the homes and asking our people if they are in alliance with Betty's hate.
I will have them sign a petition that Betty Ann Gross should not be representing Indian people; especially Dakota people from Lake Traverse and giving Indian people of all nations a bad name.

I told Betty that she has left a trail on the interent and if she is planning to run an Office of the Dakota Civil Rights in Sioux Falls; that civil rights if for all people and not just indians and that a person like her should not be in charge of anything doing with civil rights with her hate.

I am asking you to not help this Betty Ann Gross, from Sioux Falls, S. Dakota with any help she asks of you. She should not be allowed to receive and grant money for anything she purposes to do. Grant money should be given to good people, whether white, black ,red or yellow - only if they have a good heart that wants to help all races no matter what color they are.

I will be mailing to your office, all that Betty Ann Gross has stated on the internet from and

As I said I live in Belleville, Illinois and married to an Iranian that has been her since he was 18 and an American Citizen. He is an engineer and a very good man as his family in Iran are. This Betty Ann Gross cuts down my husband, his culture and his people in Iran. I will include that in the letter I send you.

Betty Ann Gross is hated by many ndn people. Some have called me from Oklahoma, St. Louis, Mo. and have emailed me regarding Betty Ann Gross and are happy that I am working at getting Betty to cease and desist her hatred for black and writing all over the internet where anybody and everybody can read it. People who read what she writes will think that all Indian people feel as she does and we don't. She is only one Indain woman; but a vile, foul mouthed racist.

I would like a reply back from you or your office. You have my email address - my phone number is 618-741-4345.

We live in a town of 68,000 people. All cultures. I will be writing the Belleville News Democrat with regards to this matter. I will write about how one Indian woman can fool the white people and politicians to thinking that she is a good woman; as you all seem to think.

I need to get out to black people that we Indians do not hate them and have this tremendous hatred towards them as Betty Ann Gross, a member of our tribe does and WE do not think as she does.

Anyway. I am on a crusade to stop this woman. It will be time consuming and costly but if you believe that a person is evil and hateful and from your people; one needs to do this. I need to expose this Betty Ann Gross for what she really is.

Barbara Duggan

Some things Betty Ann Gross has said on

Sorry Grassdancer, it tis the wild Sioux blood in me! Meet me in person sometime. Then you will know why I can manipulate the white man toward my beliefs and why Indians fear to meet me in person. I am what I am..polite and considerate and deadly.

Betty Ann Gross
Advanced Member

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Posted - 01/29/2007 : 1:17:29 PM

Sorry Grassdancer, it tis the wild Sioux blood in me! Meet me in person sometime. Then you will know why I can manipulate the white man toward my beliefs and why Indians fear to meet me in person. I am what I am..polite and considerate and deadly.

Posted - 01/29/2007 : 12:58:33 PM

Okay I will try again...She is a nygga, you hear that a nygga.

Does your burnt offering smell nearly as bad as you being a N?

Edited by - Betty Ann Gross on 01/29/2007 1:03:55 PM

This is but a few of Betty Ann Gross's remarks on the internet on On that site she posts her affiliation to our tribe; Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

Betty Gross has been banned from that site and I have proof that this Betty Ann Gross is the woman same that has talked to you and many other lawmakers. People to back me up.

I will be sending you more of the real Betty Ann Gross.

If I do not hear back from somebody, I would prefer you -
Senator. After all you were at that meeting representing Betty Gross and I feel that I should have the same courtesy.
If no reply; then I will believe that the lawmakers in S. Dakota approve of what Betty Ann Gross is doing and what shehas done to make my people look bad. That would be a true injustice to black people all over the United States.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Betty Ann Gross Tries to Lie, Tries to Hide...But Fails

The latest from Barbara Duggan.

I should also mention that Ms. Duggan is welcome to use any posts here at The ones where Gross claims Jesus is blond and blue eyed, and where she publicly defended the Neo Nazi skinhead group Storm Front, probably are the most important.


Yeagley has conveniently deleted the ugly posts that Betty Gross wrote on Badeagle. No matter, I copied everything before they did; regarding both of our posts. All the ugliness of Betty Gross on paper.

She is no longer able to meet me this weekend because she says she will be meeting with lawmakers in Pierre, S. Dakota. How convenient for her. I say that she has made up this excuse because she is afraid to meet me. Because she cannot fool me as she has so many other people. She knows that she cannot deny the fact that she posted on her hate for black people and Indians with black ancestry and that she would join the KKK or Aryan group if she were not Indian. She told the editor of the Sota that someone had stolen her name and posted those remarks to slander her. WHAT A LIE. The editor emailed me back with this:
I have spoken with Betty Ann and she has not made this or other derogatory statements. Someone is using her name and attributing racial statements to her that she has never made.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

These "posts" are not from Betty Ann Gross, as you suggest.

Someone is misleading you in order to slander Betty Ann.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor

I wrote in my letter that I mailed to the Editor yesterday along with proof that this BETTY ANN is the BETTY ANN that denies isn't her. I also sent copies of the posts written by BETTY ANN stating on
her tribal affiliation with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

I also told her that IF someone is using Betty's name and slandering her; then WHY did Betty Ann Gross not contact the administrator at and find out who was impersonating her. I sure would, if someone was using my name. I would find this person and sue them for Defamation of Character. But Betty didn't. Why? Because, the Betty Ann that says, this person is slandering her; IS HERSELF!!!

LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. She has to lie, to our people, that it is not her because she does not want our people to know this side of her.

I mailed all that I have on Betty Gross through the trail she has left on the internet; to the editor of the Sota. As I will to many other people and insist that they do not help this woman in any endeavor to help Dakota people. Including the lawmakers of South Dakota.

I have included the posts saying the reason she did not want to meet my at my Aunts house was because it stinks and is dirty and bums are there.

My Aunt keeps her house as clean as any other Indian on Lake Traverse. I have been in many. Though the houses are sad looking our people keep the inside as clean as anyone else. I do not see my people as bums. With this statement. BETTY ANN GROSS has shown what she thinks of our people on our reservation. To her they are dirty, stinky and bums.

Oh yes, I am taking many copies of Betty's statements with me this weekend or the following to show my relatives and other Indian people how she feels.

And Betty, since you visit this blog. I might not make it back this weekend but the following; so call me; I gave you my home number and we can set up another time for then!!! If you lost it; here it is again. I am not afraid to post it or my regular email address.


I don't have to be afraid of who I am or what I say about my people as you do and lie and say that Dacotahsioux on the internet is not me. You are a sad person Betty.

Barbara Duggan

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Betty Ann Gross Must Be Stopped

Yeagley's financial backer Betty Ann Gross has said publicly she will, of all things, be opening a so-called "Dakota Civil Rights Office."

No doubt she and Yeagley hope she will do as much damage as possible, promoting racism under the guise of "civil rights." Her hatred of Blacks is well documented, including her desire to commit mass murder against them. So is her love of white supremacists, and not just Yeagley. Gross has publicly said she believed Jesus was blond and blue eyed and publicly defended Storm Front, a Neo Nazi skinhead organization. (Yeagley also has posted articles on that site run by his fellow white supremacists.)

Or perhaps Gross and Yeagley simply want to promote themselves as much as possible, to win favor from other members of the white racist far right wing they are part of, or in Gross's case, act as a token minority and mascot for.

Luckily, Gross is being strongly opposed, especially by Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota people.

Once again, from Betty Ann Dugan, who in turn posts a letter from a D/L/Nakota newspaper editor.


This is the response I received from the email I sent to the editor of the Sota Iya Ye Yapi newspaper read by our people on the rez.

I have known Betty Gross for many years, and am a friend of her son.

I am shocked at what I am reading and have trouble believing it came from her.

If these are truly her words, I am really sorry to hear them.

This is NOT the sentiment of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate as I know them.

C.D. Floro
Sota Editor


When I go to Sisseton next weekend I will show her those words she wrote and other comments that she has written about Black people on

I did email her back and told to to go to where she can read for herself what Betty Ann Gross has said to me with regards to her hatred of blacks and also her degrading words she has said about my husband, who is Iranian.

This is just the start.

Barbara Ann Duggan