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Yeagley Loves to Play the Victim

An excellent article from


David Yeagley and his white power blog go hand-in-hand with a demoralizing psychology of victimhood. Yes, victimhood. Yeagley seems to incessantly decry “I’m a victim” whenever someone disagrees with his baboonery, as if losing a battle of wits or word games makes him of lesser value as a person. Of course, he is of equivalent intrinsic value as anyone else despite his intellectually-challenged palaver. The difference between Yeagley and the rest of us is his victimhood, a victim-mentality that rears its ugly face in many forms, most notably in his ‘white power’ caterwauling (as if white folks need a leg up because Indians threaten their way of life).

Most of what Yeagley writes is nothing but variations on a theme: feigning the victim. Yeagley’s blog is a weakness factory for ‘white power,’ churning out linguistic blatherskite about the supposed superiority of one people over another. Yeagley reacts with false indignation whenever he feels his argument is derailed by commonsense and/or community, two realities that are incompatible with his utopian ‘white’ dream.

Meanwhile, American Indians suffer the real world indignities of hate crimes, racially-charged crimes often fermented by those who decry “I’m the victim here” as they destroy lives and property in pursuit of some imagined inequality. Yes, imagined. Indians pose no threat to any perceived ‘white’ existence, and there never was an old “time honored tradition” of white power as Yeagley mistakenly asserts, not today and not yesterday.

This “world-of-white” fabrication exists only in Yeagley’s imagination, and his weakness-induced rants surface in his decries of a special victimhood status. Yeagley is a “misunderstood” martyr you see, struggling against the “darkies,” and in league with those “darky” vermin, the “commies,” "Mexicans,” “homosexuals” and “Muslims.” He is the misunderstood savior who stands alone in the war against depravity and atheism. He is the misunderstood champion of ‘white power’ who Indians will someday recognize as the colossal Comanche savior, if we weren’t so blind and stupid.

Yeagley — the misunderstood victim — will rise up (by the bootstraps of his mighty intellect) to save us “for our own good” and despite our “sad condition.” In Yeagley’s world’o’white, we should be thanking him not chastising him, don’t you see?! He is the supreme victim, suffering alone the physiological persecution of his peers for “our own good,” simply from the kindness of his heart. “Woe is poor misunderstood me, as I suffer the criticism of liars!” discredits Yeagley.

Yes, Yeagley continually plays the victim card in his effort to whitewash American Indian life, rendering him largely ineffective, as well as rendering him unable to appreciate multivalent relationships like (1) responsibility to a larger community and (2) solidarity with others. It is a perpetual cycle of victimhood, ‘playing’ the victim which in turn makes Yeagley become victimized in real life, thereby feeding and sanctifying the initial victim delusion. Yeagley’s world’o’white dream is nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy, a cyclic turnstyle of victimhood. Perhaps Yeagley should apprentice with Wilma Mankiller.

Wilma Mankiller could show Yeagley a thing or two about community and responsibility. Unlike Yeagley, Mankiller works to promote Native values and lifeways. If the Dalai Lama were to visit Wilma Mankiller, I’m sure the two would get along famously. Why? There is a certain level of ‘life respect’ that both seem to exhibit toward others, no matter what race or condition. This respect for a larger community and acceptance of others who seem different, is something that Yeagley lacks. Let’s look at one of his recent blog exchanges to illustrate this point; below, Yeagley feigns anger about the Dalai Lama’s easy acceptance by an American Indian community, and criticizes Indians for being so “naive,” as he puts it (6-22-07):

David Yeagley — “Is that the Dalai Lama there, AJ? Shees. Every clown in the world wants to put their two cents in the arena... Indians are so naive some times... What presumption! What arrogance... Indians don't need the condescension of anyone... Indians bow to no man... I'm against all this hand-holding, this "shared values" of multiculturalism. It incites me to madness!”

Ajibik — “He was invited by the community at Fort Hall after Willow lost her husband and son in a vehicle accident. More of us love the Dali Lama... Here is the article:

‘HAILEY, Idaho September 20, 2005 (AP) — Willow Jack, a dancer from Idaho's Lemhi Shoshone Indian tribe, lost her husband and 4-year-old daughter in an Aug. 12 car crash on a southern Montana highway. One month later, the Fort Hall woman was in a resort town south of Sun Valley, where she met the Dalai Lama at a ceremony attended by some 5,000 Idaho children and their families. Though they practice different faiths, Jack, 24, said meeting the 70-year-old holy man to 20 million Tibetan Buddhists and having him bless her surviving son, Nakeezaka Jack, 6, helped ease her sadness... ''I think we ended up in the right place,'' Jack said from her wheelchair. ''He [the Dalai Lama] put his arms around me and hugged me and said, 'Everything is going to be OK from now on'.'' ...''Holy men, regardless of where they come from, are respected by Indians because we share the same spiritual depth,'' Jack said.’

However, according to your blogs, its important to hear what all these white experts have to say about Indians! I think I see why you are drawing heat lately.”

Respects Nothing — [countering Yeagley’s Columbus Day ranting] “Columbus Day is about honoring a foreigner who has absolutely nothing to do with the making of the United States. Why can't you comprehend that! ??? You get all offended because the Dalai Lama comes over here and brings his blessing and blesses people, but you're not offended by honoring some ‘foreigner’ who has nothing to do with our country? Why aren't complaining about being blessed when some white person says "God Bless you" in kind? ...I for one would be honored and be respectful if I were to ever be in the presence of the Dalai Lama. If it's about culture than respect is at the core of an American Indian culture and your position shows a lack of it.”

David Yeagley — “I still don't get it. Why cater to a complete foreigner, with a complete, antithetical, foreign "religion"? Why act like he has anything at all to offer? ...I see the Mexican Chicken at Red Earth and the Dalai Lama at an Indian funeral as very much the same thing... Brahmans have come to America before and put on their show... This just rubs a real sore spot in me, this Indian naivete toward the affection of foreigners... These foreigners have only one thing in mind: to denigrate America. Christian America. White America. White Christian America is the only 'group' or 'religion' over here that ever face the Indian head on. These other people are manipulaters [sic!]. Glory riders. Opportunists. At least white people spilled their own blood against us. They are worthy. These others are worthless, to me... Man! I can't stand this! It's all about foreigners trying to show they're better than white American Christians, and showing it in the most insulting, denigrating, and dissembling (false) ways.”

Respects Nothing — “IMHO some things are better than your precious white america. Your white americans don't care anymore about Indians than the very people you claim don't care either, cause if they did than all those treaties you talk about would still be honored. Custer didn't die with Comanches, he died at the hands of the Cheyenne, Sioux and other tribes mixed in. Give credit where credit is due don't lump us all into one red victory package, that's a liberal mind set according to you. ???”

David Yeagley — “What blessings? ...A homesless [sic!] alcoholic can wish well on people. What's the difference? What's special about the Dalai Lama?”

Yeagley, as we see above, absolutely refuses to accept that the Dalai Lama could be, might be — and probably is — helpful and benevolent for American Indians, preferring to attack and belittle the impressive monk instead. Yeagley exudes a fundamental weakness here, that Indians are too stupid not to see through the Lama’s ruse, and recognize the ‘covert’ and ‘sinister’ intent of the Lama’s visit. Yeagley, here, declares that American Indians are stupid, and in great need of Yeagley’s ‘insights’ to guide and direct us.

Of course, it is Yeagley that is playing the victim card himself — Yeagley is the one victimized by the Dalai Lama’s presence, and is angered at the ease by which other Indians can accept the Monk’s generosity and kindness. Yeagley uses victimization like a crutch, and slams others with it on his blog, such as Blacks and women. Perhaps Yeagley should apprentice with Wilma Mankiller, former chief of the Cherokee Nation. When Wilma visited Dartmouth recently, she was there on a mission of peace.

“Mankiller, now 50 years old, came to Dartmouth as its 1996 Montgomery Fellow after leading the 156,000-member Cherokee tribe for 12 years as its first female chief. During her time as its leader, she gained national recognition not only for her work championing the rights of Native Americans and Native American children, but for her efforts to aid women and minorities in general. She has talked personally with three presidents, was Ms. magazine's Woman of the Year in 1987, and was recently named one of ‘50 Great Americans’ by the Marquis publication, Who's Who... ‘I hope to be able to eliminate negative stereotypes (New Englanders) have about Native American people,’ she said. ‘Because there is such a lack of accurate information about Native American people the vacuum gets filled with nonsensical stereotypes. By my being here, I can help talk about our contemporary life and our contemporary issues, and put it into some kind of historical context as well’.” (Kent Fischer, 6-16-07)

Although I doubt Yeagley would recognize the supreme value in studying with a learned and experienced Native scholar like Wilma Mankiller. Look at his martyred response to Mankiller; according to Yeagley, women like Wilma Mankiller were “excluding men” as a plot born of “envy” and “revenge.” Yeagley’s argument here is that men are victims of the Wilma Mankillers of the world, and he relies heavily on the victim metaphor in his response to Mankiller’s positive message for women:

David Yeagley — “American Indian women are beating the drum... The Mankillers are pounding away at pow-wows... Why do these women want to do what men do? Why would they want to presume to annex the last vestiges of manhood from their ancient traditions? ...Indian women's drum groups have given rise to all-Indian women pow-wows. So what is the victory there? ...The exlusion [sic!] of men... It is envy... it's all about revenge. 'You have something I don't. Therefore, I'm taking it. It was never mine, but, I want it” (10-5-05).

But if Yeagley did study with Wilma, he would be a better man for the encounter. The largest lesson he could learn is best summed up in the word “tolerance.” If Yeagley learned that one concept alone from a great woman like Wilma, it would be the transformation of the Century. If he took that concept ‘to heart,’ Yeagley might even become a gentleman. One could only hope.

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Native Criticism of Lekay, and Some Nice Words of Support for Myself

From two wonderful proud Native ladies.

From Momma P:

To try and make Al's BQ [blood quantum] or the enrollment he has always been clear he does not have, the main issue , would seem to be nothing more than an effort to divert peoples attention away from the true issues , and to weaken support for the recognized authorities that are selected by Native communities , by weakening support for their supporters.

I don't know Al Carroll , and in cyber space some skeptism is always a good idea , but from what I can see , I don't have any reason to doubt that Al Carroll is an unenrolled mixed blood person of Apache descent , as he claims .

Re: The United People of the Cherokee Nation
« Reply #16 on: November 22, 2006, 09:27:22 AM » educatedindian

Remember I'm not enrolled either, but I would never call myself "Apache Chief of Band X."

From pictures I have seen , such as the one in the link below , I don't think there is much question that this person is of Native descent . I don't think the person in this photo could pass for anything else .

In the link below Al Carroll is listed on a university website , as working with other Native people in Native studies and he is said to be Apache .

Peter Iverson: Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (emphasis on 2002-2004)
Present Position: Regents’ Professor of History
And Faculty Affiliate in American Indian Studies

New Courses:
Navajo History (an upper division undergraduate course)
Director of Students Completing Ph.D Programs in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Total: 14)
2004: Julie Davis, Kathy Rolison (Western Cherokee), Alton Carroll (Mescalero
Apache), Elizabeth Carney Sowards, Michael Lawson

You would think Native people in a Native studies program , living within 250 miles of Apache communities , would notice if one of their colleges claiming to be Apache wasn't . One of the first things Native people ask is where your family is from , who you know , and who your relatives are . Someone living many hundreds of miles away from their community , who avoided intellegent people , might be able to claim to be from a tribe they weren't . I guess anything is possible , but I really find it highly unlikely Al could pass himself off as being an unenrolled Apache , when he was living so close to Apache communities , if he wasn't . Especially in a Native studies program . I see no reason to doubt that Al is who he says he is or to suspect him of selfish motives .

John Lekay has also repeatedly suggested that Al might be considered an exploiter of Native culture himself, because he provides information to stop people from exploiting this .

Re: disturbing? Marlon AKA John Lekay
« Reply #28 on: June 02, 2007, 11:00:59 AM » Marlon

I can say you making a movie about exploitation about native causes being exploited and then selling this film or a book about this can also be interpreted as doing the exact same thing in another way. "

"the fact is Al Carroll is selling books, making films and giving seminars in Europe on his own people being exploited by what he refers to as "frauds and plastic shamans" and then questions the motivations of others like Thomas mails or others who write books about his own people could easily be perceived as hypocritical. You can not have one standard for your self and another for everyone else."

Freija explained she had put her life savings into this film , and after expenses no one was any where near making any money on the film or the book .

Re: disturbing? Freija
« Reply #34 on: June 02, 2007, 03:29:03 PM »

"Mr. Carroll gave most of his money from the European tour to Native causes, and the same way he and another 10 Native writers contributed for free to the bookproject - which raised 8000 dollars to Albuquerque Indian Center - the same way it is my deepest hope that this film will bring money to Native people on Pine Ridge and other places. It might take some years before we break even, though. IF we do."

But I see Lekay is totally ignoring this , and again in this article to discredit Al, Lekay is insinuating Al shouldn't be trusted as a source of cultural information because he may claiming to be Apache for selfish monetary intrests .

"The obvious reasons and motivation for claiming to be of Mescalero Apache origin is usually monetarily driven, promotion of a career, books, seminars, films and donations for websites. Most often, they do this overseas and in Europe where it is close to impossible for people to validate their claims.

Most people would recognize the benefits and realize that this is a great sales pitch to use the name of Geronimo on your bio and to say that you come from the same tribe as one of the bravest warriors that has ever lived. In this day and age, some people will go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's for an audition or selling a book or promoting a film."

I have no reason to believe these defamatory insinuations are true, and I see a lot of evidence to the contrary.

So what if Al put together a book and has helped with a movie that are trying to educate people how to recognize frauds, and some small percentage ( might ?) have gone back to Al to help with some ( but not all ) of his expenses . That Al would even do this is extremely generous of him . I don't see where Al is providing more than the basic type of cultural information provided by hundreds of books published by universities , sociologists and anthropologists .

Beyond advocating basic respect , Al isn't sharing anything resembling Sacred teaching or ceremonies or "Indian wisdom ".

If Al got paid the low wage of $8 an hour , what you are looking at in time put into research and posting on this message board [] alone , represents about $10,000 to $20,000 worth of work . But he doesn't get $8 an hour , he does this for free . And that isn't counting all he does behind the scenes responding to private messages and supporting people who have been violated in ways too painful and private to discuss publicly .

For this he gets constantly personally criticized , threatened and publicly defamed . As far as I can tell , these critisms are coming entirely from exploiters and the non native people who want to be served by them .

The people most commonly targeted by frauds are uninformed non native people , in yet John Lekay claims NAFPS a hate group for trying to make sure these people have enough information to stay safe and make reasonable and responsible choices .

If one person decides not to listen to us , because of your discrediting us and calling NAFPS a hate group , and that person then gets abused by a fraud , they otherwise would have known to have avoided , I hope you will understand your actions have helped to make this abuse possible .

Shame on you, for so childishly trying to discredit us, John Lekay .


And from Frederica:

Since his "magazine" promotes ones like Red Elk, who I think is going off the air, and has ties to Harley "Swiftdeer" Regan, Scott Anderson, Mary Thunder and the Crystal Skulls, I think an attack on Al and NAFPS was expected. Conspiracy mongers are as about as bad as the extreme right including the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Function on little fact, mostly bullying and bad information, if any information. And a certain amount of people will buy it, but it is people mostly like themselves. All you have to do is remember how he baited and tried to set up an elder woman in here, until she called him on this, to see how he functions.

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Yeagley Joins Infamous Group of Racists, Anti Semites, and Conspiracy Extremists

Yeagley recently announced:

"I have recently been added to the John Birch Society's speakers list.

This is an interesting development. I learned a lot from the Oklahoma City chapter of the JBS. (Clark Curey is quite a teacher!)

I am greatly honored to be considered worthy by the JBS. I hope I shall not prove a liability to them. They are exceedingly careful in their communications and plans, however. That gives me great confidence.

Their magazine, The New American, is one of the most balance, carefully researched, and reliable sources of social and political news available in English. The JBS supports the U.S. Constitution, neither the Democrat nor the Republican, nor the Independent political parties. The JBS is not about party politics. It keeps a steady watch on how the parties relate to the U.S. Constitution."

Much like Yeagley has repeatedly lied about being Comanche, lied about being a professional scholar, lied about his reason for being fired from a university, and lied about being a conservative, Yeagley can't resist lying about one of the most notorious groups in American history, a collection of conspiracy theorists, extreme fundamentalists, racists, and anti Semites.

How extreme are the Birchers?

The infamous John Birch Society, nearly twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, still see "Communists" in every corner and under their beds at night.

They are probably best known for claiming fluoridated water is a Communist conspiracy.

And not just fluroidated water. The Birchers also say Elvis, the Beatles, all other Rock music, dancing, tight skirts, marijuana, public schools, "race mixing," civil rights, and even the Girl Scouts are all part of the Communist conspiracy.

Famous conservatives like Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush Sr. have also been accused by Birchers of being Communists.

They even repeatedly accused conservative Republican President Dwight Eisenhower (who also commanded Allied forces in Europe during World War II) of being a Communist.

"Robert Welch introduced the idea of the John Birch Society at an Indianapolis meeting he convened on December 9, 1958 of 12 "patriotic and public-spirited" men. The first chapter was founded a few months later in February 1959.

....According to Welch, both the US and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the US government would betray the country's sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist new world order managed by a "one-world socialist government."

....In 1952 Welch wrote May God Forgive Us, a study alleging "subversive influences" by government officials and their allies to shape "public opinion and governmental policies to favor the Communist advance."

...Welch added was an "uncompromising conspiracy theory of world events, one that blamed domestic rather than foreign enemies for the spread of communism."

According to the JBS theory...liberals and their allies must actually be secret communist traitors whose ultimate goal is to replace the nations of western civilization with one-world socialist government....

As Welch put it, "This is a world-wide battle, between light and darkness; between freedom and slavery; between the spirit of Christianity and the spirit of anti-Christ for the souls and bodies of men."

...he wrote, "Somewhere at the top of the pyramid in the invisible government are a few sinister people who know exactly what they are doing: They want America to become part of a worldwide socialist dictatorship, under the control of the Kremlin."

In a 1966 speech, Welch coined the name "The Insiders" to describe the leaders of the conspiracy.

...Welch's famous book, The Politician, caused a stir even among many loyal Birch members who were shocked by Welch's assertion that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was "a dedicated conscious agent of the communist conspiracy."

...According to a 1967 personal letter from Welch to retired General James A. Van Fleet inviting him to serve on the Birch National Council:

"Five years ago, few people who were thoroughly familiar with the main divisions of Communist strategy saw any chance of keeping the Negro Revolutionary Movement from reaching decisive proportions."

...It was often crude and sometimes violent, treating Black people in particular as second-class citizens, most of whom had limited intelligence and little ambition. In Alan Stang's book published by the JBS, It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is portrayed as an agent of a massive communist conspiracy to agitate among otherwise happy Negroes to foment revolution....

The Birch Society promoted the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen who included a dubious discussion of the Rothschilds and other Jewish banking interests as part of a sketch of a much larger conspiracy involving financial and political elites and the Council on Foreign Relations....

Allen used insensitive loaded language concerning the "cosmopolitan" nature of the "international bankers."

...He included a hyperbolic and inaccurate assessment of the role of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and other Jews compared to the non-Jewish banking interests that grew along with industrial capitalism. The problem was unintentional, but still real, and the stereotype of a Jewish establishment was clearer in Allen's other work.

...In a similar fashion the Society promoted conspiracist theories that involved mild antisemitism, and Welch once buttressed his claims of the Illuminati conspiracy by citing notorious British antisemite Nesta Webster.

...Throughout its existence, however, the Society has promoted open homophobia and sexism.

The Society's anti-communism and states rights libertarianism was based on sincere principles, but it clearly served as a cover for organizing by segregationists and White supremacists.

...That the Birch Society clearly attracted members with a more hate-filled (even fascistic) agenda is undeniable, and these more zealous elements used the JBS as a recruitment pool from which to draw persons toward a more neonazi stance on issues of race and culture.

...Welch tried earnestly to recruit another politician to accept the Birch torch-former Alabama Governor George Wallace. [Best known for his Segregation Forever speech.]

...The group's core conspiracism, passionate and aggressive politics, and its labeling by critics as a radical right extremist group tainted by antisemitism and racism, were seen as impediments to successful electoral organizing. The Birch Society became a pariah.

...The eclipsed Birch Society saw its influence dwindle even further after Reagan took office, and further still after they attacked Reagan's policies.

When Robert F. Welch died in 1985, the Birch Society had shrunk to less than 50,000 members. There then ensued an internal struggle over who would grab the reins of the organization. The victors even alienated Welch's widow who denounced the new leadership from her retirement home in Weston, MA."

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Martin Makes Himself (And Yeagley) Look Foolish Yet Again


An Englishman named John Lekay imagines himself an expert on Natives. He publishes an online magazine, Heyoka, that promotes one spiritual exploiter after another.

Politically, Lekay is on the far left, somewhere to the left of Ward Churchill and perhaps only to the right of Mao or Lenin.

Lekay is largely known for two things:

1. His work promoting Kevin Arnett, who has done enormous damage to the cause of justice for the Native victims of Canada's residential schools by repeatedly attacking anyone who disagrees with him as a police agent.

2. His work with the so called "9-11 Truth Commission," a conspiracy website of a wide variety of far left wingnuts who believe that the federal government (or Bush administration, or Cheney, etc) blew up the Twin Towers with "controlled detonations" or other junk science claims.

With their tinfoil hats firmly in place, Arnett and the "commission" have done a lot to discredit and disrupt good work and activism among both American Indian causes and the antiwar movement. They could not be doing more damage to the causes they CLAIM to support if they tried.

Lekay also promotes a laundry list of some pretty dubious characters falsely claiming to be spiritual leaders, Suzanne Dupree AKA "Looking Back Woman," Mala Pope, etc.

This seems to be Lekay's pattern:

1. Choose the most disruptive, ignorant, fringe characters and blindly follow them.

2. Choose a cause which makes him feel personally good and then DON'T go after the people in power.

3. Instead, Lekay repeatedly chooses to attack anyone with any stature or respect, whoever is doing the most good.

He has spent much of the past half year smearing Arvol Looking Horse with a vicious (though entirely ineffective) campaign of libel on behalf of Suzanne Dupree, a disgruntled former hairdresser living off the reservation for most of her life with the bizarre and ridiculous claim of being the "true" owner of the Lakotas' most sacred ceremonial pipe.

None of this seems to matter to either Martin or Yeagley. Seemingly their kneejerk hostility and hatred of me personally blinds them to the fact that Lekay is so ignorant and tunnel visioned he can't be trusted if he tells you the Sun is shining.

Lekay, after all, stated in a series of posts on NAFPS that he had never heard of an extremely well known activist (Alfred Bone Shirt), falsely identified Harlyn Geronimo as a tribal chairman (he ran over a decade ago, but lost by a big margin), and falsely identified Harlyn as "Mescarleo" repeatedly when he's actually Chiricahua.

Lekay even said that he thought Indians still live in tipis. His only claim to "support" Indian causes is meeting a few Native leaders when they've come to New York.

Like an immature child, Lekay wrote a whiny post on his site complaining he'd been unfairly kicked out of NAFPS.

Actually, Lekay was treated far better than he deserved, and with far more maturity and paitence than he has ever displayed. After more than forty posts in four days, most of them either insulting, downright racist in their condescension, or just plain spam, he was finally kicked off for comparing traditional Native elders to serial killers.

What was probably the most ridiculous demand of Lekay's was calling on me to give out information about my parents that would make it easier for violent dangerous lunatics like John Martin and Yeagley's other followers to threaten them, yet again.

Lekay should have known these things before he pouted in public about his treatment on NAFPS:

1. Martin threatened to murder my parents, not just once, but six times. He tracked down their phone number and was foolish enough to leave the threats on their voicemail.

2. Martin is under investigation and facing both criminal and civil punishment.

3. Brent Michael Davids received a similar string of death threats. Martin now has a no contact order placed against him, where he goes to prison if he tries to threaten Davids again.

4. Other followers of Yeagley's issued a series of threats against the parents of Rudy Youngblood.

So no, Lekay, a big N-O. I will not make it easier for my parents to be threatened again. No one in their right mind would do what you're asking.

If Lekay is too incompetent to think about asking around the urban Indian communities of San Antonio and Phoenix, that isn't my problem. (Then again, he'd have to actually contact Indians who don't live according to the foolish and racist stereotypes he holds, Indians who live in big cities, not tipis.)

Hopefully the fact that the only "Indian" Lekay can find agreeing with him is a white supremacist who poses as part Comanche will shock some sense into the daft Englishman.

Lekay's pretense of being an Indian expert has earned him only derision from Native people.
I have been watch this guy Lekay and his little magazine. He has promoted a child molester as a medicine man in the past.

Sometimes people on the Left are just as bad as people on the Right when it comes to meddling in Indian peoples affairs. White 'do-gooders' sometimes don't know the whole story and attack Indian people with out verifying the facts. Sometimes because they like the person or like their politics they write a bunch of bad stuff and attack those Indian people who are trying to get it right or for the betterment of our people.

That Lekay is one phony crackpot. Really like that pretentious photo of him posing in a bowler trying to look all serious when he really just comes off looking constipated.
When's that fake fat racist white wannabe fool tall-pretend-soldier gonna give up the money he owes you Doc?

I always take Yeagley's hostility, and that of his ignorant followers like Martin, as a compliment, just as I would any other white supremacists or apple Indians. Their lashing out just tells me they're unable to answer any of my critiques, and that I've hurt their racist anti-Indian crusade pretty badly.

As Suzan Harjo said about Yeagley before, "There's nothing in his writing to suggest any knowledge of tribal ways and protocols or involvement with actual Indian people... The more he publishes, the more he reveals his ignorance about Indian country."

John Martin seems determined to show himself just as ignorant of Indian ways as Yeagley. All they've done is made themselves the butt of jokes of every Indian who has ever heard of them.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

John Martin Can't Help But Make Himself Look Foolish

You owe me one hundred dollars, Mr. Martin.

He's made it pretty clear he follows both this website and my postings at religously. Perhaps stalking would be a more accurate term. All he's gotten for his efforts so far is a police investigation, a no contact order, and to make himself look far worse than I ever could.

So in answer his latest challenge. Martin offered a hundred dollars to anyone who could prove that half or more of all American Indians are not enrolled:
"Of 4.1 million American Indians, only 1.7 million are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. The remaining 2.4 million are either unaffiliated or belong to an unrecognized tribe."

The article lists as a source for the statistic:
National Council of American Indians (part of the National Congress of American Indians)
Federal Recognition Task Force Meeting
Press Release, February 2004

Mr. Martin, you can send me the one hundred dollars to:

1 More Time Martin Made a Fool of Himself
In Front of All of Indian Country, USA

And of course if you back out of it, this just shows you to be a liar, yet again.

Much like you lied about your military service.

Much like you lied to your boss about screaming death threats at my parents.

Sometimes the Yeagledites aren't even much of a challenge. Martin keeps getting into a battle of wits with me. Problem is, he's unarmed.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Exposed: Yeagley's Financial Backer Jim Talley

Note: Brent Michael Davids provided much of the research for this article. Thanks to him for his work.

After talking about publishing a book for years, Yeagley finally had one put out. The results are not much to brag about. It's a collection of his rants online.

How did he finally get published? Yeagley's career in academia has been dead a long time and was never much to begin with. He only taught a single course for a single semester before getting himself fired for trying to indoctrinate students with his far right views, then telling the media he officially represented the university's views.

No respectable press would touch the man who wrote a series of rants with titles such as "Niggers in the News" and other articles attacking not just Blacks, but Arabs, Muslims, Latinos, gays, veterans, the victims at Virginia Tech University, and above all, American Indian people and traditions.

Publishers on the hard right don't seem to think much of him either. The same people who publish Coulter, O'Reilly, Michael Savage, and other racists seemingly would not put out his book.

Even Yeagley's usual backers, David Horowitz and, apparently thought his writings were not worth the effort of publishing.

In seeming desperation, he turned to "Doctor" Jim Talley, who claims to be a psychologist, counselor, and author of several pop psychology self help books.

But "Doctor" Jim Talley got his "doctor's" degree from Columbia Pacific "University".

Columbia Pacific used to be what we commonly call a degree mill, just pay the fee, no real effort required and no real education given.

Columbia Pacific's standards were so low, the State of California shut them down and forced them to give refunds to its students.
"In December 1999, the Marin County Superior Court ordered Columbia Pacific University (CPU), of Novato, California, to cease operations within the State [1,2]. On February 21, 2001, the judge denied further appeals and entered a final judgment ordering CPU to:

Pay a civil penalty of $10,000 to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education for violating Sections 17200 et seq. and Sections 17500 et seq. of the California Business and Professions Code.

Permanently stop operating or offering any educational programs in California.
Notify all students enrolled from June 25, 1997 to December 1, 2000 of the injunction and of their right to a refund....

CPU, founded in 1978, was a private, nonaccredited correspondence school that offered programs leading to bachelors, masters, and doctorate-level "degrees" in various subjects. independent administrative law judge who concluded that CPU had: (a) awarded excessive credit for prior experiential learning to many students; (b) failed to employ duly qualified faculty; and (c) failed to meet various requirements for issuing Ph.D. degrees. When CPU continued to operate without legal approval, the California Attorney General sought an injunction....

The bureau further stated that students who received degrees or credentials from CPU before June 25, 1997 should not be affected because the school had legal authorization to operate until that date. This merely means that the school was allowed to issue degrees.

>>>It does not mean that the school was accredited or that employers should regard the degrees as representing education equivalent to that of accredited schools."

Talley's forum (and seemingly his online practice) have both been inactive since 2005. No one can register or post there. Seemingly the site is no longer being updated.

Talley's book appears to be selling at the bottom of the barrel. Just look at this Amazon rating and the going book price:

"True Colors, by Jim A. Talley
No customer reviews yet. Be the first. Sales Rank: #1,884,422 in Books
30 used & new available from $0.24"

Since Talley's books are selling for less than a quarter, you have to wonder where his funds come from? Maybe he just made all the money he needed and quit. Or it could be he found a few (or even just one) gullible person and decided it was easier to milk just them than continue bilking the public.

Talley's book received some pretty harsh reviews.


Too Close Too Soon: Avoiding the Heartache of Premature Intimacy
(Paperback) by Jim A. Talley (Author), Bobbie Reed (Author)

Over the top!, April 6, 2001
Reviewer: A reader
...I agree withn the previous that the rigid, mathematical approach to courtship ("300 hours spread over 7 months") is pretty hilarious. As a Christian, I just don't think it's what our Lord had in mind when He created men and women.

For instance: You have to log all the time you spend alone together.
Time spent in a group setting is divided by 4. Phone calls are logged after the first 1/2 hour. Then you plot this data on a graph, to make sure you're not going too fast or too slow. Handy charts are provided for your convenience.

"I'm sorry, Bob, the cosine of the hypotenuse of our relationship exceeds the allowable value. Guess we can't see each other for a few days."

Hmm. Does this seem Biblical? Looks more like cheesy pop psychology to me.

Another bizarre notion the authors have is that the development of a relationship can be divided into 16 clear stages - and that all men go through these stages in one definite order, while all women go through them in another order. Although it's possible to make some broad statements about how *most* men and women act, real-life situations aren't likely to fit this tidy diagram.

I found this book in a thrift shop, and was surprised to discover that it's still in print.

Another review:

This is the funniest book I've ever read, March 5, 2001
By Jack Thompson (Montclair, New Jersey United States)

What a riot! I gave it two stars, if only for the humor.

There's this chart 3/4 of the way through that showcases how slowly a relationship should go to avoid 'unnecessary sexual contact before marriage.' According to the chart, a kiss is acceptable after a month or so, but anything more has to wait until the couple gets SEVEN MONTHS.

The hypocrisy was hysterically funny. On the one hand you should wait until marriage until you have sex, take your time to establish a deep and meaningful relationship. But on the other hand, seven months is viewed as an appropriate timeframe for marriage. I'm sorry, but don't you think rushing into a marriage is a little bit more harmful in the long run than rushing into sex? I had girlfriends in high school that lasted longer than seven months.

Also on this chart is a squiggly line showing the steps to a harmful relationship--friends to sex in one month, with a little note that says "Too fast; seek professional help" or something like that. Gimme a break--that's not a relationship, that's SEX FOR FUN, pure and simple...

So as I said--I loved this book...until I found out it was completely serious.


According to Amazon, Talley's book My Father's Love is actually cited as a resource in another terrible book:

Coming Out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men & Women (by Bob Davies, Lori Rentzel)

Review of this book:
“This book dredges up many of the same old, tired myths about gays and lesbians that just aren't borne out in decent, valid research”
(Barbara Elgin, April 9, 2005).

“This is a self-hatred guide” (Reader, June 10, 2003)

“As a serious Christian, this book embarrasses me. As a human being, it fills me with pity for its authors” (Reader, July 9, 2001)

“A horrid book... It was filled with page after page of lies...just a morbid attempt to try to scare people”
(Reader, May 1, 1998).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Jane Fonda of the Far Right: Yeagley's Attacks on Veterans, Especially Vietnam Vets and Native Vets

In a conversation on, I received this request to take a look at an article of Yeagley's. The poster asked me, is Yeagley bashing veterans?

"Ok I want your input on this as a doctor of history, so let get it on...

I ask you this now doesnt this post look like some one, who used the illusion of having a so called american indian site...give me your feedback. Either say yes or no to what I call a last ditch effort on CON-manche to what defend himself, by attacking, in what he thinks a so smart way...Nam vets or any Vets, so if he thinks I am with you or you think I am with him I am not...

I am and will be a Nam vet so if you are a VET (I am not doubting this due to I have checked it out,being a so called lawman, retired). So as a Vet you tell me if this so called enrolled breed is still using, or as you say getting Vets to dance for his own uses.

Now again I want an objective view and use your ED. I was defending Ms. Elk due to her father and I served together, and as a VET do you understand that? I want this from you some objective feedback on what I am saying is an attack on VETS, by a person who never served...

Al as a Vet can you really understand what I am asking for, or maybe since your own Father was a career man, you can understand...I give you this You have served your country and are a VET...

I am a Vet, who came back to crap, do you understand that?

...I am again saying to you, give me a objective insight, on what I think is a non-vet trying to defend himself and still not getting it. He is just dissing all VETS, can you see that?"

The article was:
One Upmanship—Injun Style
By David Yeagley

Here's my response to the post at Quotes from Yeagley's articles have arrows:

"I agree with you. There's no doubt Yeagley is attacking both NDN vets and all vets, Vietnam vets especially, as bad as or worse than anything Jane Fonda did.

He's been criticized repeatedly by vets, so this is his way of saying he doesn't care and going on to smear them as mentally ill unstable bullies.

He does this not just once but repeatedly:

>>>military service is hard to top. Yet, at this point, we have to ask, is it really worthy?<<<

He's saying your experience doesn't count for much of anything, doesn't make you special.

>>>A veteran can talk about what he went through in the war, particularly the Vietnam conflict, as though it gives him the last word on anyone and anything. Some Nam vets come to expect it.<<<

Here he's singling out Vietnam vets.

>>>But, if unique experience is the basis of special authority, then many people qualify. Lots of people have suffered long, agonizing pain and anxiety—without purpose, without sympathy, and without honor. Many people have faced death, repeatedly, in the privacy of their own homes, in the quiet of the night. No, not on battlefields where bullets and bombs come at them, but death comes, just as assuredly. There are many kinds of horror. Who’s to say which is worst, or which will render the sufferer the last word?<<<

Again, saying that combat vets suffering doesn't give them any kind of insight. He also comes close to saying they don't deserve any respect.

That's nonsense. If someone suffers and they don't learn anything from it, there is something seriously wrong with them.

>>>But the [combat veteran] has lost all sense of social propriety. He interrupts important wedding guests, on their way to the ceremony. He insists on ruining their purpose, as if this would prove that his personal experience is more important that theirs. He insists on his, over and against theirs. It’s a simple case of one-upmanship.<<<

Here he's basically saying it's time for vets to just SHUT UP. He's saying he does not want to know about your experience and sees it as just "one upmanship."

>>>The sufferer becomes self-absorbed. He can see none but his own experience, and his mission is to tell it to everyone—especially those who have not suffered, who are in fact anticipating great joy in life. Nasty old man, this [combat veteran]?<<<

Calling combat vets nasty and self absorbed. Yeagley is going beyond criticism to make all kinds of vicous generalizations.

Keep in mind that Yeagley was eligible to serve in both the last stages of Vietnam and the Gulf War, but did not.

>>>He definitely wants attention, and special attention—the kind you can only get when you rudely interrupt someone who has urgent and joyful obligations.<<<

And accusing combat vets of just wanting attention and being rude.

How clueless he be? Some combat veterans are trying to explain what they've been through because it's a part of the healing process.

And many combat veterans who've suffered through war are generally trying to make sure people understand just exactly what they're getting into before going off to war again. This includes veterans of all political backgrounds.

>>>Some people were insecure bullies before they ever suffered on the battlefield. War didn’t change them.<<<

Calling combat vets insecure bullies. Yeagley's getting worse and is completely unable to see that HE is the one engaged in bullying veterans by his cheap smear tactics.

>>>They had personality problems before they went in and they had the same when they came out. The military service then becomes a justification, a medal, for all that is ill and faulty in them, excusing every flaw?<<<

Now he's accusing combat vets of being drawn to service by mental illness.

>>>I just know that there are men who suffered greatly on the battlefield, and come back to breathe nary a word of it.<<<

He's as clueless as they come. A lot of vets can't talk about what they went through, it's too painful.

>>>Others, who never saw the battlefield, never had a shot fired at them, can talk endlessly about their great accomplishments.<<<

Well, here I wonder if he's talking about Tall "soldier", who pretends to be a Gulf War Airborne vet when he was a clerk stateside, or about himself, who avoided serving in two wars.

>>>Men tend to be braggarts. That’s the long and short of it.<<<

And ending the whole hateful rant by calling combat vets full of themselves.

It's painfully obvious with everything he says that Yeagley has never been around NDN people, and his forum is mostly non NDNs. In an NDN forum he'd be called out on not understanding a damn thing about vets right away.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yeagley Attacks a Native Ex-Supporter

An Apache veteran of the Vietnam War who posted by the name of Naiche on both and Yeagley's Badeagle forum passed on recently. Yeagley seems to have taken to attacking Naiche, both just before and after his death.

(Update: THere are differing accounts of whether or not Naiche passed away. Nevertheless, Naiche's relative remains extremely angry at Yeagley both for his racism and his attacks on Native veterans.)

His nephew, who goes by the screen name Alchesay, has been posting messages like these below to Yeagley on several Native forums. Alchesay's anger about Yeagley's attacks on his deceased uncle is so powerful it makes it difficult to understand everything he says. I did my best to clean up the spelling and punctuation and explain a few points to make it clearer. My notes are in parentheses.

It seems Alchesay's and Naiche's family and friends want to teach Yeagley a lesson, with their fists:

1st Post
You SOB, I said you disrespected my uncle and now it is time to go.

Why, I have been here and watch what a breed azz who hates blacks and puts up with another breed who what? Yall are "super injuns"?

Well, nitwit, know this.

You still danced to my tune and others in Oklahoma are really upset so you will find out what [and] why.

And, oh yeah, why do dye your hair and pluck your eyebrows to make yourself look what? "More Injun"?

Little man, you will soon see someone and know this, nothing.

That you, oh yeah [with] a divinity [degree], whatever, and hates and judges, whoever or wise up you [aint] so perfect.

But now, getting back to you, and it has been about you and your lies of what being Indian.

Well, hoto (Spanish for a gay prostitute) the Comanche I know in Okla are coming for you.

Why, you will soon find out, and this [is] why.

Did not you just say what you nitpick what, and talk all big and bad why to impress?

Well you will have plenty of time to impress.

Thus [this is the]last post here and you and your monkey french breed and who is bipolar go **** yallselves.

2nd Post
Response to a so-called Comanche.

And who in the heck would trust a man who dyes his hair and plucks his eyebrows. (Referring to Yeagley's used of makeup, hair dye, and other effeminate habits of his.)

Oh well, I stuck around due to this fake had disrespected my uncle and did not want to be a man.

But know this I am banned finally (from Badeagle, Yeagley's forum) and I stayed due to what I love to see, monkeys dance.

And know this I do respect real Indians.

Doctor Yeagley, heavy on the white part of this or this why would a divinty whatever hate blacks and or any one who does not follow him.

Yet the little pissant (Yeagley) let me stay and post.

I am from OKLA and know of real Comanches who are really upset at this.

Whatever, yall were right.

I just stayed due to seeing if the monkey would dance some more for me.

Even the BAG (Betty Ann Gross) another "super injun".

Oh well, the best is yet to come.

The last post seems to be older reposts of the late Naiche, made when he was still on
Quote (naiche @ June 01 2007,11:45)
Last post here and you and your monkey french breed and who is bipolar go f*** yallselves.

Why do you run little doctor of whatever?

Ban me? No matter. I and others are coming.

It has been a game to see [you] and the bipolar breed ***** dance.

Like I give a ratsazz what you think. Oh yeah, your words of how giving praise to vets and whatever.

Coming from who a little breed who what? [Who] speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Or this for all of y'all, think on it.

He says all this about his [education].

And then cant take the posts from a black woman who never said anything bad or hurtful.

(Yeagley and Betty Ann Gross were extremely abusive and racist to a Black woman who calmly tried to get through to them about their racist hatepreaching before she was banned without cause.)

And then the all knowing french breed.
(This is becoming a common insult for Yeagley, calling him the trained French poodle of right wing whites.)

That means they are part [of] what white folks want.

And [they] keep using it for why? To make themselves better than others.

Y'all think about it, there are vets I know that asked me "Why do you stay on that fake azz board?"

I said one keeps his enemies closer, and when [it's] time to do something you have not to go real far.

This pissant talks and never served in the military and y'all are going to listen to this as real source of what? Just talk.

Well there are some really good folks here, and know this I have stayed due to I still like making monkeys dance.

Sounds mean, but this jackass puts on a blog that vets are this or that and all of the other BS, and then like he knows something, judges who others [are].

Why? Due to he is so insecure and petty like the bipolar ***** who is part white and hates blacks due to see [what he] got some from a black.

What, breed? You [are] mad due to they didnt come back for more?

Well ***** you, will soon see.

And you think you're safe. How damn dumb are you?

You give me your phone numbers, and it is hi tech location and no one will save your ass.

Why I will not even have to go to see, which I have already.

Well y'all can have this pissant site.

EGO EGO, and now [is] the time to see if their mouths move as fast as their feet and all.

No threats, no actions of human harm. Why? Due to them. And their words speak for themselves.

Think about it. If the little breed don't delete these posts which I dont really care just LOL how the monkeys danced. Oh well.

Come on breed post to what I said. All your judgements dont mean crap.

Why you [are] a little fake ass and pluck your eyebrows and dye your hair.

Now there [is] enough to ban me. No matter. What is done is done and your own peeps are coming for you breed.

And to my digust you bring dishonor to your mother, but know this. It will not be by my hand what is coming for you.

And your disrespect only shows what a real white man you are.