Monday, May 12, 2008

Comanche (and Former Member of Badeagle) Calls for Yeagley's Disenrollment

Beverly Isaac left this signed comment in response to my post on Yeagley's involvement in the white supremacist film "Prisoners of the Past."

Isaac also discussed Yeagley's shameful lies during the tribal election where he placed a very distant fourth out of four candidates, his lies about his family, his racism and contempt for Indians, and his abusive treatment of strong Indian women that he finds threatening.

Finally she closes with a call for Yeagley's disenrollment, describing him as a "Columbus Indian."


What can I say about the man called Badeagle. Spokesman for the Comanche Nation.

I can say that he is weedling his way into the important people. He speaks of the Chairman and TA as personal friends. He seems to have a personal friend who takes videos of himself and puts on the Net. At the General Council the question he asked......everyone knew the answer too but HE and I thought he was friends with the person who is the Head of the Program. He is a constant visitor at the Comanche Complex lately, yet he calls those Real Comanche that dare to visit our own Complex for business or benefits, hang around the Fort Indians, isn't that calling the kettle black.

He is very out of place there, but that does not stop him, I believe our Chairman and T.A. are just too busy to give him notice. He does have an ulterior motive, believe me, he is not there for no reason. I wonder if the Brown Chairman knows how this man called Badeagle thinks Brown is a Beastly Bore. I am very Brown and I love my color, I can never forget that nor other denigrating statements Yeagly makes especially for the Beautiful Indian Women. I consider all Indian Woman Beautiful simply because they are Indian and have endured so much. They are the lifeline to our future.

I will never understand,(though I have tried), the reason for Yeagley's stance on the Native American, why he considers us all beneath the Whiteman, uneducated, slovenly drunkards Rezervation Indians.

Yes I am one that was banned....I told him to tell the truth about his family...since he was running for office. He resented that and called me a liar. I never lied about him nor his mother, he insists I did. He called four other women and I vicious, vicious, malcontent jealous Indian women. None of which any of us were, we were merely discussing his mothers' role as not being the first Comanche woman on the Comanche Business Committee. Of course when he himself found out the truth...he had an apology, we are beneath him.

This film did it for me, I will never accept this person as a Comanche, he should be one of the first ones to be dis-enrolled with all his ugliness spewed forth about us, but of course now he is bending over backwards to make up for his role, I hope the important leaders can see through his pitiful attempt. I may not be important to him, but I am 4/4 Comanche, I know the Comanche I lived it my whole life, not 4-5 years in the Public eye as he so proud to claim he is and published. He reprimanded me also for speaking publicly about him, yet he can do it to the whole Nation and think nothing of the detrimental affect this has on our Nation.

Yet I have to give him credit for being brave enough to cross that burned bridge to try to get benefits, he has become a "HANG AROUND THE FORT COLUMBUS INDIAN."

Beverly Isaac