Thursday, November 30, 2006

David Yeagley: "Niggers in the News"

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David A. Yeagley, Racist? You Decide.By Brent Michael Davids, 11/29/06

“‘N_gg_rs’ in the News from the Bad Eagle Journal: It's never going to end. Blacks, African-Americans, Afro-Americans, American Negroes, whatever, have a perpetual ticket to glory in our wondrous American system... Can't the American Negro do better than this? Aren't there any real leaders among them? Is the American black man so easily destroyed? Does one word do it? Say it isn't so. If it is so, Why is it so? Then, of course, there's the poor black female...” (David A. Yeagley, Pianist)

It's the truth that rules in the end. Yeagley’s smoke and mirrors m.o. — attacks dressed up like so-called advice — is plain to see. Sites like this one would not exist if the false faces like Yeagley had a bit more humanity and self-control. But as long as they project out there misogynist, homophobic, militaristic, racist rhetoric, corrective sites will always be there in response. If Yeagley simply washed his mouth out with soap, the world would be a better place.

"I just think it is neurotic and preposterous to make the sky fall because somebody says "n_gg_r," or any other one single word. It is ludicrous, in fact.” (David Yeagley, Pianist)

What is it with this self-indulgent and self-important pontificator? Yeagley is obviously a “me-generation” poster child, smacking of insincere praise for a false dichotomy championed by those who seem to think that a little sensitivity towards others is somehow destroying the language. That’s the equivalent of saying the early "genocide" against American Indians never existed, because the word itself wasn’t in use at that time, therefore there was no Indian genocide. How infantile is that? Being sensitive toward others, and respecting how they — themselves — wish to be identified, is the hallmark of getting along and making peace. The above quoted attitude of the pianist David A. Yeagley is nothing but shortsightedness, and the belittling of others as inferior. This “language” argument (above) is itself a good illustration of racist reasoning, wishing away the reality of peace for the sake of hermeneutical manipulation.
posted by Brent Michael Davids at 11/29/2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yeagley Supporter John Martin Issues Death Threats From

John Martin of San Diego AKA Tallsoldier77 has issued at least three death threats at and three more at seems to have kicked him off, or perhaps he left. He’s no longer listed in the membership.

But at Badeagle,com, Yeagley is apparently not only providing a forum for his repeated death threats and race baiting, he approves and is actively encouraging Martin.

Previous visitors to this archive might recall Martin as the one issuing a challenge to a debate between myself and Yeagley. I gladly accepted and offered to set it up at my college, but Martin backed down and tried to bluster his way out of it with a slew of profanity and race-baiting.

In several threads at he humiliated himself repeatedly. His claims of being an ex-member of the 82nd Airborne and veteran of the Gulf War were exposed as obvious lies. He lashed out with at least three death threats. Even the sole other supporter of Yeagley, Betty Ann Gross, refused to have anything to do with him.

Martin continued his tirades at, where he knows Yeagley is afraid to allow me. Yeagley and his alleged financier, Mark Winters, approved of and cheered on Martin’s tactics of hate preaching and threats of murder.;act=ST;f=53;t=6651;&#top

Martin issued the first of three death threats.

John Martin: “I'm going to let my pit-bull Bam-Bam tear you apart.”

Mark Winters: Let’s play “out the beaner.”

At that point another member of BE urged calm.

ALISDAIRE EACHTHIGHEARN: “I hate to be unkind, but you sound unbalanced and hysterical.”

Yeagley weighed in with his usual ethnicity baiting paranoia.

Yeagley: “Is your name Scottish, or perhaps Irish? We have a Black Watch here, so be careful.”

Then comes Martin’s second death threat and racist bluster:

“We will drop a bomb on that little mexican creep, we will frag his ass, and then laugh…it is my mission to seek and destroy that little beaner... If anyone is offended by my post, well, TOO -F-ING BAD, for you see, it is my destiny to seek and destroy.”

Other members of became disturbed by the threats.

Phidoux: “It might be a good time to back up and re/position my friend.”

Martin wasn’t deterred. He went on to cheer on racist violence by two crooked cops.

“The recent Border Patrol incident in which two honorable BP agents were sent to prison for brandishing some old west style justice on some illegal mexican drug smugglers as: "a step in the right direction, the INS is out of control against MY people".Stupid beaner!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Again, other members of urged Yeagley to intervene:

ALISDAIRE EACHTHIGHEARN: “Maybe you need to get your benchmark right about what ‘imbalanced and hysterical’ is, Dr Yeagley, sir?”

Yeagley would not listen. He defended Martin’s death threats, racism, and cheering of racist violence. Martin followed up with yet another round of race baiting and another death threat, the third one.

“I could let Bam-Bam, my ferocious Pit-Bull rip his greasy butt to shreds. Bam-Bam hates bean-heads… I put the word out to all my relations in Dakota Country, al carrol is a f-ing wetback, who is going to get his balls rammed down his mouth! Come to Dakota Country you sorry piece of taco-grease, your ass is going to get scalped.”

All of his threats are made more laughable by his ignorance. Tacos and beans as an insult for Mexicans? Has he never heard of Apache tacos and Navajo tacos? Does he not know about beans as the staple for Natives all over the Americas, celebrated in the oral traditions of many tribes?

His threat of having people in Dakota Country out to get me is also laughable. To start with, he claims to be Oglala Lakota, not Dakota. Another poster at BE also pointed out Martin claims he hasn’t been back to the rez in many years. Moreso, even some members of BE doubt that Martin is actually Native.

I also wonder if he’s an imposter posing as Native, just like he posed as Airborne and a Gulf War vet. He used a British expression earlier.

Finally, after Yeagley refused to do anything for several days except cheer Martin and make excuses for his murderous bluster, other members of BE stepped in:

Mac Coinneach: “Any more comments from you like the one quoted and it'll be you that is gone.”

Ajibik: “John, you can back-pedal and play the victim all you want, but at the end of the day, and several death threats later, you have no worse enemy than yourself.When's the last time you were in Pine Ridge? You make it sound like you've lived there all your life. Maybe in White Clay for a day?The only thing that'll clear things up here is if you'll sign a Form DA-180 to release your military service records.”

Amerind3: “TS77, you are a filthy-mouthed schizo, and if Yeagley had any decency (or cojones), he would call you down. But he doesn't, so he doesn't. Actually, your mission is quite close to ‘accomplished,’ if your mission is to destroy this site.
Maybe Yeagley was describing you when he wrote, ‘Indian men... and also typical of black women, together, is just the kind of thing that says these races deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies.’(That is, if you are REALLY Indian, which I seriously doubt.)”

Mac Coinneach: “Lies? As in non-existent links like you posted about Carroll's website? Who do you think that helps?
You don't know what you're talking about. If you've never "seen any post here that supported or re-affirmed the white separatists movement", then you've not looked very hard. Try looking in the "The White Race" fora. Start at the beginning and work your way forward. You can also have a look in the Scottish forum the same individual(s) tried to promote the self- same nonsense.
Against the advice of the more senior members here, Dr. Yeagley opened those three fora, and allowed a white ‘nationalist’ to moderate them. I wondered when the views promoted by the StormFronters that were posted here would come back to haunt us all.
You've been warned because of the outrageous things you say - including threats of violence to other contributors. I gather you've made the same threats to Dr. Yeagley elsewhere. Taking everything into consideration, you're starting to show all the hallmark behaviour of a troll. I don't like trolls.”

Do I take his death threats seriously? Hardly. I’ve seen wet noodles that were scarier. His empty threats certainly won't stop me from speaking out. If anything, they make me even more determined to stop someone like Yeagley who would cheer on a lunatic like Martin.

Martin does not seem to even have the courage to debate me, much less carry out his threats. The photos of himself he has posted online show someone very bloated and out of shape, at least fifty pounds overweight, hardly a threat to me. Little wonder he preferred to have his dog do any dirty work.

I simply want others to know just the type of low characters Yeagley has for followers, Neo-Nazis, eugenicists, and other white supremacists, a tiny number of self-hating minorities, and unstable lunatics like John Martin.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Yeagley's Warm Welcome to Nazis at

From the homepage of Vanguard News Network.

Their slogan? "No Jews, just right!"
Also notice the swastikas all over the place.

“Dr. David Yeagley...has created a few new forums on his site. They all fall under the heading The White Race and include White Nations....Dr. Yeagley has been sympathetic to our ultimate goals....

I recommend that everyone here sign up at Dr. Yeagley's forum and make your voices heard. His forum can be accessed here....This looks like a good forum for educational and intellectual debate.This may be a golden opportunity.Keep the conversation on a intellectual level representative of the White race....Even Jews who name the Jews are good.


And Yeagley's warm welcome to them, posted on the same link:

"Originally Posted by David Yeagley

I would welcome with most warmest wishes any white man or woman with real pride and respect for the race and it's accomplishments....
MSL, in several different posts, clearly stated his case, the many white people feel the Jew's influence is one that breaks down the white nation ideology, or works against racial pride.

This was educational for me....I do appreciate righteous indignation.

My question is always going to be, What is the suggested 'solution' to the Jewish 'problem' by those who consider Jews inimical...?Solutions have to be worked out on an individual basis, seems to me....

Of all the White-ists that have visited BadEagle, only Wolfe has really posed some ideas about the future, like city planning, etc...

I want to hear plans. I want to see ideas about how, where, when, in what way, to build a white nation. I want to hear rational thoughts, I mean thoughts that might be implemented...

I believe the white race has the right to love and preserve itself...But where are the implementations, the realistic plans? Never mind the ideological debates. I want hard core plans!"

Yeagley's supporters and members of have known about this for the past two years, of course, ever since Yeagley first put out his invitation. Neo-Nazis and other white racists dominate while the tiny number of Native supporters are expected to bow and scrape and agree with their hatred passed off as "truth."

Betty Ann Gross had earlier lied repeatedly, claiming that Yeagley's friendship and support for white supremacists did not exist. Now Gross openly cheers white supremacy herself:

"America was built by blue eyed blondes. Look at the statue of liberty, the angels, and Jesus Christ himself."

This could not be funnier. Does Gross think the Statue of Liberty is painted? Does she not know Jesus was a Jew, with skin the color of brass and hair like wool according to the Bible?

Yet it also could not be sadder, to see an Indian cheering for those who wish for her and her own people's deaths.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

David Yeagley Is Too Much of a Coward to Debate Me

Issued through one of his extremely few Native supporters, "Tallsoldier."

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 4:08:51 PM
For a "Tallsoldier," you sure enjoy wallowing in the mud, alongside the piano doctor with no courage.

Jake said it before, straight to point: Yeagley wants NDNs to spend their lives kissing white behinds, and he's certainly talked you into doing just that. While he fills his site with Neo Nazis and eugenicists, he talks self hating skins like yourself into hating their own culture and people, not to mention hating anyone besides the Great White Master.

It's truly sad to see you tearing down other NDNs, especially great warriors like the Taino caciques, who have far more courage than a hypocrite coward like Yeagley whose never been closer to combat than a museum. You dishonor every NDN who ever fought to save their people when you spit on the memory of brave Taino resistance to genocide.

Since you and Yeagley are in a permanent liplock for much of the time, kindly pass along this to him, since he's generally too much of a coward to come to, where virtually everyone except you and BAG are well aware he's made his career spouting hatred and lies after failing to ever hold onto a real job.

(PS. is a FREE BLOG with no place to even send contributions. Thanks, "Tallsoldier," for showing us you're either not very bright, or a baldfaced liar.)

(PPS. This challenge is being reposted at my own site, and at any others I care to.)

After "Tallsoldier" first demanded I debate Yeagley, he backed off when I issued this challenge. He has also backed off from a challenge from Mohican Brent Michael Davids to debate Yeagley on musical theory.

So thus far, both Yeagley and his followers show themselves to be afraid to have him debate anyone.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yeagley Gets Himself Banned From Wikipedia

Interactive encyclopedias have their good and bad points. The bad is obvious. Less than reputable people present their falsehoods as truth to the public. That is obviously what happened when either Yeagley or one of his admirers posted his vita, filled with one falsehood after another so egregious that he'd be fired for his lies if he actually worked for a living.

I posted a corrected version. The editors at Wikipedia let it stand for one day. This particular editor was either quite lazy or perhaps very overworked, citing as a reason for taking it down "lack of sources cited" even though I provided over a dozen sources to back up every last fact stated. By contrast, Yeagley's vita was posted unchallenged despite him *actually* providing no soures whatsoever, and when even the casualest check of the facts would have revealed his vita to be a load of obvious lies.

Yeagley, predictably, threw a fit and whined about being persecuted. He made himself so obnoxious that the Wikpedia editors banned him from the site.

His lies became even more hysterical, that Wikipedia was filled with "extreme leftists" who loved Muslims and hated America.

For the record, Wikipedia is commited to NPOV, Neutral Point of View, so called "objectivity." Within history, most of the other social sciences, and most of journalism, most scholars would tell you "objectivity" is a myth. Only within some encyclopedias and public school textbooks do they make any pretense of being objective. In fact, "obejctivity" favors the status quo, a Moderate-to-Conservative POV.

It's just that Yeagley is such a Far Right Extremist and White Supremacist, he manages to alienate even Wikipedia. If he were TRULY conservative, they'd have no problem with him.

Should Yeagley or his followers repost the lies, feel free to cut and paste my version back at Wikipedia again. Also, feel free to add to Yeagley's Wikipedia entry. And send me links to any other interactive encyclopedias he's lied at.

The censored version left by the editors

And the accurate version with numerous cites I put up.
David A. Yeagley
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David A. Yeagley is a white supremacist who poses as a Comanche Indian. He was mistakenly enrolled in the Comanche Nation because the stepmother who adopted him is Comanche. He falsely claims descent from the Comanche leader, Bad Eagle (1839-1909). Comanche elders and members of the tribal government all deny he is actually Comanche. In 2006 Yeagley, his employer David Horowitz, and Front Page magazine used legal threats to try to silence Kiowa activist Cinda Hughes and the Native American Times for revealing his impersonation. Both refused to back down. Hughes stands by her research. The Native American Times issued a statement pointedly refusing to call Yeagley a Comanche, only admitting he was enrolled. Yeagley's enrollment was never the issue, only its validity.

Yeagley was educated at Oberlin, Yale, Emory, Harvard, and the University of Arizona. Famed Cheyenne activist Suzan Harjo referred to him as "a lifer of a student" in her widely read article on him, "A Small and Unworthy Man." His title of doctor is deceptive since he claims expertise in politics, history, and Native cultures. His degree is in music, earning him the nickname among his critics of "the piano doctor." (The other widely used nickname for him is "Michael Jackson" for his effeminate appearance and rumors of having had plastic surgery to "look more Indian.")
Dr. Yeagley taught a single course in humanities for a single semester at the University of Oklahoma. He stirred up controversy by trying to indoctrinate his students with his far right views. Contrary to his false claim that he was fired for being conservative (he is actually a white supemacist), Yeagley was actually let go for repeatedly falsely claiming to speak for the the university. By his own account, his supervisors actually tried to prevent his firing.

An admirer of the brutal dictatorship of the late Shah of Iran, he has published many articles in Persian Heritage Magazine, is on the editorial board of the magazine, and wrote an "epic poem" in honor of the late dictator. In nearly three decades in universities, he has only published a single article, in the Journal of the American Liszt Society. Yeagley is a paid blogger for the Far Right, working for fellow reactionary David Horowitz's He appeared once on Bill O'Reilly. He is widely criticized by not just actual American Indians, but actual conservatives.

Yeagley is a music composer, as well as a performing artist. He falsely claims to be the first American Indian classical composer to release an album of original compositions and the first Indian to write classical music for the American Indian flute. Both have already been accomplished by other Native composers as far back as the 1930s. After criticizing the National Museum of the American Indian as "Communist" and "anti white" Yeagley performed there in 2006 after having friends of his get him on the NMAI musical program, over the objections of actual Native composers.

Though calling himself a conservative, few actual conservatives would agree with that designation. He is a white supremacist who uses American Indian causes and imagery to advance his belief in the superiority of whites over all other races. His forum, is overwhelmingly made up of whites, including a variety of white supremacists, eugenicists, Neo-Nazis, and other racists (including a small number of self-hating Natives and Blacks.) His own words leave little doubt as to what his beliefs are:

"Superior beauty is in the white race...In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore."
"These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie."
"Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people.The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage."
"Maybe Hitler was partially right on 'the hated white race' thing."
"There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups. Love of race is the only 'saving grace' left in the world."
"Indian men...deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies."
Sources: ", a White Supremacist Hate Site,"
"David Yeagley, White Supremacist,"
"David Yeagley's Hateful Views,"
"Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look 'More Indian'?"
"Is Yeagley Truly Indian? Actual Comanches Say No,"
"One Small and Unworthy Man,"
"What Do Actual Natives Think of Yeagley?"
"Yeagley's Support for Genocide,"
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