Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Do Actual Natives Think of Yeagley (Especially Comanches)?

In only four years, Yeagley has managed to make himself the most despised person anywhere in Indian Country. Some of the more charitable Native opinions on him are that he is too much of a clown to worry much about, or simply crazy.

My earlier estimate was that Yeagley had perhaps half a dozen actual Natives agreeing with him out of an American Indian population of seven million, perhaps literally one out of a million Indians on his side. I was too generous. So far I have only been able to find a grand total of one Native (plus one other who may possibly be Native) who agree with Yeagley's far right politics and belief in white supremacy.

1. Betty Ann Gross-A Lakota woman initially drawn to Yeagley by their mutual support for "Indian" sports mascots. Gross's current main motive for her fervent support for Yeagley is their mutual racist hatred and fear of Blacks. By her own account, her racism was triggered by one of her family marrying a Black person.

2. Barbara Lindsay, of the anti-Indian and white supremacist group One Nation, claims part Cherokee ancestry. Like Yeagley, white supremacists find Lindsay's CLAIM of Native ancestry useful in misleading the naive. Also like Yeagley, Lindsay is herself a strong proponent of white supremacy regardless of her alleged ancestry. Whether she is actually Cherokee is not known. She is not enrolled with any of the three recognized Cherokee bands. Lindsay was kicked out of a Cherokee heritage group and denounced by them as a traitor to Cherokee people once they discovered her part in One Nation.

What do actual Comanches think of Yeagley and his white supremacy views?

"David 'Pole-dances-for-white-guys' Yeagley...he's as far from being Comanche as Tonto was being a real representation of Indians."
"Mr. 'Bad Eagle,' the original hang-around-the-fort, anti-sovereignty supporting, pro-mascot uncle tomahawk himself. (and those are the NICE things I've said about him in the past.) He never grew up anywhere near our community...I have no love for that traitor."
Gerald Tieyah, self-described Comanche nationalist

"I challenge his connection to the Comanche culture and Comanche people."
"I don't like Yeagles anymore than anyone else...I don't care what his sexual orientation is. It is his speaking engagements, writings and cozying up to anti-ndn groups that should remain the focus of concern."
Juanita Pahdopony, Comanche educator, artist, activist, and member of Comanche tribal government

Sent to me from another member of the Comanche tribal government:

"I was researching Comanche stuff on the web, found his website and began to read. I couldn't believe it. I was extremely angry so I met with the Comanche Business Committee during a monthly meeting behind closed doors. I gave them information, copies, the works about what he was saying and doing on his website."
"No one at the tribe takes him seriously. My whole point to the CBC was the fact he was speaking for Comanches in general. I told them he doesn't speak for me or my family. Only our elected tribal leaders can speak for us, which he is not."
"He's tried to get on with the Comanche Nation Constitution Revision Commission and was turned down. He's tried to get on at the Comanche Nation College and speak about his support of mascots, he was turned down. "
"He's tried to get 'in' at the tribe. Everyone thinks he's pohtsah (nuts)."
"A nephew told me David Yeagley embarrasses the family. They all think he's nuts. All he knows how to do is beg for money. He's made his website a non-profit and asks for donations because he is too lazy and disreputable to get a real job."
"He has crossed the sacred line."

Fron another:
“I met Sad Eagle several times after he approached me, kind of scary walking up to an elder, isn't it? The reason I avoided eye contact was not for some Comanche humility, I simply didn't want to look at you, that's all. Let me see if I can remember back to the Constitution Committee's forming, as I remember you had quite a burr under your saddle to get onto that committee; so, how’d that work out for you? I seem to remember you bringing your "brand" of superficial patriotism to the tribal council meeting once; how’d that work out for you? And, if memory serves, you also clamored to join the ranks of the educators at CNC; and, how’d that work out for you? I almost wish you would apply for [Ward] Churchill's job, and get far away from here. We don't banish people, but you have come closer than anyone I've ever avoided. Every time I see that trashy old dusty gray car your mother left you wandering lost around Lawton, I feel like recommending you for that Colorado professorship myself. With my credentials behind you, maybe you’d stand half a chance of getting it. But the educator in me would never inflict that upon any student. The thought of you 'grading' them.”

“He's been turned down by everything and everyone at the Comanche tribe. Wow, who would have thought someone so educated and 'revered' in 'conservative' 'non-Native' circles would not be considered. I guess he has ZERO power in the tribe even though he capitalizes on the connection ad nauseam.”

Natives from other tribes join in the angry criticism:

“He is a pathetic loser and leech….Guy is a piece of ****. And then he insults the ancestors of the Caribbean. If he would have said that to my grand parents or any Guajiro or Jibaro in the good old days, he would be sure to find a machete shoved far up his ***. Then he most likely probably would be tasting metal...I mean, what, he thinks he is invoking the spirits? He is as red as an apple, yellow as a twinkie, brown as a potato.”

"That hateful man."
Bee Neidlinger, Munsee traditionalist, founder of Yahoo group Ancient Native Heritage

"Indian Country's favorite Michael Jackson look alike....Thank god we have Yeagley! Or else Indians wouldn't know what their identity is...You can bet he left all those white ladies disappointed that night [speaking before a meeting of anti-Indian groups.] Yet another characteristic he shares with Michael Jackson!"
"No one ever accused Dr. David Yeagley of being in touch with Indian Country."
In the Hoop

"An Indian liberal for David's purposes is someone who supports, well, being Indian... He seems to be against anyone more famous or liked than him. Of course that covers just about everyone, so he is fond of attacking every respectable Indian leader and policy of self-determination.
Yeagley seems to hate Indianness...More than anything else he angers many Native Americans with these hateful tomes against Indian people...We understand why he hates Indians: He's not one."
Cinda Hughes, Kiowa activist and activist for the disabled

"The darling of the right wingnuts...Nearly a lifer of a student...There's nothing in his writing to suggest any knowledge of tribal ways and protocols or involvement with actual Indian people... The more he publishes, the more he reveals his ignorance about Indian country...He never misses a chance to call Indian people names...[He] resembles the white men who used to wear feathers and tan pancake make-up for old cowboy-and-Indian movies...He shrieks about being a warrior and a patriot, but has never faced combat or donned a uniform. The closest he's been to war was a visit in 2001 to the Museum of the U.S. Army 45th Infantry Division."
Suzan Harjo, Cheyenne author and activist

"Why is Mr. Yeagley a hypocrite? Because he ‘resents’ lies, although he champions them if carried out by leaders he favors."
"Mr. Yeagley’s efforts are nothing but a game of contextual pile-on: to see how much added denigration can be piled onto the original slander to increase its rank stench."
"Mr. Yeagley’s pseudo-arguments are mostly racial and misogynist attacks that are cloaked as advice, ‘attack-advice,’ that serve only to denigrate people of color and women. Mr. Yeagley appears to be following the standard ‘talking points’ coming from the right-wing warmongers and war profiteers, without any serious examination."
"What he does appears to directly coincide with those whom he wishes to please in order to keep his fake warrior facade alive."
Brent Michael Davids, Mohican composer and activist

"White people stand up. Yeagley's suggested position for Indians is kissing white behinds. How much more proof do you need that this guy is a freaking traitor and a racist?"
Jake Al Reum, Assiniboine/Dakota/Ojibwe activist

"Is it better to completely ignore these nuts or keep bashing them? How many articles have been written about Yeagley's overnight wannabe antics? Yeagley is like a pest you can't get rid of... Him and that white woman with an adam's apple do not speak for American Indians that's for sure!"

The list of Natives opposed to Yeagley could go on and on since it includes literally every Indian who ever heard of him outside of Gross (and possibly Lindsay.)

The most striking lack of support for Yeagley comes from his own alleged family. Not even his own supposed brothers or sister by blood come forward to defend him. They have not done this even to point out he is not lying about being related to them or disprove what is widely known, that he was adopted.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?

This first link below is David Yeagley as he looked back in September 1999, before he made a calculated career move to become a (white imposter playing a) professional token Indian who would defend virtually any racist claim about Natives and dedicate himself to undermining every Native cause he could. As you can see, David Yeagley back in 1999 had short curly brown hair, wore no Indian jewelry, and did not pose at all as the stereoytpe of what he believes an Indian should look like.

That's Yeagley in the middle, despite the paper's false ID. The student paper writer, Erin Wallace, confused Yeagley with his friend Jerod Tate. That can easily be confirmed by doing an image search for Tate. (Tate is virtually the only Native to have anything to do with Yeagley, though there is no sign Tate agrees with Yeagley's politics.) Here's the photo in context:

By September of 2001 and in all later photos, Yeagley's appearance changed dramatically. As you can see, Yeagley's cheeks, cheekbones, and eyes look entirely different.

Yeagley also grew out his hair, straightened it, and possibly dyed it from what earlier looked to be medium or light brown to its present color resembling black shoe polish. We can surmise Yeagley's hair is medium or or light brown because it appears the same color as Jerod Tate's, and Tate had brown hair in the photos I found online, such as at his own website at http://www.taloaproductions.com/Images/Publicity/Jerod%20Tate-Serious-B&W.jpg. Notice also that in the second photo Yeagley is using makeup on his cheeks as well as eyes. He did this to hide what seems to be very bad acne scars, evident in this later photo.

Incidentally, I'm not the only person amused by Yeagley's choice of what he thinks are "Indian looking" clothes. Where did he get the idea that Natives wear a lot of turtlenecks and 1960s Nehru-style jackets and shirts?

How do we account for this dramatic change in appearance in such a short time, less than two years at the most? One of the most widespread rumors is that David Yeagley had plastic or cosmetic surgery. It's become something of a running joke, one that's earned him the nickname "Michael Jackson." For example:

(Yeagley's use of makeup, effeminate appearance, and speculation about his sexual preferences also play a part in his nickname. In his fifties, Yeagley has never married or even mentioned a significant other, either male or female, in his life. His frequent gay-bashing and intense anger towards women, even joking about and defending sexual violence against women, adds to that speculation. A number of members of his own message board tell me they believe he is either a self-hating gay man or had such disastrous relations with women that he remains celibate. Several also believe he is actually masturbating when he is spouting racist abuse or hatred for women and gays.

Within most American Indian cultures, if he were actually gay that would not be any reason to condemn him. Many American Indian cultures traditionally accepted same-sex marriages, for example. It's his likely hypocrisy and self-hatred which is the issue.)

Proving he had plastic surgery is difficult. Medical records are confidential, after all. Even professional plastic surgeons disagree on the degree of Michael Jackson's (the actual Jackson) surgery, for example. His drastically changed appearance could also partly come from severe illness causing a dramatic weight loss. Finally, one of the members of Yeagley's board suggested to me just the opposite, that at a younger age Yeagley appeared "more Indian." Then later on he experimented with trying to make himself look as white as possible, curling and dying his hair brown and wearing makeup to lighten his skin.

Which of these is true is ultimately only known by Yeagley and his doctors. His doctors are sworn by oath to say nothing, and Yeagley has never been inclined to be truthful about ANY subject, period.

The hair and clothing we can be more definite about: Yeagley changed them to fit his bizarre stereotype of what a "patriot Indian" looks like. But whoever told him either Natives or rightwingers wear turtlenecks and Nehru jackets, or pancake makeup? And why aren't those on the far right laughing as much at Yeagley's bizarre appearance as Indian Country is? After all, Yeagley's attempts to "look Indian" are as laughable as his claim to speak for ANY Native people, or be one himself.

A final point: Tryworks.org posted a hilarious side by side comparison of David Yeagley and Michael Jackson. See for yourself how Yeagley got his nickname.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Lovefest Between Two Deniers of Genocide: Ann Coulter Speaks with Faux-Comanche David Yeagley

When will the mainstream media develop enough spine to call Ann Coulter what she is, a virulent racist rather than a conservative?The late father of modern conservatism, Barry Goldwater, was dead set against bigotry of any kind, as are many other conservatives. Goldwater received some support from American Indians and displayed a Navajo tattoo on his forearm. But Coulter and Yeagley and others posing as "conservatives" routinely show themselves to be to the right of Pat Buchanan (in Yeagley's case, to the right of David Duke) and rarely get hard questions from an easily intimidated or ignorant mainstream media.

Within Indian Country, a white supremacist posing as Comanche named David Yeagley is widely regarded as either a pariah or a joke. Nothing could further confirm these impressions than Yeagley's embrace and embarassing outright worship of Ann Coulter. In Yeagley's interview, offensively titled, "The Great White Woman Speaks," Coulter spent most of her time denying or defending genocide carried out against American Indians.

Much like Coulter's writings, Yeagley began his race baiting in the title. US presidents were generally "great white fathers" by American Indian leaders, which Yeagley is certainly not. Coulter has no simple human decency, much less greatness about her. She displayed her racist hatred for American Indians in a previous article, "The Little Injun That Could." In it, Coulter gleefully reveled in tasteless and viciously racist jokes about genocide: "Time to pack up the tipi and hit the Trail of Tears!"

Yeagley obviously knew nothing behind the actual meaning of terms like "great white father." Washington and other presidents were give this title to remind them that fathers protect their children, not destroy them or abuse them.

"Dr. David Yeagley interviews Ann Coulter."

The public should not be confused by Yeagley's title of "doctor." Yeagley routinely claims expertise in history, culture, and current affairs. His actual degree was in music, and his accomplishments in academia are almost nonexistent. Yeagley is largely a paid blogger for the far right, hired by David Horowitz to be a professional token Indian. (The problems is that all evidence points towards Yeagley as a white imposter.)

"I think of Ann as the Great White Woman--not to be confused with the Great White Buffalo Woman, of course."

Here Yeagley is deliberately trying to bait American Indians who hold White Buffalo Woman as a sacred figure.

"Yeagley: My place in society as an American Indian patriot is regarded as disingenuous by many."

Actually it would be regarded as treasonous, were Yeagley actually Indian. For a Native to call one's self a patriot would mean they were an "apple Indian" (white on the inside) and no longer identified with their tribal nation. All further quotes below come from Coulter.

"The record of Medals of Honor won by Indians is astonishing. Their service in the military is well known to every American who is not a half-wit—i.e. everyone but liberals. "

What should be astonishing to Coulter is the number of Medals of Honor denied to American Indians (as well as Blacks and Latinos) who deserved them, because of racism. What also should astonish and disgust anyone is who not a half-wit (i.e. everyone but Coulter, Yeagley, and their supporters) is the way Medals of Honor were awarded to soldiers who slaughtered Native non-combatants. The most notorious case is the massacre at Wounded Knee. Despite protests by American Indians for decades, the military refuses to rescind the awarding of those medals.

What also might astonish Coulter is the amount of draft resistance long practiced by American Indians, as well as how American Indians overwhelmingly opposed the current war long before the rest of the American public. Natives oppose this war (among other reasons) because they see parallels between how Native tribes were treated then and how the Middle East is being treated today.

Among scholars who've written on Native veterans, you can find liberals like Alison Bernstein as well as conservatives like Donald Parman.

"The code talkers could have chattered away on open phone lines and the Japanese wouldn't have been able to break it."

Wrong. Coulter shows her ignorance here. The Code Talkers didn't just "chatter way" in their own language. They invented a complex code that other Navajos could not understand either, as the Japanese Imperial Army found out when they unsuccessfully tortured Navajo soldiers.

"Another interesting fact about Indians: As a group, they are generally immune from a fear of heights, which is why iron workers are disproportionately Indians. "

Wrong again. This is racist garbage designed to make Natives seem less human, much like the accounts I've found of white Army officers who thought Indians could see in the dark like cats. Plenty of Indians have a fear of heights, including friends of mine who work construction. Iron workers in the New York area are actually disproportionately Mohawk, who have a long tradition of ironwork going back to before Europeans arrived. In much of the country, ironworkers are mostly Latino. Paul Rodriguez jokes that the last time a white guy worked construction was one of the Village People.

"The relationship of the White Man to the Indians is a complicated history. By the standards of the world at that time, it was better than most."

Wrong again, and an outright lie. American Indian tribes generally treated whites far better than they were treated in turn. That's why so many whites eagerly left colonial villages to join Indian tribes. Anyone doubting that should read James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me.

"African Muslims were still enslaving anyone they could get hands on well into the 19th century."

Is that supposed to mean whites were somehow better? It's stereotypical for Coulter to claim that all of one ethnic group is collectively better or worse. Some white Americans were still enslaving Native from tribes such as the Navajo well into the 20th century, as late as 1910. Other whites in places like Brazil were still enslaving Africans up to the end of slavery there in 1880.

"The Apaches and Iroquois were brutal mothers -- not only to the White Man, but to other Indians."

Wrong yet again. Coulter is confusing being good warriors and having good military tactics with brutality. The historical record shows some whites slaughtering Apache and Iroquois civilians, women, children, elderly, burning villages and food stores, and the rape of women and girls, far more than the other way around.

"In fact, a lot of the initial contacts between European settlers and Indians in the East -- we're required not to know this now - consisted of completely unprovoked attacks by the Indians."

Interesting that Coulter could not name one single instance of that actually happening. The simple reason is that there were no cases like that. Some European "settlers," on the other hand, practiced genocide against the Pequots who had done nothing to provoke it. The Pilgrims and Roger's Rangers both practiced cannibalism, eating dead American Indian corpses. In King Phillip's War, many English colonists even slaughtered huge numbers of Christian Indians who had committd no offense.

"It was the Cherokees who really got screwed, which was entirely the doing of racist scumbag Andrew Jackson, Democrat. Jackson broke treaties, evicted the Cherokees and sent them off to Oklahoma. Did I mention that Jackson was a Democrat?"

Did Coulter also mention that the Democrats were a conservative party at the time? No? What a surprise.

"In New England, the settlers were perfectly fair to the Indians -- much nicer than the Spanish were. "

Wrong yet again, in several ways. In New England, the settlers WERE the Indians, who had settled villages and agriculture. Europeans were the nomads coming from thousands of miles away. Again, these Europeans wanderers practiced wars of extermination against the Pequots and even against Christianized Indians in praying towns.

The Spanish actually had a far better record, which is why there are so many more Indians south of the Rio Grande than north of it. Spanish heros like Bartholome de Las Casas argued conquest was un-Christian and the work of Satan. But of course Coulter has to smear the Spanish since she sees them as "less white."

"The French were supposedly the most benign, but that's because the French never sent people to America in great numbers."

Wrong again. Actually the French were the most benign because they depended on Natives for the fur trade.

"The first instinct of the English was to make treaties with the Indians and purchase their land, not to steal it."

The first instinct and practice of the English was to go to war. They generally made treaties when they were losing to Natives.

"The worst thing that happened to the Indians in New England was that they had no immunity from European diseases like smallpox. Despite the claims of semi-retards like fake-Indian Ward Churchill, it is preposterous that this was done intentionally."

Wrong again. We have the diary of British General Amherst himself stating that smallpox was spread intentionally.

And it's more than a little ironic for Coulter to complain about Ward Churchill when she's promoting a white supremacist imposter like Yeagley. Didn't Yeagley's resemblance to Michael Jackson, post-surgeries, give her a clue that he's not Native?

"The settlers wouldn't have known enough about transmission of diseases to do it on purpose."

Wrong again. Try repeating this after me, Ms. Coulter: You don't have to be white to be a settler. It is racist to equate white with settler or settled.

People knew enough about the transmission of disease to practice biological warfare even in ancient times. Many ancietn and medieval armies tried to break sieges using dead animals to infect cities or their water supplies.

"Violating Indian treaties was generally not official government policy."

Wrong again. Without exception, every last treaty the US had with Natives was broken.

"The problem was that settlers just kept moving into Indian territories and the government didn't stop them -- much like illegal immigration today."

So would Coulter deport all whites west of the original thirteen colonies?

Didn't think so.

"Republicans have a good record on Indians because we admire fighters. From George Washington and the Federalists to Richard Nixon, right-wingers have treated Indians well."

Coulter conspicuously left out Reagan, who directly caused the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Indians in Guatemala, El Salvador, and elsewhere. Washington called for the extermination of Natives. Nixon used federal agents to crush Native activism and civil rights movements. As my conservative mentor, Donald Parman, pointed out to me, Nixon made a few token concessions to Natives so his party could give the appearance of not being racist but would not have to give concessions to Blacks. After all, South Dakota and Oklahoma weren't important states for Republicans to win, but the Deep South was. Many important rights for Native people were also won during the Carter administration.

"Even when Democrats were supposed to be the big multicultural party, the one Indian in the Senate, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, became a Republican."

Coulter keeps falling for whom she thinks is an Native. Jodi Rave recently wrote an article pointing out that Ben Campbell is actually Portugese.

"All true right-wingers are big Indian fans."

A lot of rightwingers are big fans of what they IMAGINE Indians to be like. Many others, like David Duke, Pat Buchanan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, are vicious racists who openly despise Natives. Many rightwingers also promote people they falsely believe to be Indians, such as Ben Campbell and, of course, David Yeagley. As I already pointed out, Reagan has the blood of a lot of Native people on his hands, and Nixon did all he could to crush Native activism.

To paraphrase what Yeagley often says, Republicans do nothing for Indians but kill them, take away their rights, or tell lies about them.

"Ridiculous court rulings have made reservations havens for gambling, which is a real sickness."

Wrong yet again. Native gaming makes up only 2% of the gambling in the US. Christian churches, white businessmen like Donald Trump, and overseas gambling from Great Britain each make up a far greater share of gambling than Native tribes. Coulter is either race baiting or ignorant.

"[Indians] are a nationality, as distinct a group within America as the Mormons, the Amish, Hassidic Jews, and the Osbourne family."

Wrong one more time. Natives are actually HUNDREDS of nations, as distinct from each other as Swedes are from Greeks. Or as distinct as Coulter and Yeagley are from actual conservatives or decent human beings.

"[Indian mascots] is a completely synthetic issue ginned up by idiot liberals to create more whining victims."

Wrong yet one more time. Leaders opposing "Indian" mascots are all from within Native communities, highly respected people like Charlene Teeters and Dr. Cornel Pewewardy. I do not know of one single activist on the mascot issue who is either white or a liberal.

"The idea that Indian mascots are condescending toward Indians is insane."

Not condescending, which is what Coulter is being throughout this interview. Indian mascots are racist, ignorant, and stereotypical.

"Republicans consider Indians valued and honored members of our community and view them with real veneration -- not the sentimental crap you get from liberals."

It's curious that Yeagley didn't speak up here, because he's one of the biggest defenders of that "sentimental crap" i.e. stereotypes of the Noble Savage.

"Fenimore Cooper established the Indian as the archetype of American freedom."

Actually most scholars would say that happened much earlier with people like Ben Franklin and Rousseau. Cooper established many of the early stereotypes. More talented writers like Mark Twain mocked Cooper endlessly.

"Okay, fine, we'll live like the Indians, but start getting used to a fair amount of cruelty to animals."

Cruelty? Since when have American Indians done anything even remotely close to Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo?

Through this and other articles, Coulter confirms her place in life as a professional bigot for profit, a woman utterly out of balance with the world around her who should be pitied as much as defended against. She apparently has added American Indians to the list of groups she feels she can disparage without fear of damage to her career, alongside Arabs, Muslims, and gays. That Yeagley spent the interview soliciting these opinions and aproving of them only shows how little credilibity his claim of being Comanche or speaking for American Indians should be given.

To find out more about Yeagley's lies and false claims, see not only www.davidyeagley.org, but also the brand new www.badeagle.org.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yeagley Humiliates Himself Repeatedly With His Ignorance

Yeagley has lashed out at this educational website, and the response to him has been pretty uniform. We're all pretty amused at how Yeagley couldn't resist showing the whole world (yet again) just how ignorant he is. Not simply about Natives, but about the world of academia and his own lack of basic research skills.

From another website where we discussed Yeagley, we talked about his bigoted gay-bashing of one of his critics:

Dr. Al Carroll Says: October 16th, 2006 at 11:29 pm
"I had the same reaction: A guy like Yeagley who resembles Michael Jackson at his most effeminate likely goes into his frequent bouts of gay-bashing to hide his own “tendencies.”
“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Just with Yeagley’s hypocrisy and hatred.
And I found that part of Yeagley’s post about me pretty amusing. The best he could do was sputter incoherently.
One final point: I will bet right now Yeagley will break his promise to say nothing more about my site, and in less than two weeks."

Charley Arthur Says: October 17th, 2006 at 2:18 am
"Interesting gaff in Yeagley’s super-Indian schtick.
Yeagley observes that Mr. Davids “says he is Mohican, but also says he is Stockbridge-Munsee,” apparently in complete ignorance of the fact that Mohicans are in fact one of the several peoples subsumed under the oh-so-indigenous title of “Stockbridge-Munsee.”
Just once, it would be really, really nice if Yeagley had some tiny clue what he was talking about before running that shithole he calls a mouth.
Here’s a news flash, you Klannish clod: The same situation pertains with regard to the “Siletz,” “Warm Springs,” and a bunch of others.
Next, we’ll give you a few tips on the Comanches.
What a slimy fucking fraud you are, Yeagley… "

John Moredock Says: October 17th, 2006 at 2:18 pm
"Well, the Michael Jackson comparison had me in stitches for about ten minutes, Mr. Carroll. So thank you.
And there’s no way in hell I’d take you up on any bet that runs contrary to Yeagley’s obsessive compulsions. I have no doubt but you’re right on there."

This isn't the first time Yeagley's embarassed himself like this. Several years ago he proposed that American Indians start their own bank. The problem? There ALREADY were more than two dozen Native-owned or operated banks and credit unions. Some of them were decades old and had been widely reported about in not just the Native press, but on shows like 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Frontline. Several of these Native banks were short distances from Yeagley's home address. When Yeagley made the proposal, Native audience members actually broke out laughing. Yes folks, he really is that out of touch. Many would also say touched.

I really should thank Yeagley for giving me so many belly laughs. Never have I seen someone make so many clumsy mistakes at once. To any actual Native, his ignorance about Native peoples and for that matter virtually any other topic exposes him as a fraud far more clearly than anything I can do. For the first time I actually am beginning to feel sorry for him since he seems to be cracking under the strain of his impersonation of what he thinks an Indian is like.

After reading this educational website on him, Yeagley was reduced to sputtering incoherently and largely admitted he could not answer my charges against him. So let's take a look at what he had to say and enjoy laughing some more:

"Dr. Al Carroll's DavidYeagley.org. (Yes, he snagged that domain before I did. I never knew that there were people that cowardly and dishonest, with no self-validation possible so that they must use someone else's name.)"

Yeagley uses the name of Bad Eagle for his own website to validate himself and his white supremacist beliefs, white imposter that he is. So by his own argument, he is cowardly, dishonest, and of course hypocritical.

If Yeagley is too ignorant to know that .org websites are only for educational purposes, that's his problem. The only validation I need is the praise of actual Native people, who have all been very kind with their words about my work, not just for this website, but for my book on Native veterans. My work speaks for itself, as do the kind opinions of the scholars who trained me.

"Dr. Carroll billed himself as a faculty member of St. Phillips College in 2005"

Wrong again. Actually in 2005 I taught at both St. Phillip's and San Antonio College. In 2006 I teach at St. Phillip's.

"St. Phillips is traditionally black/hispanic"

Wrong again. SPC began as a Freedmen's college, educating former slaves. Of course to Yeagley's bigoted eyes, that "taints" me.

"Dr." Carroll, otherwise not to be found on the internet"

Just how terrible are his research skills? I'm all over www.newagefraud.org, Blue Corn Comics, The World In Our Hands Foundation, H-Amindian, etc. It seems Yeagley can't even read, much less do an online search.

"he is somewhat familiar with the academic world...particularly in the fields of sociology and ethnic studies."

Wrong again. Not a single one of my professors were in those fields. All were in history.

"He thinks listing his professors somehow qualifies him."

To anyone with any academic accomplishment (which leaves out Yeagley), it does. And Yeagley shows himself a hypocrite again, because that's exactly what he did on his own website, right on down to listing ever composer or artist he ever met.

"Dr. Carroll feels completely competent and qualified to devote an entier blog to picking appart every sentence of mine he thinks is faulty."

Well, he just makes it so easy sometimes. And that's "entierly" true, as Yeagley says.

"he is wholly insignificant and pompous individual, with little comprehension of true academic thought and work. At least, he doesn't show any real rigour of thought in his blog. Every blog is a labored distortion."

Several people have emailed me to tell me Yeagley needs to look up "projection" in a psychology book.
And why the British spelling for rigor? Is he going to claim he's related to a British lord next?

"He thinks listing books he claims to have written--which are not listed on the internetand listing articles included in other books with other authors (published by insignificant presses)"

Poor Yeagley just can't resist looking foolish. University of Nebraska Press is the most prestigious of ALL academic presses when it comes to publishing Native history.
Greenwood Press has more than its share of accolades too.

But it's hard to take someone like Yeagley seriously when he's only published by a tabloid, Frontpagemag.com, the National Inquirer of the far right. He's largely been a paid blogger, so naturally he seems more than a little jealous of actual published scholars. As I've said before, I have never seen anyone accomplish so little as Yeagley has in academia. The average person with a Master's has published more than Yeagley. A single scholarly article in his whole career is pathetic.

"I don't like liars...Liars are evil, and create only evil for all parties concerned."

I'm hardly the first person to note Yeagley's intense self-hatred.

"Both Brent Michael Davids and Dr. Al Carroll have lied, excessively. For this, I have no respect for them."

I take that as a badge of honor.

"My readers can pursue them"

Did he just issue a threat? Did he just call for his white supremacist followers to stalk myself and Davids?

Let me serve notice now: At the first sign of any kind of threat from his followers, I will be sending the law to Yeagley's door.

"I'll have to take a Bill O'Reilly move here. I have spoken about this once. "You'll never hear from me about this again"

O'Reilly did so because his lawyers urged him to. He had no case, which is why they settled for an "undisclosed sum" that by most accounts was in the millions.

O'Reilly also routinely refuses to say anymore when he knows he'll LOSE an argument, that he has no answer. So thanks again, Yeagley, for admitting you have no answers for any of my charges.

But not content with embarassing himself repeatedly, Yeagley broke his promise to "never speak again" within less than a single day. He did so by expounding a paranoid conspiracy theory, that there is a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy out to get him.

"The truth is out about Leftist bloggers: they're paid....Dr. Al Carroll has been at it, almost daily...It is incredible....it's the only way I can account for the fact these blogs exist. It takes too much time, too much research. These few aren't just blathering. They are making a serious effort."

Poor, poor Yeagley. Apparently hard work is just too amazing an idea for him. And unpaid hard work, that's beyond his comprehension. Not only do I put out this website for free, I also teach, write more books and articles, do more unpaid volunteer work for NAFPS (www.newagefraud.org), and have also been caring for my mother and my wife during their recent illnesses. By contrast, Yeagley does little but be a paid blogger for the far right. Then again, what more can he do? He already got himself fired from his first (and only) job in academia for trying to indoctrinate his students.

His graduate programs must not have been very strenuous. For mine I routinely put in 14-hour days. Hard work didn't bother me, I was already used to that after the US Army. (Remember, Yeagley never joined the service either.)

It also apparently never occurs to Yeagley and his followers that what makes doing this work (really, any work in Indian Country) much easier is networking, the old Moccassin Telegraph, and other ways people help each other out. I get a lot of material sent to me by people, so much that it's often hard to know which to use first. Material from actual Comanches and other Indians, or people who know (or once knew) Yeagley, and especially from people within Yeagley's own forum. That includes people that Yeagley personally deals with on a daily basis, that he naively thinks he can trust. This also includes actual conservatives who are upset with how Yeagley gives conservatism a bad name.

It just apparently never occurs to Yeagley that none of what I do is part of any Vast Leftwing Conspiracy. (For starters, I'm not even a leftist.) It's a Vast Indian Country Conspiracy that Yeagley is facing.

To paraphrase what Edward Murrow said about Joe McCarthy:
Since Yeagley made no mention about any mistakes that were made in my articles, everyone should assume Yeagley admits I made none.

"my readers, probably all of whom didn't even know his blog existed until I mentioned it here."

Again, Yeagley admits his incompetence. The number of views is right there on my site. More likely, he was so choked up with anger over being exposed he failed to notice the counter.

"Fanatic devotees? (The word is "fanatical.")"

Poor Yeagley is as grammar-challenged as ever. Fanatic is also an adjective.

"I'm not very significant myself. "

I never would have thought I'd find myself agreeing with Yeagley.

We'll close this article with some more kind words from Tryworks.org:
"Dr. Al Carroll (whom we like a little bit, as you may have noticed) takes apart David Yeagley’s Comanche dreams, lie by fucking lie....
Get your ass over there and get to reading. Dr. Carroll has the goods, including links, testimonies from Comanche elders and interviews with Yeagley’s childhood neighbors.
Dare we say it yet again?
Of course we do.
How does it feel, Yeagley, you fucking ethnic fraud?
* By the way, Dr. Carroll has promised the tale of David Yeagley’s undergoing fucking plastic surgery to make himself look more Indian.
We haven’t been this excited about a story since we heard of Dan Caplis’ penchant for beating up pregnant women with flagpoles."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is Yeagley Truly Indian? Actual Comanches Say No

Yeagley's claim to be Comanche is at the center of his success at hatepreaching. Calling himself Comanche gives him access to media and credibility he would otherwise lack for his racist harangues. He'd be one more white racist lunatic few people would pay much attention to.

Claiming to be a Comanche is clever. To the naive it makes Yeagley's white supremacist preachings look like self-criticism coming from within Native communities. At its worst, Yeagley's words of hate seem to provide "proof" for those on the far right that every stereotype they believe is somehow true.

Yet Yeagley's claim to be Comanche, like virtually everything else he says, is almost certainly an outright lie, fabricated for the most cynical and crassest of reasons. His claim to be Comanche does not stand up on even the most cursory of inspections.

For our non-Native readers, there are six standards widely used by Native people to say who is an Indian and who is not.

1. Self-Identification: Simply claiming to be one. As any Indian could tell you, this standard is almost useless unless combined with one of the others below. A great many people falsely claim to be Indian in addition to Yeagley. Whites have been playing at being Indian since at least the Boston Tea Party. Many whites romanticize Natives or want the moral authority and legitimacy Natives have. (I include Yeagley among them, who romanticizes what he falsely believes to be Indian warrior traditions.)

Self-identification is useless unless backed up by the word of Native communities. By this standard, Yeagley is NOT Indian unless he can show other Indians who say he is.

2. Knowing the culture of the tribal people you claim: This means far more than simple book learning and includes knowing the ways of a people that could only be learned by living as an Indian, within a Native community.

By the words of his OWN website, Yeagley did not know (and never particularly cared about) Comanche ways growing up. Despite having a Comanche stepmother, he was never raised in Comanche ways and was never taught them:

“Yeagley’s Comanche [step]mother did not raise her children (three boys and a girl) within Indian culture. She felt that culturally, socially, and professionally, this was a dead end….She also disagreed with many Indian ways and customs. Therefore, her children were raised with the values of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants….Yeagley was simply not taught Indian ways. Much of what he thought was ‘Indian’ came to him through his experience with whites."

So by this standard, Yeagley is NOT Comanche or Indian.

3. Acceptance by a Native community as a Native of that particular community. Relatedness or knowing who your extended family and clan members are remains incredibly important to Native people. Native elders and their communities keep extremely good tabs on who is or who is not related. Many can trace their genealogy further back than Great Britain's royal family.

By this standard, Yeagley is NOT Indian or Comanche. Kiowa activist Cinda Hughes investigated extensively within the Comanche Nation and could not find even one person who knew of him as Comanche:

"Most Indians who live around there own know who is who and what their family history is. Comanches who live around their own know a lot about their own tribal members. They know about such things as marriages, divorces, AND YES adoptions....I have no reason in the world to discount the word of my close friend who works for the Comanche Tribe....Everyone I asked had never heard of him till very very recently. No one in any of my families had heard of him (and they've been in the Lawton/Cyril/Anadarko/Cache areas for many many years, most on our original allotments thank you.) Last year when I asked a particular official Comanche historian about the Bad one's family, he didn't have any idea who I was talking about until I mentioned Bad Eagle (the original, not the new boy using that name,) and then he had some interesting things to say."

Many Comanches also state quite publicly that Yeagley is NOT accepted as one of them. Famed and respected Comanche educator and artist Juanita Padapony challenged his alleged Comanche ancestry and pointed out he did not represent Comanche views.
"I challenge his connection to the Comanche culture and Comanche people."

"David 'Pole-dances-for-white-guys' Yeagley...he's as far from being Comanche as Tonto was being a real representation of Indians."
G. Tieyah

Probably the most striking evidence that Yeagley is not Comanche comes from his own alleged family. None of his supposed blood brothers or sister came forward to defend him, not even to point out he is not lying about being related to them. To anyone familiar with Native communities, not defending a relative would be unthinkable.

4. "Living as an Indian:" To non-Natives this often-used phrase within Indian Country might take some explaining.

Living as an Indian includes both having the experiences common to other Natives and living for your people. Having Native blood or being descended from someone Native is not enough. Did you grow up on a reservation or within an urban Indian community? Did your family always have a strong sense of being Apache, Cherokee, Comanche, Lakota, Navajo, etc.? Did others think of you as an Indian and treat you as one (including discrimination)?

Just as important, do you live for your community? Do you always think what you can do to help your tribal people be strong and live well, or at least better than they live now?

By both aspects of this standard, Yeagley is NOT Comanche. As we saw in number 2, Yeagley had no experience growing up as Indian. Yeagley also does everything he can to tear down Native communities, disrupt and harm Native causes, and urges Indians to accept that white supremacists like him supposedly know what's best for Native people.

5. Native descent by blood: By itself, this means little unless you combine it with "living as an Indian." Many whites have (or claim to have) some small amount of Native ancestry. Many Latinos are partly or entirely of Native ancestry, yet do not identify as Native.

Yeagley himself admits there have long been “rumors” about his lack of ancestry, and often comes close to admitting his impersonation. Yeagley frequently states on his own forum, “You’re all much more Indian than me. So don’t worry about that argument anymore.”
The truly striking thing is, he often says that even to white critics.

A former neighbor of Yeagley's brother and childhood friend of Yeagley's niece reports that the entire family, father and children, looked like and identified as white, never as Indians:

"I grew up in a very white neighborhood in Oklahoma City. My family was probably the only family of any kind of color in that whole square mile. Directly across the street from my house was that of the Yeagley family...who I now know to be "Badeagle"'s brother's family. I actually grew up with his niece (who is the nicest person in the entire world, which is amazing when you consider who her uncle is). I spent many weekends playing at their house when I was a little girl and I was always known as "the cute little Indian girl from across the street." I was sort of a novelty to them, if you know what I mean. Not once in the entire 15 years that we lived across the street from them did they ever mention anything about being Indian at all, let alone Comanche. I actually just asked my mom today if she ever knew anything about them possibly being Indian. She was surprised as hell to find out that "Badeagle" Yeagley was the brother of the nice (and white, I might add) Mr. Yeagley we lived across the street from forever."

So perhaps the reason his alleged family members by blood don't defend Yeagley is that they too are white, and know it.

6. Enrollment or citizenship in a federally recognized Native tribe: But there have been fraudulent enrollments before. The most widely known was the famed Dawes Roll, where many whites managed to get themselves listed as Cherokee to obtain Cherokee land. Several New Age charlatans have also managed to get themselves fraudulently enrolled, namely Charles Storm AKA "Hyemeyohsts Storm" and Brooke Schiavi AKA "Brookie Craig" and over a dozen other false names used in her career as a serial con artist.

Schiavi's case may be the one that most closely resembles Yeagley's. Like Yeagley, Schiavi had a Native step-parent. Through a bureaucratic mistake, Schiavi enrolled and received a tribal ID card, which she then used to give the false appearance of being Indian. Schiavi, like Yeagley, went on to fool many naive whites into thinking she was their "Indian" leader. In Schiavi's case, she cheated people out of their money by posing as a Native or New Age healer. In Yeagley's case, he has used the false claim of being Comanche to obtain scholarships, fellowships, federal grants and employment, first by far right racist reactionary David Horowitz, then briefly by the National Museum of the American Indian.

The bigger question is if Yeagley's boss David Horowitz knew about Yeagley's impersonation, or if he even cares. Yeagley's impersonation was exposed over a year ago, again by Cinda Hughes. Rather than seek out the truth, Horowitz and FrontPageMag.com cheered on Yeagley's attempt to silence Hughes with legal threats. After all, were Yeagley to be exposed as the white man he is, they would have no professional Indian token.

Hughes pointed out that people within the Comanche tribal enrollment office stated Yeagley is not Comanche by blood or descent. He was adopted, and through a state agency, not by Native practices of informal adoption.

Yeagley's public response to Hughes was to issue legal threats at her and at the Native American Times. The Times issued a statement which did NOT back down from Hughes's original story:

"A piece in the 'Whisper' column erroneously implied that David Yeagley was not member of the Comanche Nation. Mr. Yeagley is in fact an enrolled member."

Notice that the Times pointedly avoided saying Yeagley was Comanche. Enrollment was never the issue, but whether he was enrolled by mistake.

Yeagley also produced his birth certificate when critics said he was adopted. But in closed adoptions, certificates are altered to show adopted children listed as birth children. It is possible that Yeagley could be adopted but never heard it from his adoptive parents. But it is very striking that Yeagley produces as “evidence” only written documents instead of doing what most Natives would do, discuss other Natives they are related to.

Again, the big mystery is why he does not ask his alleged blood relatives to speak out, including brothers and a sister. Or why they do not come forward themselves. That is almost as big a mystery as why anyone would continue thinking Yeagley is actually Comanche instead of simply a white racist imposter.

To continue to still believe that Yeagley is Comanche, one would have to claim that all the living Comanche elders are wrong, and that every famed and respected living Comanche leader is also wrong about Yeagley. Even in the extremely unlikely event that Yeagley actually has descent, it does not matter. Culturally, he's white as well as white supremacist. Actual Comanches neither want nor accept him, and their word counts far more than his.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kind Words for DavidYeagley.org

Not to be confused with kind words for Yeagley himself, of course. In only a little over a week, I've gotten quite a bit of encouragement and compliments for this site, both from email and posted online:

"Thanks for doing this website on that hateful man."
Bee Neidlinger, Munsee traditionalist, founder of Yahoo group Ancient Native Heritage

"The blog looks good, Al! I have already passed it along. One of the moderators on NDNAIM placed it in their links section and urged people to read there often."
Debbie Redbear

Which is truly good to hear. The central purpose of this site is to be a resource people can go to to counter Yeagley when he lies, which is virtually every time he speaks.

(I'm certain Yeagley and his supporters will cry "Communist!" at the mention of AIM. Naturally they're too ignorant to know that AIM has done far more to fight actual Communism than Yeagley and Co. could ever dream of doing. Most AIM leaders and members are Vietnam War veterans, many of them as part of elite units. Many AIM members also supported the Miskito Indians against Nicaragua's Sandinistas. Yeagley, it should be noted, is not a veteran. But like many on the far right, he can't resist the urge to smear veterans who practice true patriotism far more than he does.)

Other comments:

"Dr. Carroll, the blog gets better and better. That is exactly the way one ought to deal with Yeagley, defining, dissecting and exposing his racism word for word.
As an academic and a Native you are exactly the kind of person who can credibly burst the Yeagley-bubble."

"Great stuff! I will keep you posted about any Yeagley topic I may publish or stuff of his I see and won't use for myself.
You are quite a formidable adversary for him. I bet he is shitting his pants.
Best regards"

"Hi Al,the blog is excellent!"

"Good. Send it to me and I'll help disseminate it."

And I truly appreciated the blunt humor from Tryworks blog, two days in a row.

"There’s a new kid on the block dedicated to whipping the shit out of our old pal David Yeagley: Dr. Al Carroll.
His latest post takes on Yeagley’s support for Columbus Day. (And it looks like there’s more to be said about Yeagley’s Comanche roots, which shall probably get us adjured yet again.)
....As much of a dribbling fucking lunatic as we’ve always considered Yeagley, we’re always impressed at the depth of racism one encounters when making the mistake of paddling around in his shitty little brain."

"Don’t Fuck With Al Carroll
October 13th, 2006
Dr. Al Carroll, David Yeagley’s latest better, checked in with us here. And though we ain’t much for the Southern Poverty Law Center, hoo boy, are we laughing our flabby white ass off."

Thanks, everyone. Up next: Two articles I'm sure many of you have been waiting for.

Is Yeagley Truly Indian? Actual Comanches Say No.
Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Failed Censorship: Attempts to Hack This Site

Apparently fanatic devotees of David Yeagley cannot stand to see their favorite mascot exposed for what he is. This site is only slightly more than a week old and is already under attack by hackers. There are attempts to redirect viewers to this site to porn sites. There has also been a failed attempt to hack one of my other websites and alter my password without my consent. That attempt was so pathetic it was corrected within ten minutes. So far all our hackers and would-be censors have done is be mildly annoying and amuse me with their lack of ability.

This is not something unexpected. I've been an activist for more than six years. The group I've worked with the most, New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans or NAFPS, suffered through numerous hackings, failed attempts at censorship, threats of legal action, and even death threats and stalkings of our members. We are still standing, and bigger than ever. www.newagefraud.org

All of those attempts failed, just as this latest attempt is failing. What I quickly learned from my experience with NAFPS is to never back down, to in fact push even harder when under attack. I take such attacks as a sign that I'm on exactly the right track, and wear every failed attempt at shutting me down as a badge of honor.

As I did in the past with NAFPS, so I will do now with davidyeagley.org. I will EXPAND what I'm doing, create mirror websites, and spread the message even further.

To our failed hackers, good going: You just guaranteed my message will be spread even further.

To everyone who has written me and passed along information and encouragement, thanks. Keep spreading the word.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Badeagle.com: A White Supremacist Hate Site

On the outside one would never guess that Badeagle.com is a site filled with Hate Speech preaching White Supremacy and the hatred of Blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Mexicans, Catholics, gays, the handicapped, and yes, American Indians. The site is named for famed Comanche leader Bad Eagle and features his photo prominently.

That illusion vanishes quickly once one takes a close look at the Badeagle site and its creator, the white supremacist posing as Indian, David Yeagley. Like Yeagley himself, Badeagle.com puts on Indian trappings to sow confusion and fool the naive. Inside is a site filled with hate speech to equal anything by David Duke (who actually is more "moderate" in his racism than Yeagley), neo-Nazis, eugenicists, and other white racists and supremacists, all of whom (save Duke) have long been sheltered, coddled, and cheered on at Badeagle.com.

Yeagley's forum is dominated by sections entitled The White Race and White Nations.

Other sections focus on hatred for Mexicans and Arabs, with topics like "The Arab Ego-Slavery of the Mind." Stereotypes pervade even allegedly "pro-white" sections on Italians, Germans, Scots, and Jews. The Jewish section includes Jew-baiting topics like "Clues You Might Be Dealing with a Communist." In the past Yeagley had a section devoted solely to support for the genocide Serbia's war criminal regime carried out against Bosnian Muslims.

His unabashedly white supremacist focus has won him the praise of Neo-Nazis and warm welcomes to their hate sites, such as Stormfront, a Neo-Nazi skinhead organization.
“Dr. David Yeagley…has created a few new forums on his site. They all fall under the heading The White Race and include White Nations…Dr. Yeagley has been somewhat sympathetic to our ultimate goals.”

Take even a casual look inside Badeagle.com and you will find racists and bigots of every stripe preaching hatred, as well as non-racists futilely protesting the endemic racism of the forum:

(To Yeagley's moderator)
"You are banning all Indians and hardly any whites, blacks or other races."

(About a German anti-racist woman)
"Nora looks semitic to me... I was really convinced she was negro after reading her outbursts, at first...I do not indentify with Native Americans because in my experience with them I have realized they are incapable of making their own choices."

"There is nothing to respect about a bunch of monkey people that just want to destroy everyone in there path, dry up all the resources and then blame whitey for them being too ***** stupid to see their own demise."

White supremacists even use the site to brag about the lawbreaking they do in their "war" on minorities:

"The cops objected to my fundraising methods, which they called "armed robbery".I beat that rap by framing a negro, but I figured I'd better split town."

Even violent threats flourish here. One white racist threatened a woman (the same German anti racist) that he would have had her father shot.

"The National Socialists were too kind to him. I'd have taken him out and shot him. Call it eugenics. As we can see, bad blood begets bad blood.There's a stench about a traitor."

"The major problem here, Dr. Yeagley, is that the National Socialists were right, seventy years ago...What was truth then is truth now....Something spiritual must be reawakened within us, something that we abandoned long ago and tried to replace with Jewish swill."

"Look at all the countries which are run completely by Blacks. All of them are a mess. They need help....Negroes are dangerous. You cannot live ‘equally’ with them. They either have to be under your thumb, tamed, or you have to leave them alone.So, you have choices. Either leave them thoroughly alone. Fight them to the end."

Probably the saddest posts I saw were from a man claiming to be (or impersonating) a mixedblood preaching self hatred and white supremacy.

"My father is not half black, mostly likely an octoroon, possibly quadroon. The rest is indian (which is really negro anyway) and polish. I don't have pictures of any full blacks in my family but there is no doubt some of them are at least half. It disgusts me.It's not fair that I am partially a slave to my mother's brain patterns. I can't become her, I can't be happy. I can only carry out her mission encoded inside of my chromosomes. I'm a drone. I refuse to touch a woman. As soon as I come up with the money I am getting a vascectomy. The curse will stop with me.The bright side to my life is that I'm not a 100% complete nigger."

"I do consider those indians to be negroes, they are mostly negro, therefore they are negro. I'm negro, even though I'm probably only 16th-32nd. My head is considerably smaller height/size ratio than whites, which indefinately makes me less intelligent. (yes, it does. It really does.) It's strong vs weak, the more negro you have in you the weaker you are, so no matter how you compare yourself to your superiors, you will still always be negro. "

"For now, sterilization needs to be put into full, militant exercise. Round the clock neighborhood lineups to the clinic. All blacks deported to africa....The blacks are the reason why we are in iraq (arabs/persians have black ancestry). They are the reason World War I & II started (jews are the masters of assimilation but they descend from blacks). They are the reason of every single war that has ever happened within the past few hundred years. They need to be deported and isolated in africa. This is the only way we'll ever free ourselves of the world's problems. Sad but true."

"Pow wows are for niggers. Everything is a big joke to them. They laugh and poke at everything because they're too stupid to see the chain of events that determine the future. They're children. They think everything is random in a comical way, so they try to correlate their own mindless "culture" to others for 'kicks'. That's why you see so many of them at pow wows. It reminds them of whatever they think they know about africa which tells them they have a right to be there, because indians have dark skin and once lived in the woods too."

Yeagley also has a section dedicated solely to support of the white supremacist Minutemen. Anyone naive enough to think the Minutemen are simply opposed to "illegal" immigration, read here:

As for American Indians (or even non-racist whites) they are routinely abused, shouted down, degraded, marginalized, mocked, and kept segregated. Yes, on a forum named after a famous Native leader, run by a likely imposter claiming to be his descendant, Indians are kept pushed to the side, caged in, and only allowed out when it's time to be held up to ridicule or be used as Tontos.

Natives are kept segregated in one section on Yeagley's forum, American Indian Dialog, "a special form for conversations between Indians, and particularly Indians who disagree with me."
Since virtually no Natives agree with Yeagley, this becomes de facto segregation.

Yeagley does have a few sections, allegedly on Natives, that may fool the naive into thinking this forum is actually dedicated to American Indians. Mostly they are reposts of news items that Yeagley and his followers can then twist into anti-Indian arguments, often followed by extended preaching of hatred of Natives.

American Indians are a tiny and despised minority at Badeagle.com. Out of 1032 members, by my count fewer than one in six, 162, are or claim to be Native. Of those 162, 131 have never posted, not even once. Most of the actual Natives likely joined to see for themselves this curiousity, a man who looks very white (and by all Comanche accounts IS white) but claims to be Indian, all the while bashing Indians and everyone else except whites. Once they saw the forum was hostile and hateful to everyone and everything that is Indian (indeed to everyone that is not a white racist), they left quietly. What Indian in their right mind would stay there and put up with being abused constantly? Most of the Natives who have posted have only done so a few times, then left, likely in disgust since Yeagley is notoriously abusive himself, especially to Native women. Any Native who strongly challenges Yeagley or other white supremacists, or who beats them in debate, gets kicked out. Yeagley then grandly announces his opponents are "not worthy," itself a race-baiting claim that suggests he believes them to be racially inferior anyway.

Badeagle.com's membership is overwhelmingly white, with a mix of white racists, apologists for white racism, and a smaller number of actual white conservatives who look the other way at the persistent hate preaching. White members have screen names like jackboot, the militia girl, seventh cavalry descendant (the same outfit that massacred Natives at Wounded Knee), and many other labels that say they are racist and proud of it.

A Native woman described for me her experience there. Kept in segregation, Natives opposed to Yeagley's views outnumbered Indians (or those posing as Indians) by the few who agreed with him by more than eight to one. Most whites on the forum refused to even speak to Indians, except to sneer and mock them as ignorant. All of this Indian-bashing went on right under Yeagley's nose, with his apparent approval. After all, to Yeagley any Indian is a "Communist" if they defend Indian ways or Indian people.

In the four years Badeagle.com has been online, the number of genuine Indians that actually agree with Yeagley can literally be counted on one hand. Since there are 6-7 million American Indians in the US, it is no exagerration to say that only one in a million Indians agrees with Yeagley. His support is almost entirely white supremacists and other whites either supporting or willing to look the other way at his strident racism and support for outright genocide. Should this surprise anyone? No, because Yeagley's true purpose has never been to do anything on behalf of Native people. He is a white imposter posing as a Tonto or professional token. His aim is to disrupt Native causes and anything which might benefit Native people by providing someone that white supremacists and others on the far right can point to and say, "See, that redskin mascot of ours thinks just like us! You savages have only yourselves to blame!"

Sunday, October 08, 2006

David Yeagley, White Supremacist

This Columbus day weekend is an appropriate time to discuss David Yeagley's true nature as a white supremacist posing as American Indian. The previous article revealed his longstanding support for outright genocide. In future articles I'll be discussing Yeagley's impersonation of a Comanche (including his altering his appearance to look like what he thinks an Indian looks like) and his incredible ignorance about Native people and cultures. I'll also be discussing in great detail his ties to other white supremacists, including financial support.

This weekend and for much of the week before, Yeagley is in Denver giving his support to a parade honoring the initiator of the two worst genocides in human history, Christopher Columbus. It was Columbus who personally commanded genocide against the Taino Indian Nation, killing at least 1 million by shooting, stabbing, hanging, burning, torture, and mutilation, feeding Indian corpses to his dogs, and rewarding his soldiers by giving them Indian women and young girls to rape as they pleased, including little girls as young as age eight. Columbus also intiated the plantation slavery system in the Americas, which killed and enslaved millions of Indians and over 100 million Africans. (Not that the deaths of Blacks matters to Yeagley. A future article will discuss his intense racist hated of Blacks.)

Today's article simply notes his frequent and proudly stated belief in the superiority of whites over all other races, ethnic groups, or peoples, including American Indians. All quotes are his, taken from his own sites or that of his boss, notorious racist reactionary David Horowitz

Yeagley describing a gathering of white supremacists and anti-Indian groups:

"It’s their people that created America, not Indians. Only a diabolically self-righteous liberal politician would take America out of the hands that created it, and give it to those who either lost it, or never had anything to do with it."
"The white blood flowing is the purest I’ve ever seen."

"Superior beauty is in the white race, with its scintillating varieties of color: red, brown, amber, golden hair... green, blue, light brown, gray eyes. In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore."

"These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie."

"Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people.The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage."

"Maybe Hitler was partially right on 'the hated white race' thing."

"There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups. Love of race is the only 'saving grace' left in the world."

"Indian men... and also typical of black women, together, is just the kind of thing that says these races deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies."
http://www.indianz.com/board/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14169&whichpage=3 (Quoting from Yeagley on his Badeagle forum. Note that the poster quoting him was neither an Indian man nor a Black woman. It is typical of Yeagley's racist paranoia to assume a "plot" by the races he hates.)

And as if to remove all doubt, Yeagley's conversation with a white supremacist reluctant to admit it until he reassured her he believed the same:

"You are simply a white supremacist, complete with a theology to justify it.
THAT's OKAY! I'm not knocking that. But you can't talk about it. You have to guise it in different terms. That's NOT exactly okay....you DON't believe in equality, and THAT's OKAY, TOO. I really mean that. "
After all, the two had so much in common.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Yeagley's Support for Genocide and Holocaust Denial

It might sound extremely strange that David Yeagley would repeatedly support genocide. After all, doesn't he claim to be Comanche? Didn't his own alleged people suffer through genocide? But as I will be discussing shortly in a future article, virtually all the evidence says that Yeagley is NOT Comanche at all. (Absolutely none of the "evidence" supporting Yeagley's claim to be Comanche is conclusive.) He is a white supremacist posing as Comanche.

Yeagley has supported genocide repeatedly, against not only Americans Indians but against Arabs and Muslims. He not only cheers genocides of the past, he calls for such atrocities to happen NOW, against those he sees as enemies of white supremacy. Often he goes to elaborate lengths to deny that genocides were, in fact, genocides. For doing so, he should rightly be regarded as belonging to the ranks of tinfoil hat wearing cranks that make up those who practice Holocaust Denial.

Yeagley has cheered or excused away genocide against American Indians, including those he falsely claims as being his own people (Comanches) on many occasions:

"As a Comanche Indian, I’m sensitive to this history. I believe the conqueror has a right to what he has conquered. No one owns the land. Only he who is strong enough to possess it will control it and the people living on it. That’s the law of war."

"America did not commit genocide against Indians, and in fact was pleased to leave a good deal of land for relatively small population."
"I think genocide is a very relative term....Also, the germ warfare thing is hackneyed as well. It's been around for millenia. No special horror, just the usual....War is war."

"The Indian situtation is not comparable to the Jewish Holocaust. Jews did nothing to anyone. Indians did....Like I said, it was a car wreak.[sic] An accident of geography and demographics. "

Where to begin with his ignorance and racist hatred? American Indians outnumbered Europeans in 1492. The lowest credible estimate was 80 million people, the highest over 125 million. In what is now the US the most credible estimates are 15-18 million people in 1492. By 1910 the Native population of the US was down to less than 150,000, a loss of over 98%. The US government "left" land to Native tribes because it was cheaper than fighting to wipe out Indians to the last man, not out of the goodness of anyone's heart. Entire books can (and have) been written describing the genocidal attitudes of famous and powerful white Americans like Cotton Mathers, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Frank Baum (author of The Wizard of Oz.)

For years, Yeagley has gained more notoriety (and seems to revel in it) by defending the initiator of genocide against American Indians, Cristobal Colon/Christopher Columbus:

"I wanted to lead the New York City Columbus parade this year, October 13th, 2003. As a Comanche Indian, I thought I could touch up our savage image a bit, and reconcile the offenses other Indians have caused the Italian-Americans in recent years. It would be a national reconciliation, I thought. Comanche Indians were not known for kindness to strangers."
"Columbus was simply a courageous man. Columbus was willing to go to a place where, as far as he knew, no man had gone before. This is momentous. This is all I see in Columbus. This is all I need to see."

Again, where to begin with such ignorance and race-baiting by a white supremacist posing as Native? Columbus had little courage, nor did he need it. The actual voyage was short, uneventful, and held little danger outside of boredom. Anyone doubting that could read his own journals. But Yeagley brags about not needing to see anything he does not want to.

Columbus commanded the genocide against the Taino Indians, almost exterminating them. The lowest credible estimate is that he mass murdered 1 million Tainos. The highest estimates have him slaughtering 8 million.

As a dedicated white supremacist, it's no wonder Yeagley does not want to see anything to tarnish his hero. He extends his glorification of genocide to include Bosnian Muslims.

"The track record of Serbia is quite heroic compared to its neighbors....The trial of Milosevic and others, is in fact an opportunity to set the record straight. The Serbs are white, and Christian."

Then comes Yeagley's paranoid conspiracy theory.

"Balkans are a test case for the multi-nationals and their New World Order. They have to succeed in the Balkans, and they think Milosevic is there [sic] key to success. Is it possible that opposite is true?"
"The public does not know the history of Serbia. The "war crimes" for which Serbia is accused have been isolated, dramatized, anathematized. The name Slobodan Milosevic is universally execrated."

Yeagley used to maintain a section of his forum solely to support the genocide against Bosnian Muslims by Serbia's war criminal regime. For some time he's also called for the mass deportation of all Muslims and Arabs. Yeagley's ignorance is not limited to history, culture, or politics, but includes law. (Instead he substitutes bigoted paranoia.) Under international law, such mass deportation is ethnic cleansing and constitute genocide.

"Tthe Arab/Pakistani Muslim situation is different. They have left their own countries, to come here, to kill. Untill [sic] Arab Muslims are all deported to their own countries, until there is at least a temporary ban on all world travel for Arab Muslims...Muslim leaders are pimps, and their murderous minions are whores. Whoso invites and harbors them deserves their plagues.
In the name of freedom, deport all Arab Muslims back to their own countries."

Obviously Yeagley doesn't know much about Arabs and Muslims in the US. (Or Pakistan, which is a US ally receiving much US aid.) Would he deport Danny and Marlo Thomas? Both are Arabs. James Abourezek, US Senator who had much American Indian support? Also Arab. Ralph Nader (again, Arab), who ran for president with Ojbiwe activist Winona Laduke as his VP? Would he deport Muhammed Ali and millions of other US born Muslims? Some American Indians have also converted to Islam. Even if he limited the mass deportations to only those who are both Arab and Muslim, you're talking about hundreds of thousands of good people, including many US troops who are Arab and Muslim. Meanwhile, most terrorists in the US are, in fact, white (and also white supremacists like Yeagley) and claim to be Christian.

Not only does Yeagley call for mass deportation, he has reportedly call for the mass murder of all Iraqis, even women and children.
"[Yeagley] wrote once that Martin Luther King Jr. was a 'blight' on American history and that women and children in Iraq should be destroyed so that they don't grow up to be terrorists."

Yeagley's version of Holocaust Denial bizarrely insists that it is "anti Semitic" to refer to anything as a holocaust except the Nazi genocide against Jews. His position is not unique, and it is one that I am sensitive to, since my niece and her father are Jewish and my sister a Jewish convert. My brother in law's parents are Holocaust survivors, having lost dozens of family members to Nazi death camps. But pointing out other cases of genocide does not mean the Nazi one against Jews was any less of one, and does not offend anyone Jewish that I know.

The problem with Yeagley's version of this argument is that he's a hypocrite. He uses the term holocaust very casually, to refer to trivial and insignificant things, like the time an Italian girl rejected him:

"But as one who had never experience [sic] romance with an Italian female, Yeagley was unprepared for the personal holocaust."

So by his own argument, Yeagley is himself an anti Semite.

Future articles will go further into his intense hatred and paranoia about Arabs. Other future articles will further describe his stereotypes about Jews. While Yeagley claims to admire and defend Jews, like other fringe members of the Christian Right, his main interest is in using their story for his own sordid purposes, while having no understanding of their culture.

Please keep sending me material. Let's keep the public informed about the true nature of this white supremacist posing as Indian.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yeagley's So-Called "Scholarship"

By any reasonable standard he is no scholar. Yeagley’s claim of a PhD and title of doctor are deceptive, since he claims expertise in history, Native cultures, and current affairs. His degree is in music.

While his website describes him as “a published scholar,” it lists him as having a grand total of one scholarly article published in the US.
“Cultures_Jews,” http://www.badeagle.com/html/cultures_jews.html, 7-15-06. “…he has published only two academic papers in American journals. In fact, both works are in the same journal, one of the more broad minded, called the Journal of the American Liszt Society.”

Virtually his sole writings are for Horowitz‘s websites. For a man who has been a student at universities for almost his entire adult life, his articles do not seem to reflect that. His writing would not get a passing grade in a Freshman Composition course. Most of it is badly disjointed, filled with one-sentence paragraphs, with no logical progression and not much thought or knowledge behind them, even taking into account his juvenile intent to shock. For someone claiming to be a scholar (often repeatedly and defensively, as if he's not sure of it himself), he often does not use even the barest of standards. He does not even bother to use spellcheck.

His writing "style" is truly bizarre, like a National Inquirer reporter who enjoys reading Aryan Nation pamphlets trying to sound like Sitting Bull. This is really not too surprising since by his own admission he relates to his alleged heritage by the stereotypes about it. It is possible, though, he could be deliberately dumbing down his writing for those on the far right he appeals to. If true, that is itself revealing of the low opinion he and Horowitz have for their own followers.
In future articles I'll be discussing Yeagley's ignorance of Native cultures and virtually any other subject he comments on.

Was Yeagley Truly Fired for Being "Conservative"? In His Own Words, No

Yeagley's claims of being a professor at Oklahoma State University fired for promoting patriotism are entirely false. The title of professor implies that he had tenure. Tenure is only granted after a specified number of years working at an institution and showing merit and accomplishment by publishing works or receiving good reviews from your students and colleagues. Yeagley only worked at OSU for a single semester as an adjunct, teaching a single course. His clumsy attempts to indoctrinate his students and his repeated right-wing harangues of them in his class alienated virtually everyone.

(Ironically, Yeagley is himself guilty of what his boss, David Horowitz, seeks to outlaw, using university classrooms as a bully pulpit, to force your own political views down the throats of your students.)

By his own description, and the quotes he provided of two of his supervisors, he was fired for repeatedly falsely representing his own views as that of his former university’s. Far from being "persecuted" for his views, his supervisors actually did their best to protect his position:

David Yeagley, “fired,” http://www.badeagle.com/html/fired.html, 7-20-06.
“I was warned not to mention the school name in articles or interviews, except with a disclaimer stating that my views were independent….
‘This is it,’ said Tim Faltyn, the new head of Arts & Sciences. ‘I can’t protect you anymore.’ ‘The administration has decided to let you go.’
The final ax fell in a meeting with Dennis, my supervisor. ‘Yeagley, you’re creating a lot of bad PR.’”

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

This site has no relation to www.davidyeagley.com.
This site has no relation to www.badeagle.com.
This site is not run by David Yeagley or on his behalf.

There is no way he would sanction myself or anyone else telling the truth about him. In fact his own history shows a pattern of trying to suppress through empty legal threats the actual truth about him, falsely crying libel while at the same time himself libelling and slandering his opponents. Yeagley is congenitally incapable of ever telling the truth about virtually any subject.
He deals in distortion, deliberate misinformation, and outright lies as an everyday manner of doing business.

Unlike Yeagley, I take great care that all information in this site is accurate to the best of my abilities. However, if you believe the information is inaccurate, please contact me. If it truly is, it will be corrected.

As noted before, I am well aware of Yeagley's habit of using empty legal threats.

I will NOT be intimidated or silenced by any such threats. Any attempts at libel or slander on his part WILL be met by legal action of my own.

Yeagley and his supporters need to learn the law. Truth is an ABSOLUTE defense against libel or slander. And unlike most of what Yeagley claims or says, everything on this site is true.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

About myself

I thought it important to list my own published works and scholarly training to provide a contrast to Yeagley's own lack of accomplishment. So here, in part, is my vita and a bit longer bio than is shown in my profile.

Dr. Al Carroll
Background: American Indian (Mescalero Apache-unenrolled), Mexican, and Irish. I grew up near San Antonio, Texas.
BA from University of Texas at San Antonio
MA from Purdue University
PhD from Arizona State University
Currently I'm an adjunct professor for the Alamo Community College District in San Antonio. I also taught at Arizona State University and worked for the San Antonio Independent School District.

I've been fortunate to have been trained by, worked for, and learned from some of the finest scholars in all of Indian Country and in the fields of American history, Native history, and Latin American history:

Dr. Donald Parman, Emeritus Professor at Purdue University (Retired), Specialist in American Indians and Federal Policy
Dr. Donna Akers (Choctaw), Professor at Purdue University, now University of Nebraska Lincoln, Specialist in the Removal Era
Dr. Charles Cutter, Dean of Graduate Studies, Specialist in Colonial Latin America
Dr. Peter Iverson, Regents Professor and President of the Western History Association, Arizona State University, Specialist in Navajo History
Dr. Robert Trennert, Professor at Arizona State University (Retired), Specialist in US Western history
Dr. Angela Cavendar-Wilson (Dakota), Professor in American Indian Studies, Arizona State University
Dr. Joyce Kievet (Eastern Band Cherokee), Editor of the H-Amindian Academic Listserv, Arizona State University, Specialist in American Indians and Slavery
Dr. Patricia Etter (Pottawatomi), Curator of the Labriola American Indian Data Center, Arizona State University
Dr. Arturo Rosales, Profesor at Arizona State University, Specialist in Mexican History and Mexican-American History

Publications: As I'm fond of pointing out, unlike Yeagley I have more than a single scholarly article published. I actually have a hard time thinking of anyone whose accomplished so little in academia as Yeagley. Most scholars have published more than him by the time they get their Master's, much less a PhD.

History of the Dominican Republic, Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing, Under Contract, Due Out in 2007.
Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans from Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War, Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.
“If Columbus Fought Afro-Phoenicians and Pizarro Fought Maoris: Other Possible Diasporas to the Americas,” from Alternate Histories: Native America, Croton-on-Hudson, NY: Golson Books Ltd., 2006.
Biographical Entries on “Thomas Banyaca,” “Vine Deloria Jr.,” “Joseph Kossuth Dixon,” “Carl Gorman,” “Winona Laduke,” “Arvol Looking Horse,” “Pia Machita,” “N. Scott Momaday,” “Carlos Montezuma,” Clinton Rickard,” and “Leslie Marmon Silko” from Americans at War on the Home Front, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2006.
“Ending Spiritual Genocide: New Agers’ Abuse of Native People, and What To Do About It,” Bristle, Bristol, United Kingdom, 20, September 2005, www.bristle.org.uk.
“Would You Buy a Plastic Eucharist From This Man?” from They Call Us Indians, (Goteborg, Sweden: The World in Our Hands Foundation, 2004.)
“Shamans and Shame-ons,” from The Encyclopedia of Pseudo-Science, Vol. II, Michael Shermer ed., New York: Society of Skeptics Press, 2003.
“Native Films,” H-AmIndian Academic Listserv, www.asu.edu/clas/h-amindian/nativefilms.htm, 2003.

Works in Progress:
The Indian Soldier in Latin America: Service to Nation-States vs. Loyalties to Native Communities - Using the same approach as Medicine Bags and Dog Tags, a history of how and why indigenous soldiers reconcile service in the military to often hostile nations.
A People's History of Texas- Modeled on Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, a History From Below approach aimed at university and secondary level students and teachers.
A Guide to Graduate School for Minorities and Women- Collaborative work with Drs. Alta Carroll, Lisa Carroll-Lee, and Valerie Carroll. A guide from a family of four first-generation university graduates of Mexican and American Indian heritage who all achieved doctoral degrees.
Ira Hayes: The Meaning of His Life in Native Memory and White Stereotype- Biography of the famous Pima Indian flag-raiser at Iwo Jima.

Fellowship, Arizona State University
Fellowship, Purdue University
General Scholarship, University of Texas at San Antonio
Honorable Mention, Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship for Minorities 1999.


Today marks the start of David Yeagley.org. The purpose of this site is to provide an archive describing the actions and true nature of alleged Comanche and pretend-conservative David Yeagley. Please be patient, this site will take time to get up and running.

All quotes from him are accurate and true, usually taken from his own websites. Great care is taken that his words are never taken out of context. When you see his words preaching white supremacy and hatred of Blacks, Arabs, Mexicans, Catholics, women, gays, and yes, American Indians, they truly are an accurate depiction of him and his beliefs.

Future topics of this website:

Was Yeagley Truly Fired for Being "Conservative": In Yeagley's Own Words, No
Yeagley and His So-Called "Scholarship"
Yeagley the White Supremacist
Yeagley's Hatred of Blacks
Yeagley's Calls for Mass Murder and Mass Deportation of Arabs and Muslims
Yeagley's Hatred of True Indians (From Latin America)
Yeagley Defends Violence Against Women
Yeagley's Contempt for Non-Christians
Yeagley's Hatred for the Handicapped
Is Yeagley Actually a Comanche?: Actual Comanches Say No
Yeagley and His Stereotypes About Natives
Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?
What Actual Natives Think of Yeagley
What Actual Conservatives Think of Yeagley
Yeagley's Ties to Neo-Nazis, Eugenicists, and Other White Supremacists
Yeagley's Hypocrisy About the NMAI
Indian Humor About Yeagley
Yeagley's Support for Genocide (Against American Indians, Arabs, and Muslims)

I welcome feedback and comments. Especially if you have firsthand experience of Yeagley or know someone who does, please contact me.